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Click Here: Democrats deny non-citizens are voting in federal elections while Republicans seek to prevent it - 05-18-2024 Click Here: Corporate Media Want You To Equate Questioning The Integrity Of Elections With Violence - 05-16-2024 Click Here: RIGGED ELECTION? Harris County Judge Orders New Election for 180th District Court Seat After Controversial 449-Vote Loss — Nearly 1,500 Votes Cast Illegally - 05-15-2024 Click Here: Wisconsin’s NeverTrump GOP Leader is Emboldening Election Riggers & Helping Ballot Drop Boxes Make a Comeback. - 05-15-2024 Click Here: U.S. Supreme Court grants emergency stay in Louisiana redistricting case - 05-15-2024 Click Here: In Nevada’s Biggest County, Nearly 40,000 Ballots Counted Despite Arriving After Election Day 2022 - 05-15-2024 Click Here: Communists Cheer Ranked-Choice Voting As A Weapon For Defeating Conservatives - 05-15-2024 Click Here: Illegal migrants are being 'encouraged' to vote, top Republican warns after shocking documents reveals 'training' for noncitizens to cast ballots in Washington D.C. - 05-14-2024 Click Here: Freedom Caucus Chairman Bob Good says Democrats have fought attempts at election integrity - 05-14-2024 Click Here: Federal Judge Tosses Democratic-Funded Lawsuit to Remove Witness Requirement on Absentee Ballots - 05-12-2024 Click Here: Board Refuses To Have Fulton County Investigated For Double-Scanning 3,000 Ballots In 2020 Recount - 05-09-2024 Click Here: How Grassroots Groups Can Increase Voter Confidence In An Age Of Glitchy Machines - 05-09-2024 Click Here: GA Gov. Brian Kemp Takes DECISIVE Action Against ELECTION FRAUD | Beyond the Headlines - 05-09-2024 Click Here: FBI Confirms It’s Restarting Online Censorship Efforts Ahead Of 2024 Election - 05-08-2024 Click Here: Team assigned to influence votes refuses to answer questions, now faces subpoenas - 05-07-2024 Click Here: VIDEO: Is the 2024 election being rigged right before our eyes using Biden’s EO 14019? - 05-07-2024 Click Here: RI - Campaign finance offender lost seven bids for office but wins mercy from elections panel - 05-07-2024 Click Here: BOOM! Georgia Election Board: Investigator Joseph Rossi Details How Georgia 2020 Hand Count Audit and Machine Count Audit Found to Be in Violation of Law – ENOUGH VOTES TO ALTER ELECTION! - 05-07-2024 Click Here: Over 200,000 People on North Carolina Voter Rolls ‘Missing’ SSN Numbers, Likely Ineligible to Vote - 05-07-2024 Click Here: South Carolina Agency: The Feds Force Us To Give Voter Registration To Foreign Nationals - 05-07-2024 Click Here: Illegal Aliens Skew Elections By Inflating Certain States’ Electoral Power. This Bill Would Change That - 05-07-2024 Click Here: To Confirm Voters’ U.S. Citizenship, States Could Easily Check DMV Data - 05-06-2024 Click Here: Ivey Won’t Say If She’ll Sign A Bill Safeguarding Alabama Elections From Ranked-Choice Voting - 05-06-2024 Click Here: THE PEOPLE’S AUDIT: Save Millions in Taxpayer Money + Secure Elections?? - 05-05-2024 Click Here: 10 Lies Democrats Tell About Our Elections (And How To Refute Them) - 05-03-2024 Click Here: How To Talk To Your Normie Neighbor About Election Integrity - 05-02-2024 Click Here: RI - More than a quarter of RI lawmakers skipped voting in presidential primary - Updated 05-02-2024 Click Here: South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster Launches Investigation After Non-Citizen Refugee Receives Voter Registration Form - 05-01-2024 Click Here: RI - Legislators propose giving 16- and 17-year-olds right to vote in school committee elections - 05-01-2024 Click Here: Poll: Election-Shifting Percentage Of Voters Admit To Illegal Voting In 2020 - 04-30-2024 Click Here: Democrats Lose Big Time After Appeals Court Denies Request to Reconsider Whether Date Requirement for Mail-In Ballots is Enforceable in Pennsylvania - 04-30-2024 Click Here: REPORT: Arizona Secretary of State, Maricopa County censor election information: First Amendment is ‘thorn’ - 04-29-2024 Click Here: REPORT: ‘At Least’ 1-in-5 Mail-In Voters Admit to 2020 Fraud, Without Which Trump WOULD Still Be President. - 04-29-2024 Click Here: One Word In Your State Constitution Could Open Up Your Elections To Foreign Nationals - 04-24-2024 Click Here: Another state joins scheme making its own presidential votes meaningless - 04-24-2024 Click Here: RI - RhodeIslandFairElections on X: "Kent County, RI is number 83 out of the top 100 worst counties in the United States. "...he (Captain Seth Keshel) @RealSKeshel analyzed the trends of voter registrations versus actual votes and discovered alarming anomalies in a number of counties, ones that defy typical historical trends." #RhodeIsland- 04-24-2024 Click Here: Why 2020 ‘Election Denialism’ Is Not Denialism at All - 04-24-2024 Click Here: 8 GOP States (And Counting) Ban Biden’s DOJ From ‘Intimidating’ Voters At 2024 Polls - 04-23-2024 Click Here: “This Will Be the Sleeper Issue of 2024” — THE DEMOCRAT ELECTION STEAL IS IN MOTION: 1.7 Million Mysterious Voter Registrations Recorded in Texas Since 2020 - 04-23-2024 Click Here: Facebook interfered with U.S. elections almost 40 times since 2008: Study - 04-23-2024 Click Here: RI - RhodeIslandFairElections on X: "Woonsocket election discussion from Saturday. @Coalition_Radio" - 04-22-2024 Click Here: Supreme Court declines to hear Kari Lake, Mark Finchem's electronic voting machine case - 04-22-2024 Click Here: Dark Money Group Backed By Foreign Billionaire Has Dumped $100 Million Into State Ballot Initiatives - 04-18-2024 Click Here: ‘National Popular Vote’ Scheme Aims To Erase Electoral College’s Protections For States - 04-17-2024 Click Here: GOP Governor Vetoes Rule Requiring Wyomingites To Prove Residency To Register To Vote - 04-15-2024 Click Here: A Reliable Voting Bloc For Decades, Minorities Now Look For Alternatives To Democrats - 04-14-2024 Click Here: Mississippi Team Shows SoS How It's Done - 04-13-2024 Click Here: Conservatives urge House to hold hearing on Google Gemini over 2024 election integrity concerns - 04-13-2024 Click Here: The Colossal Phantom Failure of 2024 - 04-11-2024 Click Here: Government Agencies Illegally Soliciting and Potentially Entrapping Non-Citizens to Register to Vote - 04-11-2024 Click Here: Former AG Bill Barr SHUT DOWN 3 Investigations Regarding 2020 ELECTION FRAUD | Beyond the Headlines - 04-10-2024 Click Here: Arabella Sheds Light On The Dark-Money Groups Remaking America Millions Of Dollars At A Time - 04-10-2024 Click Here: Voters — And One Alleged Signature Gatherer — Say Their Names Were Forged For Arizona Candidate - 04-09-2024 Click Here: Joe Biden Is Now Chasing The ‘Death To America’ Voter - 04-08-2024 Click Here: RI - Matos campaign worker charged in fake signature scandal, investigation continuing. - 04-08-2024 Click Here: Media Tacitly Admit Mail-In Balloting Is Not As Secure And Reliable As They Claim - 04-08-2024 Click Here: Major mail delivery delays raise concerns about voting in the 2024 elections - 04-06-2024 Click Here: Maine passes National Popular Vote compact, despite possible ranked-choice voting issues - 04-06-2024 Click Here: In Opposite Day Logic, USA Today Breathlessly Defends ‘Zuckerbucks’ - 04-05-2024 Click Here: Trump Lawyer John Eastman Officially Disbarred For Challenging 2020 Election - 04-04-2024 Click Here: Georgia Achieves Major Election Integrity Wins In Recently Wrapped Legislative Session - 04-04-2024 Click Here: Voters Prohibit ‘Zuckbucks’-Style Private Funding And Staff From Wisconsin Elections - 04-02-2024 Click Here: Breaking: “Campaign Finance Mule” Investigative Reporter/Researcher Peter Bernegger Arrested on Day of Wisconsin Primary – Charged With Rarely Used Crime - 04-02-2024 Click Here: BREAKING: Citizens Groups Suing to Demand Laws Are Enforced Resulting in Honest Elections - 04-02-2024 Click Here: Can Turning Point Action’s ‘Chase The Vote’ Offset Democrats’ Election Machine? - 04-01-2024 Click Here: ‘SPAMOUFLAGE’ – Chinese Bots Posing as Trump Backers to Help Biden Win 2024. - 04-01-2024 Click Here: Two Weeks to Flatten Became Eight Months to Change the Election - 04-01-2024 Click Here: Republicans Score Win In Court Battle Over Pennsylvania Ballot Requirements - 04-01-2024 Click Here: Democrats Furious as Georgia Lawmakers Pass Bill That Could Impact 2024 Presidential Election - 04-01-2024 Click Here: Connecticut Democrats eye election reform after fiasco in Bridgeport mayoral race, investigations - 03-30-2024 Click Here: VIDEO: MAGA Favorite Kari Lake Explains Her Decision to Concede in Lawfare Defamation Case in Move that Stuns Critics - 03-28-2024 Click Here: RNC files election integrity suit against Michigan secretary of state - 03-28-2024 Click Here: The RNC Is Right: Anyone Who Can’t Recognize Flaws In 2020 Is Unfit To Help Republicans Win - 03-28-2024 Click Here: Here’s The Truth About Georgia’s Election Integrity Bill You Won’t Hear From The ACLU - 03-28-2024 Click Here: Georgia Legislature Tackles Key Election Integrity Measures Before Session Ends - 03-27-2024 Click Here: Election Integrity Firm: 7% to 18% of Registered Voters in 26 States Either DO NOT EXIST or Reside at an Address that DOES NOT EXIST - 03-27-2024 Click Here: RI - Ken Block's Book new book ‘Disproven,’ on his investigation into voter fraud in the 2020 election, makes many misleading and contradictory claims.: Investigator Who Claims To Have ‘Disproven’ 2020 Fraud Claims Isn’t Telling The Whole Story - 03-26-2024 Click Here: Republicans take on ballot harvesting, drop boxes but legally using them in 2024 election cycle - 03-26-2024 Click Here: Wisconsin Voters Have A Chance To Rid Their Elections Of ‘Zuckbucks’ For Good - 03-26-2024 Click Here: If Pennsylvania Is Going To Flood Elections With Mail-In Ballots, We Need A Flood Of Poll Watchers - 03-25-2024 Click Here: Top Election Official Convicted for Creating Fake Names to Order and Send Absentee Ballots - 03-23-2024 Click Here: Georgia election official seeking new term voted on cases involving his lobbyist clients - 03-22-2024 Click Here: Voting and the Meaning of Honor - 03-22-2024 Click Here: Democrat Bills To Expand Ranked-Choice Voting And Make IDs Less Secure Are Sitting On Youngkin’s Desk - 03-22-2024 Click Here: “I Understand My Life is at Risk” – Election Integrity Activist Rick Weible Alleges in Real-Time Demonstration Vulnerabilities in ES&S Voting Software During County Board Meeting - 03-21-2024 Click Here: ‘Alabama Votes Are Not For Sale’: Gov. Ivey Signs Law Barring Third Parties From Trafficking Ballot Applications - 03-21-2024 Click Here: Secretaries Of State Won’t Explain ‘Coordinated’ Effort To Fight ‘Common Adversary’ In 2024 - 03-21-2024 Click Here: CT - Fight Voter Fraud, Inc. Takes Groundbreaking Election Integrity Case To Connecticut Supreme Court - 03-21-2024 Click Here: Exposing the DNC Plan to Rig the 2024 Election – Former WA State Democrat Operative Blows the Whistle on Dems - 03-21-2024 Click Here: Louisiana Republicans Pass Bill Ensuring Ranked-Choice Voting Can’t Disenfranchise Voters - 03-20-2024 Click Here: Katie Porter Is Right, ‘Big Money’ Does ‘Manipulate’ Elections — But Democrats Aren’t The Victims - 03-20-2024 Click Here: Vos: Recall petitions ‘election fraud, plain and simple’ - 03-20-2024 Click Here: Republicans Can’t Beat Democrats’ Ballot Harvesting Game Until They Actually Start Playing It - 03-20-2024 Click Here: Democrats Cannot Win a Fraud-Free Election - 03-19-2024 Click Here: GA - Georgia Election Board Member Voted On Cases Involving Counties He Lobbied For - 03-18-2024 Click Here: CT - Connecticut elections chief calls for reforms after ballot stuffing scandal To Believe We’ve Made No Voting Rights Advances Since 1965 - 03-18-2024 Click Here: Democrats Want Americans To Believe We’ve Made No Voting Rights Advances Since 1965 - 03-18-2024 Click Here: It’s The Perfect Storm: Drivers Licenses for Illegals + Noncitizens Voting + Mail-in Ballots + Private Funding of Elections + Partisan Hack SOSs - 03-17-2024 Click Here: Zuckerbucks 2.0? States begin banning new private, foreign funding of elections - 03-16-2024 Click Here: Lawsuit: Anti-Trump Official Illegally Designated Ballot Drop-Off Sites In Pennsylvania County - 03-15-2024 Click Here: Even Leftists Understand Ranked-Choice Voting Is Unfair, So Why Are Squishy Republicans Pushing It? - 03-14-2024 Click Here: DOJ Is Using Bidenbucks To Encourage Illegals And Felons To Vote, Says Mississippi Secretary Of State - 03-13-2024 Click Here: CT - Government Administration And Elections Committee Leadership Must Act To Secure CT Elections: ‘If Not Now, Then When?’ - 03-13-2024 Click Here: 'Rigged': Top state official confirms 2020 presidential race was 'stolen' - 03-12-2024 Click Here: Not A Single Democrat Witness In Congress Agreed Only Citizens Should Vote In Federal Elections - 03-12-2024 Click Here: Media Attack New RNC Chair For Election Integrity Efforts, But GOP Critics Say He Could Do More - 03-11-2024 Click Here: Dogged By Crime Concerns, Dems Walk Back Their Own Reforms Ahead Of 2024 Election - 03-10-2024 Click Here: Challenging Election Irregularities in Maryland - 03-09-2024 Click Here: Hero Governor Glenn Youngkin VETOES Democrat Bill that Would Force Virginia to Re-Enter ERIC Voter Roll Management System – Democrats in a Panic! Why Is That? - 03-09-2024 Click Here: 'When in doubt, report it!': Washington Secretary of State's 2020 election misinformation fight - 03-07-2024 Click Here: RI - The Great Election Fraud: Manufactured Choices Make A Mockery Of Our Republic - 03-06-2024 Click Here: RI - The New York Times Is Very Uncomfortable With Citizen Oversight Of Elections - 03-06-2024 Click Here: RI - Fewer voters, more teens: Rhode Island voters prepare for April 2 presidential primary - 03-05-2024 Click Here: Why CISA’s Censorship And Election Interference Work Is The ‘Most Insidious Attack on American Democracy’ - 03-05-2024 Click Here: Wisconsin Complaint Exposes Leftist-Led Vote Drives On College Campuses - 03-05-2024 Click Here: Election lawsuits from both left and right are shaping the 2024 presidential election - UPDATED 03-03-2024 Click Here: Pennsylvania Partners With DHS, CISA Censors To Target Election Speech It Deems A ‘Threat’ - 03-01-2024 Click Here: RI - Deadline to register for RI presidential primaries is near - 03-01-2024 Click Here: California Officials Lie About Election Security While Opening America’s First ‘Transgender’ Voting Center - 03-01-2024 Click Here: How the Left Plans to Cover Up Potential Voter Fraud - 02-29-2024 Click Here: 9 Ways The Feds Are Using ‘Bidenbucks’ To Rig The 2024 Election - 02-29-2024 Click Here: Biden Regime Announces Partnership with “Voting Rights Groups” to Register Voters for 2024 Election – Plan includes Paying College Kids to Register Voters - 02-28-2024 Click Here: RI - New rule allows for some younger voters in Rhode Island's upcoming presidential primary - 02-28-2024 Click Here: Mapping All Of 2024's Global Elections - 02-26-2024 Click Here: True the Vote on X: "GEORGIA!🚨 The Georgia House recently voted to remove Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger from the State Election Board (SEB). The bill also gives the SEB power to investigate the Secretary of State" - 02-26-2024 Click Here: America First Legal Thread: /1🚨🗳️BREAKING — we just expanded a landmark Arizona election integrity case, adding Yavapai County as a defendant following Maricopa County’s scheme to sabotage the case. All the details and never-before-seen documents in the thread below… - 02-26-2024 Click Here: Court: Turning Election Day Into Election Week And Creating ‘Permanent’ Mail Voters Violates Delaware’s Constitution - 02-26-2024 Click Here: CT - Greenwich RTC Primaries Mired In Controversy After Allegations Of Malfeasance, Invalid Signatures - 02-26-2024 Click Here: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. sues Maine election official over ballot process - 02-26-2024 Click Here: Arizona counties cancel voter registrations of non-citizens, most added to rolls by third parties - 02-23-2024 Click Here: WATCH: Tucker Carlson: Goons are rigging the presidential election - 02-22-2024 Click Here: NY - Landmark Decision: Appeals Court Strikes Down NYC Law Permitting 800K Noncitizens and Illegal Alien “Dreamers” to Vote as Unconstitutional - 02-22-2024 Click Here: RI - RhodeIslandFairElections on X - "Why do we need 35 days of mail ballots prior to Election Day? Why do we need 20 days? This is the exact OPPOSITE of integrity. It is NOT election month. DAY. Shame on the RI BOE. @JudicialWatch" - 02-22-2024 Click Here: RI - Divided Board of Elections backs proposal to let voters drop off mail ballots earlier - 02-22-2024 Click Here: ‘Bidenbucks’ Stink Emanates From Leftist Group’s Voter Drive In Milwaukee Schools - 02-22-2024 Click Here: VINDICATION: Study finds Trump “almost certainly” won 2020 election, but mail-in ballot fraud resulted in Biden “winning” instead - 02-14-2024 Click Here: How Many Elections Must High-Polling Republicans Lose To Learn Ballots Matter More Than Votes?- 02-14-2024 Click Here: EXCLUSIVE: FOIA Documents Reveal Secret 2020 Election Day Meeting With CISA, Dominion, ES&S, ERIC, FBI, Leftist Organizations, State Officials, and Others – Only Recently Discovered - 02-13-2024 Click Here: Lawsuit: Both The ‘How’ And The ‘What’ Of Democrat Election Chief’s Rulebook Violate Arizona Law - 02-12-2024 Click Here: Is Wisconsin’s Republican Speaker Killing Efforts To Impeach Suspect Elections Chief? - 02-12-2024 Click Here: GA - Concerned About The Use Of "No-Excuse Absentee Ballots?" Here's Your Chance To Weigh In - 02-10-2024 Click Here: Mail-In Ballot Fraud Study Finds Trump 'Almost Certainly' Won In 2020 - 02-10-2024 Click Here: Wisconsin election board follows court order, votes to accept partial addresses on absentee ballots - 02-09-2024 Click Here: Arizona Secretary Of State Shrugs Off Election Problems As Lawsuit Highlights 2022 Failures - 02-09-2024 Click Here: Exclusive: See The Grave Markers Of Long-Dead Residents Listed On Michigan’s Voter Rolls - 02-08-2024 Click Here: Jesse Waters on X: "Primetime just found another Wanda and he's an absolute legend. Craig Calloway is a Democratic operative accused of paying people to harvest votes from old & disabled people." - 02-07-2024 Click Here: Mollie Hemingway Breaks Down Everything Wrong With U.S. Elections From Mail-In Ballots To Zuckbucks To Censorship - 02-07-2024 Click Here: Historian Who's Accurately Predicted Almost Every Election Since 1984 Reveals Who'll Likely Have 'Keys to the White House' in 2024- 02-07-2024 Click Here: Maricopa County SUED For Ignoring Election Laws. - 02-07-2024 Click Here: Why Are Republicans Advancing A Bill That Lets Outsiders Buy A South Dakota Address And Use It To Vote? - 02-05-2024 Click Here: State Sued for Counting Near 2% of Ballots After Election Day. - 02-05-2024 Click Here: New Jersey political operative charged with mail ballot fraud - 02-02-2024 Click Here: Arizona Election Law May Enable Non-Citizens To Vote In 2024 Presidential Election, Experts Warn - 02-02-2024 Click Here: If Democrats Love ‘Democracy,’ Why Do They Attack Election Security Measures Voters Want? - 02-02-2024 Click Here: The Black Swan Events That Could Determine This Election - 02-01-2024 Click Here: Like Her Political Career, Stacey Abrams’ Election Lawfare Group Is Headed Toward Irrelevance - 02-01-2024 Click Here: CT - Even the election fraud deniers cannot deny Bridgeport - 01-31-2024 Click Here: Election integrity watchdog recommends 14 reforms for states to improve election security - 01-31-2024 Click Here: MA - Massachusetts legislators push to restore felon voting rights - 01-31-2024 Click Here: CT - Fight Voter Fraud, Inc. Applies For 206 Arrest Warrants For Suspected Voter Fraud Across Three Judicial Districts In CT - 01-31-2024 Click Here: Judge Throws Out Green Bay’s ‘Retaliatory’ Disorderly Conduct Citation Against Election Observer - 01-31-2024 Click Here: Heritage's one-of-a-kind election-fraud database hits 1,500 cases - 01-30-2024 Click Here: Pennsylvania Republicans challenge state, federal voter registration moves - 01-26-2024 Click Here: Now Hawaii lawmaker launches bill to ban Trump from ballot - 01-24-2024 Click Here: Two North Carolina counties withdraw from "Zuckerbucks" alliance as 2024 election cycle begins - 01-23-2024 Click Here: Read The Court Transcripts From The Major Election Integrity Trial In Georgia - 01-23-2024 Click Here: “The Reason You Don’t See This in the Mainstream Media Is Because It Is Extremely Damaging” – Emerald Robinson and Ivory Hecker Discuss Explosive Report on How You Can Change Results on Voting Machines (VIDEO) - 01-23-2024 Click Here: AG Ken Paxton reveals exactly how Dems stole 2020 election, and it’s so much simpler than you realize… - 01-22-2024 Click Here: CISA censored mail-in voting concerns in 2020 despite knowing risks: America First Legal - 01-22-2024 Click Here: By ‘Protecting Election Workers,’ Democrats Mean Protecting Control Over Election Administration - 01-22-2024 Click Here: Nearly a third of voters lack confidence in 2024 presidential election, poll finds - 01-21-2024 Click Here: RI - Should Rhode Islanders be able to vote on the same day they register? What both sides say - 01-20-2024 Click Here: BREAKING: Professor and Election Expert J. Halderman Hacks into Dominion Voting Machine Tabulator in Court on Friday in Georgia in front of Judge Totenberg USING ONLY A PEN TO CHANGE VOTE TOTALS - 01-20-2024 Click Here: 'Them vs. US': Divide among elites and rest of country widening ahead of 2024 election: Rasmussen - 01-19-2024 Click Here: Infamous ‘Zuckbucks’ Group Tries To Election-Meddle Again — This Time With Federal Tax Dollars - 01-19-2024 Click Here: RI - No Labels, but many questions; alleged signature fraud spotted in Jamestown, Cranston - 01-19-2024 Click Here: Illinois is the latest state considering all mail-in voting, despite integrity problems nationwide - 01-17-2024 Click Here: BREAKING: Wisconsin Legislature Introduces Twin Constitutional Amendments to Permanently Ban Ranked Choice Voting in the State - 01-17-2024 Click Here: CATCHING THE FRAUD: Check My Vote Investigators Uncover FAKE MI Addresses On Voter Rolls—One Address Has 19 Registered Voters—8 of Them VOTED In 2020 and 2022 Elections - 01-16-2024 Click Here: MA - Why Doesn’t The FBI Want To Get To The Bottom Of Alleged Massachusetts Cash-For-Vote Scheme? - 01-16-2024 Click Here: Putin Says U.S. Elections Rigged By $10 Mail-In Ballots. - 01-16-2024 Click Here: Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Addresses Blank Ballot Adjudication Concerns, Demands Release of Machine Audit Logs - 01-15-2024 Click Here: EXC: RNC Chairs, Treasurers Held Meetings With Chinese Communist Party Officials To Discuss ‘Campaign Strategy’ & China Policy. - 01-14-2024 Click Here: BREAKING ELECTION INTEGRITY WIN: Texas AG Paxton Demands Counties Provide Machine Audit Logs - 01-14-2024 Click Here: Ban On Rank Choice Voting Clears Hurdle To Be On Ballot In Alaska - 01-13-2024 Click Here: Illinois Citizens Group Files Formal Complaint with Illinois State Board of Elections – Lost Votes, Ghost Votes, OVER 4 MILLION Possible Registration Violations: Voter Shocked to See Ballots Have Been Cast in Her Name for Years (VIDEO) - 01-13-2024 Click Here: House Republicans Roll Out Legislative Blueprint For States To Secure Their Elections - 01-12-2024 Click Here: NH - The DNC Is Engaged In ‘Unlawful Voter Suppression’ Ahead Of Primaries, New Hampshire AG Says - 01-11-2024 Click Here: RI - Vivek Ramaswamy’s R.I. nomination papers ‘signed’ by some dead Rhode Islanders - 01-11-2024 Click Here: Maine Democrats rebuff move to impeach top elections chief - 01-10-2024 Click Here: NEW EVIDENCE REVEALED… GBI Strategies Employee Who Turned In Fraudulent Muskegon Voter Registrations Gives STUNNING Interview — Lists Urban Cities Where Organization Operates In Michigan and Nationwide [VIDEO] - 01-10-2024 Click Here: A day before the deadline, R.I. Republicans scramble for signatures for presidential candidates - 01-10-2024 Click Here: Wisconsin judge rules use of vans in absentee voting violates election law - 01-09-2024 Click Here: CT Secretary Of State Urges In-Person Voting Due To Election Fraud Concerns In Bridgeport - 01-09-2024 Click Here: Elon Musk says it's 'insane' that Americans can vote without ID, cast ballots by mail - 01-08-2024 Click Here: Election Integrity Advocates Gather At Capitol On First Day Of Legislative Session - 01-08-2024 Click Here: Swing States Have A Long Way To Go To Safeguard The 2024 Election - 01-08-2024 Click Here: Exclusive: How A Left-Wing ‘Alliance’ Skirted Arizona’s ‘Zuckbucks’ Ban To Meddle In Key County’s Elections - 01-08-2024 Click Here: JASON SNEAD: Don’t Open This Pandora’s Box Of Voter Confusion - 01-07-2024 Click Here: Bannon on GETTR: "Stefanik on NBC: Will NOT Commit to Certifying 2024 Election" - 01-07-2024 Click Here: Ballot Cleansing: Democrats are Moving to Bar Republicans from Ballots Nationwide - 01-05-2024 Click Here: CHAD ENNIS: Post-Election Audits Should Be The Norm For Every State. Here’s Why - 01-04-2024 Click Here: This Arizona City Just Appointed A Democrat Ballot Harvester As Its Vice Mayor - 01-03-2024 Click Here: KanekoaTheGreat: "🚨JUST IN - President Trump Releases Summary of Election Fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election in the Swing States"- 01-03-2024 Click Here: Coming Joe Biden coup and the Michelle Obama-Gavin Newsom election gambit - 01-02-2024 Click Here: Louisiana Supreme Court Allows Election Do-Over After 11 Illegal Votes Found In Race Decided By 1 Vote - 01-02-2024 Click Here: Your Guide To The 2024 Presidential Primary Season - 01-02-2024 Click Here: BREAKING: JUDGE RULES IN FAVOR OF TRUE THE VOTE IN THREE-YEAR ELECTION INTEGRITY CASE - 01-02-2024 Click Here: Chaos? Ballot battles, impeachment inquiry, indictments disrupt election cycle - 01-01-2024 Click Here: ‘A Nutty Cycle’: These Are The Important Dates To Know For The Jam-Packed Election Year In 2024 - 12-31-2023 Click Here: REGIME STRIKES BACK: Georgia State Election Board Reportedly Asks FBI to Investigate Email About a Case They Recently Cancelled Hearing On - 12-31-2023 Click Here: CO, ME Just The Start Of Trump Ballot-Blocking: These 20 States Have Suits In Progress - 12-30-2023 Click Here: Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows met with Biden and called Electoral College 'white supremacy' before barring Trump from ballot - as she reveals her home was swatted - 12-30-2023 Click Here: Less Than Half of Republicans are ‘Highly Confident’ That Votes Will Be Counted Accurately in GOP Primary Election - 12-30-2023 Click Here: Donald Trump will be on the ballot in R.I. if he qualifies, R.I. Secretary of State says - 12-29-2023 Click Here: Erasing Trump from 2024 Ballot Is an Inside-the-Beltway Job - 12-29-2023 Click Here: It’s Not ‘Election Interference’, It’s Election Theft. - 12-28-2023 Click Here: THIS IS BIG: Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger Refuses to Testify Under Oath About Secretary of State’s Dominion Voting Machines - 12-27-2023 Click Here: Trump attorneys demand Maine secretary of state disqualify herself from ruling on Trump ballot eligibility - 12-27-2023 Click Here: As Facts Pile Up Against Raffensperger, Gabe Sterling And News Services Attempt To Resteer Attention Away From The Facts - 12-26-2023 Click Here: The Value Of The American Vote - 12-26-2023 Click Here: Hand Counting Paper Ballots is THE Only Chance we have to Remain Free. - 12-24-2023 Click Here: MAGA CHRISTMAS GIFT: Rep. Clay Higgins Introduces Bill to Protect Ballot Integrity - 12-23-2023 Click Here: NY - Man charged with 140 count indictment over alleged voter fraud scheme in New York - 12-22-2023 Click Here: GA - Raffygate - The Errors, The Lie, The Coverup.....Now Comes The Deflection - 12-21-2023 Click Here: Blockbuster Poll Casts Doubt on Outcome of 2020 Election - 12-21-2023 Click Here: GA - New Evidence Suggests That There Was Never a Voting Machine Election Audit Performed in Georgia - 12-21-2023 Click Here: RI - Senate panel can’t decide best way to reform R.I.’s voting system in primaries - 12-21-2023 Click Here: Rep. Perry ordered to give federal prosecutors over 1,600 messages in Trump 2020 election case - 12-20-2023 Click Here: Republicans Reveal Game-Changing Mail-In Voting Bill! - 12-19-2023 Click Here: RI - This commission agrees RI's voting system is not the best, but can't agree on what's better - 12-19-2023 Click Here: BREAKING: U.S. Intelligence Confirms Communist Castro Regime Attempted to Interfere Florida 2022 Elections — Along with Russia, China, and Iran - 12-18-2023 Click Here: Elected Democratic Official Fined For Voting Twice In 2020 Election - 12-18-2023 Click Here: Media Lie About This Leftist-Linked Voter Roll ‘Maintenance’ Group To Protect Democrats’ Election Machine - 12-18-2023 Click Here: 2020 election lawsuits brought by Republicans more likely to win than Democrat cases, data shows - 12-16-2023 Click Here: A State-by-State Look at Noncitizen Voting - 12-15-2023 Click Here: How Tax-Exempt Nonprofits Skirt U.S. Law To Turn Out Democrats For Elections - 12-14-2023 Click Here: Trump Demands Action After 20% Of Mail-in Voters Admit To Fraud In 2020 Election Survey - 12-13-2023 Click Here: SHOCKING: New Poll Finds ONE IN FIVE Voters ADMIT to Mail-In Voter Fraud in 2020 Election - 12-12-2023 Click Here: Maine election chief weighs Trump ballot challenges - 12-12-2023 Click Here: Ranked-Choice Voting Proponents Are Lying To Wisconsin Voters To Hide The System’s Flaws - 12-12-2023 Click Here: Wisconsin’s Vote-By-Mail Reform Bill Tackles A Problem That’s Here To Stay - 12-11-2023 Click Here: At least 5,600 federal-only ballots cast in Arizona 2020 election without US citizenship proof - 12-09-2023 Click Here: NY - NYC Trying to Register Illegal Immigrants to Vote, Republican Rep Says - 12-09-2023 Click Here: There’s Only One Explanation For Hunter Biden’s Simple Indictment Taking So Long: 2020 Election Interference - 12-08-2023 Click Here: CT Secretary Of State Illegally Used Tax Dollars To Influence 2022 Ballot Question, But No Fine Or Penalty Issued By SEEC - 12-08-2023 Click Here: Wisconsin's 2020 alternate electors settle lawsuit claiming they were not 'duly elected' - 12-06-2023 Click Here: Election irregularities, fraud have led courts to overturn, order several new elections in 2023 - 12-06-2023 Click Here: The Ridiculous Measure This Progressive 'Squad' Member Just Announced Regarding the 2024 Election - 12-06-2023 Click Here: Why Is AZ former Gov Doug Ducey Operating A Super PAC In Georgia? And Who Else Is Involved? - 12-06-2023 Click Here: RI -Sexual misconduct claims lead ethics commission candidate to withdraw - 12-05-2023 Click Here: RNC alleges inconsistencies in Nevada’s voter rolls, threatens lawsuit - 12-04-2023 Click Here: Over 140 Mail-in Ballots Discovered from Inactive Mailboxes Across Washington State - 12-03-2023 Click Here: GOP attorneys general argue Colorado can't remove Trump from primary ballot, based on 14th Amendment - 12-03-2023 Click Here: The Soros Empire Is Quietly Targeting A Key Voting Bloc - 12-03-2023 Click Here: Lancaster County Voters Seek Answers from Postal Service as Mail-In Ballots Missed Election Deadline Resulting in Disqualification - 12-03-2023 Click Here: CT -Connecticut's Profit Driven Democrat Party: Democrats Profit At People’s Expense - 12-02-2023 Click Here: FL - Dem presidential candidates left off the FL ballot are digging in; party is standing by the process - 12-01-2023 Click Here: Here Are The 38 Lawmakers Leaving Congress In 2024 (Twice As Many Democrats As Republicans) - 12-01-2023 Click Here: Georgia House, Senate pass revised legislative maps - 12-01-2023 Click Here: Facebook removes multiple Chinese accounts reportedly targeting US elections - 12-01-2023 Click Here: GOP AGs argue Colorado courts can't remove Trump from primary ballot - 12-01-2023 Click Here: The Curse of Sanctimonious Republican and Conservative Voters - 12-01-2023 Click Here: Court: Wisconsin Electors Cannot Change Their Ballots After Already Voting - 11-30-2023 Click Here: CDM Contributor Chris Gleason Appears On Loomer Unleashed - Election Crime Investigator Found Dead In DeSantis Office - 11-29-2023 Click Here: Arizona grand jury indicts two Cochise County supervisors on election related charges - 11-29-2023 Click Here: US Government Officials Sought To Censor Narratives and Interfere In 2020 Election, Newly Released Emails Show - 11-29-2023 Click Here: Lee County Republican Assembly Sends Letter to Speaker Mike Johnson Calling for Congressional Hearings on Compromised Election Machines, Urges America Contact Mike Johnson to Demand Election Integrity - 11-29-2023 Click Here: BREAKING: Arizona Grand Jury Indicts Cochise County Supervisors With Bogus FELONY CHARGES for Alleged Interference with an Election Officer and Conspiracy - 11-29-2023 Click Here: Rupert Murdoch to be deposed in Smartmatic defamation case against Fox - 11-28-2023 Click Here: Are the Voting Machines in Pennsylvania Still Screwed Up? - 11-28-2023 Click Here: Voting machine trouble in Pennsylvania county triggers alarm ahead of 2024 - 11-26-2023 Click Here: TRENT ENGLAND And JASON SNEAD: Who Is Driving Ranked-Choice Voting Initiatives? - 11-26-2023 Click Here: DID YOU KNOW: President Trump Won The “In-Person” Vote In EVERY State In 2020! - 11-26-2023 Click Here: BREAKING EXCLUSIVE PART III: The Errors, The Lie, the Cover-Up in Georgia’s 2020 Election – Raffensperger Gets Caught – Here’s How You Can Help! - 11-26-2023 Click Here: More Maladministration of Voter Rolls? - 11-23-2023 Click Here: JUST IN: Kari Lake Files Bombshell Reply Brief in Election Fraud Lawsuit Exposing Maricopa County’s Lies – Moves That The Court Sanction Maricopa County - 11-22-2023 Click Here: Professor raises concerns over the effect AI could have on 2024 elections - 11-21-2023 Click Here: Fight Voter Fraud, Inc., Takes Unprecedented Actions To Bring Accountability To Bridgeport Elections - 11-21-2023 Click Here: Missouri Judge to Decide if Voters Can Be Required to Show Voter ID to Vote in 2024 - 11-21-2023 Click Here: Funny how Argentina managed to count all 30 million of its ballots by midnight...- 11-21-2023 Click Here: Ranked-Choice Voting Advocates Are Forced To Lie About ‘Fairness’ To Get Voters On Board - 11-20-2023 Click Here: Arizona AG Threatens Legal Action Against Officials Who Hand-Count Ballots in 2024 Election - 11-20-2023 Click Here: For Election Integrity, Ramaswamy Urges Federal Standards - 11-20-2023 Click Here: PA - How Do They Explain This? Video Shows 386,151 Votes REMOVED from GOP Supreme Court Candidate’s Totals in PA Where She Ended Up Losing by 207,237 (Video) - 11-16-2023 Click Here: GA - There’s more going on with the Georgia ballot case and attorney resignations than you’re being told… - 11-16-2023 Click Here: R.I. elections board certifies CD1 results - 11-16-2023 Click Here: Judge Totenberg Issues Ruling Election Machines Used In 2020 Have Substantial Flaws - 11-15-2023 Click Here: Judge dismisses election lawsuits, gives blistering rebuke of Harris County oversight - 11-15-2023 Click Here: Lawyer admits to leaking witness videos in Georgia election case - 11-15-2023 Click Here: How Dark-Money Megadonor George Soros Hides Behind ‘Democracy’ PACs To Sabotage It - 11-15-2023 Click Here: BREAKING: Massachusetts Ballot Theft Caught on Camera — Security Footage Allegedly Reveals Woman Taking Man’s Mail-In Ballot After He’s Informed He Already Voted (VIDEO) - 11-15-2023 Click Here: The globalization of US elections - 11-15-2023 Click Here: GA - Fulton County election issues: Ballot counting, voter rolls, challenges, board seats, lawsuits - 11-14-2023 Click Here: Systemic voting fraud in America? - 11-14-2023 Click Here: Soros-Funded Loudoun County Commonwealth Attorney Buta Biberaj Defeated by Bob Anderson, by Only 300 Votes - 11-14-2023 Click Here: Jay Valentine: When Citizens Have Better Computer Technology Than Their Government – Minnesota Investigation finds 172,000+ Voter Issues - 11-14-2023 Click Here: KanekoaTheGreat on X: "🚨THREAD: Tucker Carlson on Duplicated Ballots, Falsified Tally Sheets, and Mail-In Ballot Fraud in Fulton County, Georgia" - 11-10-2023 Click Here: HOW WE WIN IN 2024… EXCLUSIVE from Jay Valentine: Can ERIC System Clean Voter Rolls? Fractal Brings the Receipts - 11-10-2023 Click Here: INVESTIGATE NOW! Congress NEEDS To Investigate the 2023 STATE ELECTIONS! - 11-10-2023 Click Here: Elector Challenges in Georgia: Voter Intimidation or Civic Duty? - 11-09-2023 Click Here: Déjà Vu: Another Software Issue Blamed in Georgia’s Elections – Same Symptoms as 2020 and 2022 Elections - 11-09-2023 Click Here: Election issues continue: Problems persist at polls in Kentucky, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Texas - 11-08-2023 Click Here: Voting time extended in largest Mississippi county due to ballot shortages - 11-07-2023 Click Here: Bombshell Report: Federal Government, Universities, Big Tech Conspired To Censor Free Speech Through Election Integrity Project—CT Officials Implicated In Report - 11-07-2023 Click Here: LIVE ELECTION RESULTS: Kentucky, Mississippi, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia - 11-07-2023 Click Here: Advocates for GOP early voting say tactic is up amongst Republicans in recent elections - 11-07-2023 Click Here: Election Day 2023: Officials Say Voting Machine Glitch Is Changing Some Votes - 11-07-2023 Click Here: SD - South Dakota committee approves new election rules - 11-07-2023 Click Here: RI - ELECTION 2023 Voting is slow and steady on Election Day morning - 11-07-2023 Click Here: Lawsuits across the US over voter ID laws crawling on as the 2024 presidential election approaches - 11-06-2023 Click Here: Pennsylvania’s 2020 Election Was Invalid — Says Who? - 11-06-2023 Click Here: R.I. Board of Elections releases November 7 Special Election tabulation process and timeline overview - 11-06-2023 Click Here: New Polling Shows How Independent Voters Could Shift The 2024 Election - 11-06-2023 Click Here: WHO IS JOSH KAUL? Perkins Coie Alumni, WI Attorney General, ActBlue Money Laundering RICO Enterprise Participant & Next Up For Impeachment - 11-04-2023 Click Here: Two Northeastern States Crackdown on Mail-In Ballot Election Fraud- 11-03-2023 Click Here: The Non-Citizen Voting Scam - 11-03-2023 Click Here: Knowing They Will Lose At The Ballot Box, Soros-Funded Leftists Turn To Lawfare To Defeat Trump - 11-03-2023 Click Here: CT Judges Tosses Election due to “Shocking” Mail Ballot Fraud - 11-03-2023 Click Here: CT -Video: Judge overturns election after Democrats caught ballot stuffing - 11-02-2023 Click Here: Donations Don’t Add Up: FEC Data Shows Top WinRed Donor in NJ Gave $154k. She says ‘impossible.’- 11-01-2023 Click Here: VA -Virginia Democrats receive large out-of-state donation from Illinois a week before 2023 races - 11-01-2023 Click Here: CT -"BREAKING: Judge OVERTURNS Bridgeport, CT mayoral primary election after Democrat clerk busted for ballot stuffing" - 11-01-2023 Click Here: Ranked-Choice Voting Is The Monster Under The Bed Of American Elections - 10-31-2023 Click Here: GA -"Capture and Kill": Judge McBurney's Alleged Delay Tactics on VoterGA Election Lawsuit - 10-31-2023 Click Here: RI - Early voter turnout in RI tops 11,000 for Nov. 7 election - 10-31-2023 Click Here: The leading presidential candidates face ballot issues: Trump in two state lawsuits, Biden in NH- 10-30-2023 Click Here: Amazon's Alexa: The 2020 Election Was Stolen - 10-28-2023 Click Here: November to Remember: Maine ballot questions highlight constitutional rulings and state infighting - 10-28-2023 Click Here: The 'Deepfake Election': How AI and Fake Content Could Influence 2024 US Contests - 10-27-2023 Click Here: Republican National Committee going to bat in litigation - 10-27-2023 Click Here: Colorado Judge Rules 14th Amendment Suit Can Continue That Seeks to Keep Trump Off 2024 Ballot - 10-27-2023 Click Here: RI- Ad Watch: Congressional candidates take different approaches to appeal to voters - 10-27-2023 Click Here: CT- Greenwich Globalist Asks Police To Monitor The Connecticut Centinal, Thinks Facts Are "Hate Speech" - 10-27-2023 Click Here: RI - Tiara Mack Net Worth (1.5 Million) - 10-27-2023 Click Here: RI - Amo campaign hits $1M in fundraising, Leonard puts in another $50K of his own money - 10-27-2023 Click Here: RI - Reforms to RI primary election system are needed. Here are some options. | Opinion - 10-22-2023 Click Here: The Extreme Danger of Mail-In Voting - 10-26-2023 Click Here: 5 Examples Of The Illegal Government Censorship SCOTUS Just Allowed To Resume - 10-26-2023 Click Here: SMURFING, FRAUD & MONEY LAUNDERING - 10-26-2023 Click Here: BREAKING: 11th Circuit Emergency Writ Accepted To Hear Case To Invalidate Fraudulent 2020, 2022 Elections - Justice Clarence Thomas To Rule- 10-24-2023 Click Here: Georgia GOP Partnering With Numinar For "All Voter Outreach And Data Efforts" But Are There Questions About This DC Company?- 10-24-2023 Click Here: Wisconsin proposed voter ID, private money ban amendments get hearing- 10-24-2023 Click Here: Hundreds of 2020 election voter registration forms from Michigan appear fraudulent - 10-16-2023 Click Here: Election integrity issues for November elections begin with absentee ballots - 10-16-2023 Click Here: Florida lawmakers seek new election security measure for ballot boxes - 10-16-2023 Click Here: Experts "Quite Worried" About High Turnover Among Election Workers - 10-15-2023 Click Here: Proposed Trump Gag Order to Be Considered in Federal Election Case - 10-15-2023 Click Here: EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: “I Will Never Surrender!” – Kari Lake Discusses Her 2024 Senate Race, Presidential Election, Lawless Southern Border – Says They Rigged Her Election to “Keep an Outsider Like Me Out” (VIDEO) - 10-15-2023 Click Here: MN - HUGE! Dem SOS Sued For Violating Minnesota Law When He Gave “Highly Sensitive Personal Information” of Adults and Minors To ERIC- 10-13-2023 Click Here: CT - Now it's Democrats claiming election fraud! - 10-13-2023 Click Here: Questions about that 7,500-ballot 'mistake' in San Diego County - 10-13-2023 Click Here: RI - Niyoka Powell - Running for Working Families! - Posted on X - Angelica Infante-Green has failed our schools, our students, our families. It's time for her to go. - 10-12-2023 Click Here: Democrat Election Clerk Gives BOMBSHELL Testimony in Court, Admitting She Has Not Been Following the Law on Mail-In Ballots (VIDEO) - 10-12-20 23 Click Here: North Carolina Republicans override Dem governor's vetoes of two election integrity bills - 10-12-20 23 Click Here: Court: No Evidence Georgia’s Election-Integrity Law Discriminates Against Black Voters - 10-12-20 23 Click Here: Maine's voter privacy law weighed by federal court - 10-11-20 23 Click Here: RI - Journalists find distrust of mail ballots inexplicable because they don’t want it explained. - 10-10-20 23 Click Here: AG: Criminal probe into Matos signatures will wrap up ‘by the end of the year’ - 10-10-20 23 Click Here: Captain K's Weekly Candidate Spotlights - Spotlights #s 6-8, U.S. Senate - Nevada - 10-09-20 23 Click Here: Election Results in Riverside County, California Are Illegitimate After Activities Went Against State Code for Years - 10-09-20 23 Click Here: RFK is Now Running as an ‘Independent’. So We Examined His Record.- 10-09-20 23 Click Here: Voters leave Democratic Party by thousands this year, 375,000 since 2012 - 10-09-20 23 Click Here: ‘Zuckerbucks’ in Wisconsin: State constitutional amendment to ban private election funding in 2024 - 10-08-20 23 Click Here: Maine Secretary of State Fights to Preserve Restrictions, Penalties for Publicizing Errors on Voter Rolls - 10-08-20 23 Click Here: DC - Hackers claim voter information accessed in Washington, D.C. Board of Elections data breach - 10-07-20 23 Click Here: GA - Catherine Englebrecht and True The Vote Once Again Bring Truth To Bear in Georgia - 10-07-20 23 Click Here: TX - New California Statehood Could Save the 2024 Election - 10-07-20 23 Click Here: States that send a mail ballot to every voter really do increase turnout, scholars find - 10-06-20 23 Click Here: RI - $200K A Year Senate Machine Leadership Toady Preempts Need for Election With Preannounced Staffing Changes: Senate President Announces Anticipated Leadership & Staffing Changes - 10-06-20 23 Click Here: RI - Voter registration deadline is Sunday - 10-06-20 23 Click Here: Wisconsin lawmakers look to lower cost of state’s voter roll - 10-04-20 23 Click Here: After signature scandal, state looks to standardize training for local election administrators - 10-04-20 23 Click Here: R.I. can’t collect $6.1M in unpaid campaign fines. What’s BOE going to do about it? - 10-04-20 23 Click Here: Kari Lake files with FEC to run for Senate in 2024 - 10-03-2023 Click Here: CT - Fight Voter Fraud Inc. Uncovers Alarming Discrepancies In Connecticut Voter Registration Data - 10-03-2023 Click Here: Connecticut to move presidential primary date - 10-02-2023 Click Here: Pennsylvania latest state to embrace automatic voter registration, triggers new integrity fears - 10-01-2023 Click Here: MA - Former MA State Senator Dean Tran accused of using staff to campaign for him while on state time, state payroll - 9-30-2023 Click Here: Connecticut to spend $25M on new voting machines - 9-29-2023 Click Here: California Passes Law to Mandate “Certified Voting System” After Shasta CO Goes to Hand-Counted Paper Ballots – Shasta Supervisor Kevin Crye Facing Recall - 9-29-2023 Click Here: BREAKING—GAME CHANGER! 11 HERO Lawmakers Sue MI SOS Jocelyn Benson and MI Director of Elections In Federal Court For Violating US and MI Constitution To Change Election Laws - 9-28-2023 Click Here: Wisconsin Republicans Introduce Measures To Withdraw State From ERIC, Ban ‘Zuckbucks’ In Elections - 9-25-2023 Click Here: Who’s Responsible For Georgia’s Disastrous 2020 Election? - 9-25-2023 Click Here: Smartmatic Execs Accused in Election Bribery Scheme. - 9-24-2023 Click Here: Pollster Rasmussen Says “Election Fraud Renders Scientific Election Forecasting Worthless” – Will Start Sharing Evidence - 9-24-2023 Click Here: Republicans Embrace Ballot Harvesting for 2024, Some Foresee Legal Battles - 9-23-2023 Click Here: Virginia Department of Elections makes historic gains - 9-22-2023 Click Here: Federal Court Chides Dem Activists: There’s Nothing Racist About Election Integrity Laws Like Florida’s - 9-22-2023 Click Here: Court: Alaska Must Forfeit Data From Leftist-Linked Voter-Roll ‘Maintenance’ Group ERIC - 9-21-2023 Click Here: New York changes state election laws, including vote-by-mail measure voters rejected two years ago - 9-21-2023 Click Here: Lawsuit: Democrats’ No-Excuse Absentee Voting Law Violates New York Constitution - 9-21-2023 Click Here: Pennsylvania’s Switch To Automatic Voter Registration Is ‘Inconsistent’ With State Law, Election Experts Say - 9-20-2023 Click Here: We'll Have To Defeat Ballot-Tampering In 2024, Too! - 9-20-2023 Click Here: RI -This state rep went from sleeper CD1 candidate to cracking the top 5. What’s next?- 9-20-2023 Click Here: Maybe This Latest Blatant Ballot Box Stuffing Scandal Will Be the Last Straw - 9-19-2023 Click Here: The 2020 Election Plot Thickens - 9-19-2023 Click Here: Wisconsin Republicans Vote To Oust Top Election Official Following Messy And Chaotic 2020 Election - 9-18-2023 Click Here: The Paper Ballot is the Vote of Record - 9-13-2023 Click Here: Kari Lake attorney alleges courts are ignoring manipulations and vulnerabilities in voting system. - 9-12-2023 Click Here: R.I. Matos campaign workers won't face signature subpoena. What's next in the investigation. - 9-12-2023 Click Here: R.I. election panel opts not to delve back into Matos signature papers. For now. - 9-12-2023 Click Here: Unions spent more than $1.7 billion during 2022 elections as Biden relies on them for 2024- 9-11-2023 Click Here: Georgia Grand Jury Report Exposes Fulton County Prosecutor As An Election-Integrity Denier - 9-11-2023 Click Here: Democrats’ 2024 Magic Bullet: Mass Mail-In Voting- 9-08-2023 Click Here: Why Would Biden Extend Trump Executive Order 13848 - Re: National Emergency Foreign Interference in U.S. Elections - For The Third Time?- 9-08-2023 Click Here: RFK Jr. Says DNC's Underhanded Plan 'Effectively Disenfranchising' Voters Is Already Underway- 9-08-2023 Click Here: HEAVY LIFTING Judicial Watch Steps Up to Clean Voter Rolls! - 9-05-2023 Click Here: Georgia’s Court Win a Commonsense Victory for Election Integrity - 9-05-2023 Click Here: Impersonators or Legal Canvassers? NY Citizens Audit Answers NYSBOE - 9-05-2023 Click Here: With Automatic Voter Registration, Say Hello To Permanent Democrat Power - 9-05-2023 Click Here: RI - A handful of votes could decide the CD1 primary. Could that trigger a recount?- 9-05-2023 Click Here: RI - What to know ahead of Tuesday's special election primary - 9-04-2023 Click Here: Workers at firm probed for 2020 voter registration fraud warned police about 'red flags,' memos show - 9-04-2023 Click Here: Top Dems back 'dangerous' legal theory to block you from voting for Trump - 9-04-2023 Click Here: Mississippi Democrat alleges election fraud, demands county party chair resign- 9-04-2023 Click Here: RI -Justice Department will monitor polls in Rhode Island- 9-04-2023 Click Here: Michigan Voter Fraud Scandal: TGP Has Evidence – Several County Clerks Reveal They Also Received Suspicious Voter Registration Packages in the Mail- 8-31-2023 Click Here:2020 triggered suspicion of 'voter registration fraud scheme' across multiple states - 8-31-2023 Click Here: Michigan Investigation: Suspicious Spikes in Michigan Voter Registrations Across State Occurred on the Same Day in 2020 Election- 8-31-2023 Click Here: RECEIPTS: CISA AND AT&T PUSHED CONNECTING ELECTIONS TO FIRSTNET, MARK ZUCKERBERG PAID FIRSTNET BILLS, FIRSTNET INFESTED WITH HACKABLE CHINESE COMPONENTS - 8-30-2023 Click Here: Report: How Duplicate Voter Identification Numbers Can STEAL or Nullify Your Vote - 8-29-2023 Click Here: Judge Rules Kari Lake Lawsuit Seeking Mail-In Ballot Signatures Will Go to Trial - 8-28-2023 Click Here: RI - From abortion to gun laws to high-profile supporters: Unpacking the CD1 candidates' claims - 8-28-2023 Click Here: RI - Providence NAACP president's new assault charge violates bail in campaign finance case - 8-28-2023 Click Here: RI - More than $1.7M spent on broadcast ads in CD1 race - 8-25-2023 Click Here: NH - HERE WE GO: New Hampshire’s Republican Secretary of State Seeking Legal Advice on Blocking Trump From Primary- 8-25-2023 Click Here: MA - Here is what you need to know about absentee & mail-in ballots for the 2023 Fall River preliminary election- 8-24-2023 Click Here: As ranked choice voting gains momentum, parties in power push back- 8-23-2023 Click Here: RI - How to become a poll worker for upcoming RI elections- 8-23-2023 Click Here: Thought Indicting Trump Was The Only Way The DOJ Interferes In Elections? Think Again- 8-22-2023 Click Here: Judge hands down mixed ruling in Georgia election law challenge- 8-21-2023 Click Here: RI - AG: Jamestown violated law in redacting signatures on Matos nomination papers- 8-21-2023 Click Here: Rich Baris: Why Trump is Stronger Today Than He's Ever Been - 8-21-2023 Click Here: VotifyNow - Election integrity app allows users to find suspected irregularities, report them to officials - 8-20-2023 Click Here: RI - Breakdown: Here’s how many signatures were collected, rejected in Rhode Island CD-1 race - 8-20-2023 Click Here: Sebastian Gorka: American Police-State - 8-19-2023 Click Here: RI - 'Fewer Rhode Islanders are qualifying for the ballot.' - 8-18-2023 Click Here: 'UPDATE: Former Trump official just directly linked Bill Barr to Muskegon, Michigan voter fraud scandal…' - 8-18-2023 Click Here: 'House Republicans Take On Foreign Dark Money Groups That Meddle In U.S. Elections' - 8-18-2023 Click Here: RI - 'Matos campaign alleges ‘illegal coordination’ in Regunberg Super PAC funding' - 8-18-2023 Click Here: Congress probing whether Democrats improperly using nonprofits, foreign money to win elections' - 8-16-2023 Click Here: RI - 'Behind the scenes prepping for the 1st Congressional District race' - 8-16-2023 Click Here: RI - 'All five Senate 1 candidates remain on ballot despite challenges' - 8-15-2023 Click Here: RI - 'Election board finds no pattern of nomination signature fraud in Rhode Island US House race' - 8-15-2023 Click Here: RI - 'After signature review, state elections panel affirms Matos’ place on ballot' - 8-15-2023 Click Here: EXCLUSIVE: 'Nonpartisan' Voter Registration Org Is Actually A Dem Get Out The Vote Machine, Report Says' - 8-15-2023 Click Here: Gateway Pundit Attorneys Release Statement in Response to Fani Willis’s Lies and Misrepresentations of Voter Fraud and Ballot Stuffing at State Farm Center in November 2020' - 8-15-2023 Click Here: MI - Muskegon: Who says 'heroes are hard to find?' - 8-15-2023 Click Here: Ballot Harvesting -- Only The Brain Dead Believe It Now!' - 8-15-2023 Click Here: RI - 'NBC 10 I-Team: Sabina Matos goes on offensive after signature scandal review' - 8-15-2023 Click Here: RI - 'Board of Elections Votes to Consider Subpoenas for Matos’ Signature Collectors — After Primary' - 8-15-2023 Click Here: RI - 'Sparks Fly When GoLocal’s Nagle Asks Matos Questions, NY Congressman Tries to Intervene' - 8-15-2023 Click Here: RI - 'Elections board: Matos has enough valid signatures“You Can Turn in 8,000 Fraudulent Registrations Now and Walk Free the Next Day” – Steve Bannon and Jim Hoft Discuss the MASSIVE Democrat Voter Registration Scandal by GBI Strategies and Dana Nessel’s Confirmation of TGP’s Reporting (VIDEO)' - 8-15-2023 Click Here: “You Can Turn in 8,000 Fraudulent Registrations Now and Walk Free the Next Day” – Steve Bannon and Jim Hoft Discuss the MASSIVE Democrat Voter Registration Scandal by GBI Strategies and Dana Nessel’s Confirmation of TGP’s Reporting (VIDEO) - 8-14-2023 Click Here: GA- 'Georgia company EagleAI pursues multistate voter registration cancellations' - 8-14-2023 Click Here: AZ - 'Arizona GOP leaders threaten lawsuit over proposed elections manual' - 8-14-2023 Click Here: RI - 'Voting by mail for the primaries? Here’s what you need to know' - 8-14-2023 Click Here: Report: Engineers Discover Nationwide Cellular Network Connects Election Equipment and Gives Federal Government Access to Election Systems at Precinct Level' - 8-14-2023 Click Here: MA & RI - 'Voter Guide: Election 2023' - 8-13-2023 Click Here: MI - 'Muskegon County, Michigan GOP Release Report After 2020 Election-County had 30,000 Voters (30%) More Than Reasonably Expected ' - 8-12-2023 Click Here: RI - 'After signature scandal, Jamestown election authorities call for state-led candidate training' - 8-11-2023 Click Here: RI - 'Testy exchanges add sparks to podcast debate between CD1 candidates' - 8-10-2023 Click Here: RI - 'RI Secretary of State Gregg Amore' - 8-10-2023 Click Here: RI - 'Board of Elections scrutinizes Matos campaign signatures' - 8-10-2023 Click Here: 'Media Gin Up Lies About Election Worker Safety To Escape Ballot-Box Accountability' - 8-10-2023 Click Here: 'Media Gin Up Lies About Election Worker Safety To Escape Ballot-Box Accountability' - 8-8-2023 Click Here: 'A New Day, a New Type of Election Fraud' - 8-8-2023 Click Here: 'Serious alert for U.S. elections: 'China owns anything that touches the Chinese internet' - 8-8-2023 Click Here: RI - BREAKING: Board of Elections Votes to Investigate All of Matos’ Signatures- 8-8-2023 Click Here: NOW WE HAVE PROOF! TGP EXCLUSIVE: Massive 2020 Voter Fraud Uncovered in Michigan – Police Find: TENS OF THOUSANDS of Fake Registrations, Bags of Pre-Paid Gift Cards, Guns with Silencers, Burner Phones, and a Democrat-Funded Organization with Multiple Temporary Facilities in Several States- 8-8-2023 Click Here: The Not So Honorable Judge Duffey - A New Broom At The State Election Board Hides All The Dirt- 8-7-2023 Click Here: How Can Mail-In Voting Be ‘Secure’ When Postal Theft Is Rampant?- 8-7-2023 Click Here: New Illinois law creates a task force to examine ranked choice voting'- 8-7-2023 Click Here: BREAKING EXPLOSIVE: Shocking Attempt To Hide The Truth Uncovered! ES&S Accused Of Blocking Access To Crucial Election Records NATIONWIDE! Massive Election Fraud Exposed, President Trump Vindicated!'- 8-7-2023 Click Here: RI - Matos moves into CD1 ahead of September primary- 8-7-2023 Click Here: RI - New state election panel member speaks out on Matos signature scandal - 8-7-2023 Click Here: Op-Ed: Election Integrity Is Our Most Critical Battlefield - We Need a Plan for 2024- 8-6-2023 Click Here: Trump attorney says Pence was asked to 'pause' 2020 election certification in an 'aspirational' way- 8-6-2023 Click Here: RI -EDITORIAL: Surprise! Aaron, We Are Buying You a Congressional Seat- 8-6-2023 Click Here: MD - Abney apologizes for taking $50K campaign loan barred by federal rules - 8-5-2023 Click Here: MD - Elections: A County Board of Elections Pulls a Fast one- 8-4-2023 Click Here: OH - Counties struggling to have enough poll workers for Tuesday election.- 8-4-2023 Click Here: HUGE: RI - Campaign finance violations are soaring. Here’s why that’s not a bad thing.- 8-4-2023 Click Here: HUGE: “I Think There’s Coordinated Efforts to Make Sure That Certain People Get Elected” – Joe Rogan Says There Was “Real Fraud” in Kari Lake’s Election (VIDEO)- 8-4-2023 Click Here: RI - Board of Elections to meet again, possibly vote on Matos signature scandal- 8-4-2023 Click Here: Voter Groups, Funded By Liberal Megadonors, Launch Pressure Campaign For Meta To Censor Election Info- 8-4-2023 Click Here: Lawsuit challenging Michigan’s 2020 president election votes dismissed?. - 8-03-2023 Click Here: RI - 'CD1 candidate tax returns: Who is releasing them? Who isn’t?. - 8-03-2023 Click Here: RI - 'RI- don't be distracted by the news with 'not having enough time to verify signatures'. - 8-03-2023 Click Here: RI - 'Congressional rival attacks Regunberg as 'privileged rich kid' supported by Super PAC' - 8-03-2023 Click Here: 'READ IT FOR YOURSELF! Massive evidence of election failures posted online' - 8-03-2023 Click Here: CT- VIDEO: Linda Szynkowicz Of FightVoterFraud.org - Precise, Thorough, Relentless In Cleaning The Rolls- 8-03-2023 Click Here: RI - The Coalition Talk Radio was live End of BOE Presser The Coalition Talk Radio - 8-02-2023 Click Here: RI - Elections BOE Statement By The Coalition Talk Radio - 8-02-2023 Click Here: Virginia Republicans Are Trying To Beat Democrats At Their Own Electioneering Game. Will It Work? - 8-02-2023 Click Here: RI - Matos worried about signature scandal ripple effects amid criminal probe - 8-02-2023 Click Here: RI - Debates for the CD1 special election are popping up. But who gets an invite? - 8-02-2023 Click Here: Truth, Accuracy, and Election Fraud - 8-02-2023 Click Here: RI BOE: Not enough time to review alleged signature fraud - 8-01-2023 Click Here: RI election officials blame time constraint for not vetting names tied to signature scandal’ - 8-01-2023 Click Here: BREAKING: Michigan Democrat AG Follows Lead of Biden’s DOJ and Indicts Her Former GOP Foe Matthew DePerno’ - 8-01-2023 Click Here: MA - Election authorities rule in Boston Councilor Kendra Lara’s favor in residency case’ - 8-01-2023 Click Here: Beware the ‘Long Count’ - 8-01-2023 Click Here: RI - 'In the wake of the CD1 signature scandal, RI's Secretary of State wants to change the law' - 8-01-2023 Click Here: TX- 'Texas becomes ninth state to resign from voter list org' - 7-31-2023 Click Here: RI - 'Fair Elections Group Calls for Sabina Matos to be Removed from the CD-1 Ballot' - 7-31-2023 Click Here: 'The high stress, high stakes world of Rhode Island’s CD1 campaign managers' - 7-31-2023 Click Here: 'Despite Matos’ Campaign Problems, No Obvious Alternative in CD1 Race, Says Lawless' - 7-31-2023 Click Here: RI - Sen. Jessica de la Cruz; political roundtable' - 7-28-2023 Click Here: Kari Lake-led Arizona grassroots machine mobilizes to boost early 2024 GOP voting' - 7-28-2023 Click Here: RI - 'Leftist ‘Disinformation’ Police Pressure Meta To Run Election Interference On New Threads Platform' - 7-28-2023 Click Here: RI - 'Matos has 94% of nominating signatures tossed in Jamestown. How did other campaigns compare?' - 7-26-2023 Click Here: MI - 'Republican election clerks hit with lawsuits, recall votes for actions in 2020 presidential race' - 7-26-2023 Click Here: RI - 'Board of Elections won’t review disputed signatures on Matos nomination papers' - 7-26-2023 Click Here: RI - 'Rhode Island voters can now request mail-in ballots through online portal' - 7-26-2023 Click Here: RI - 'WUN-ON-ONE: A conversation with Sabina Matos, Democratic Candidate for Congressional District 1' - 7-25-2023 Click Here: RI - 'Accused of forging Matos nomination signatures, field worker speaks out' - 7-25-2023 Click Here: 'Voters appeal New York redistricting case ordering state commission to redraw district lines' - 7-25-2023 Click Here: 'Save the Post Office' coalition demands expansion of voting by mail' - 7-24-2023 Click Here: RI - 'Neronha says AG's office will not verify Matos' signatures for the elections board. Here's why.' - 7-24-2023 Click Here: 'The Left’s Elections ‘Fortification’ in 2024' - 7-24-2023 Click Here: 'How Do You Know When It’s Time To Flee A Deep-Blue Hellhole?' - 7-24-2023 Click Here: TX - 'The Establishment’s Paxton Impeachment Sham Undermines The Will Of Texas Voters' - 7-24-2023 Click Here: RI - 'NBC 10 I-Team uncovers more suspect signatures on Matos nomination forms' - 7-24-2023 Click Here: RI - 'Providence Democratic Socialists of America have a new name and rules. Here's what they want' - 7-24-2023 Click Here: 'Michigan Election Interference: The Real Story' - 7-24-2023 Click Here: 'Georgia election officials poised to remove 191,473 voter records' - 7-23-2023 Click Here: 'SUZANNE DOWNING: Ranked-Choice Voting Could Come Back To Bite Alaskan Republicans ... Again' - 7-23-2023 Click Here: 'Wisconsin Democrats file lawsuit to overturn state Supreme Court ruling on absentee ballots' - 7-22-2023 Click Here: RI - 'Pulling The Threads Part 1' - by Renegade Minds - 7-22-2023 Click Here: RI - '5 Hours of Political Chaos in RI - Matos Campaign Rocked by Scandal' - 7-22-2023 Click Here: 'IN-DEPTH: One of the Biggest Organizations Helping Democrats Win Elections' - 7-21-2023 Click Here: RI - 'Young hosts organize virtual CD1 forum' - 7-21-2023 Click Here: RI - 'Sabina Matos campaign blames vendor in signature scandal' - 7-21-2023 Click Here: RI - 'All Matos nomination papers referred to AG, but she will be on ballot' - 7-21-2023 Click Here: RI - '5 Hours of Political Chaos in RI - Matos Campaign Rocked by Scandal' - 7-21-2023 Click Here: 'Matt Braynard Calls Mike Lindell Names While Pushing Early Voting in Election Debate (VIDEO)' - 7-21-2023 Click Here: RI - ‘A Jamestown elections clerk started three weeks ago. Then, he found signatures from dead voters.' - 7-21-2023 Click Here: RI - ‘Matos says campaign contractor responsible for fake signatures, portrays herself as 'victim'- 7-21-2023 Click Here: 'Black conservatives join lawsuit alleging Harris County voter suppression''- 7-21-2023 Click Here: RI - ‘Woman Tied to Matos’ Signatures Investigation Works for Controversial Political Operative.'- 7-20-2023 Click Here: ‘On the Brink’: DeSantis Plans ANOTHER Reboot as Cash Crunch Hits.'- 7-20-2023 Click Here: RI - 'What did McKee pay Holly $1,500 a month for during the election?'- 7-19-2023 Click Here: RI - 'Congressional CD1 Candidates Carlson & Amos Turn Up The Heat On Matos Fraud Issues!'- 7-19-2023 Click Here: 'Trump Vows To Encourage Early Voting For 2024 Election'- 7-18-2023 Click Here: RI - 'CD1 campaign finance reports highlight haves and have-nots in crowded race'- 7-18-2023 Click Here: 'JUST-IN: Judge In Abe Hamadeh’s Election Lawsuit Denies Motion For New Trial in Ruling Riddled With Mistakes – Judge Says Fraudulently Elected Attorney General Kris Mayes is the “Current Secretary of State'- 7-18-2023 Click Here: 'Errors found in Fulton County 2020 election audit: Georgia investigation'- 7-18-2023 Click Here: RI - Some signatures on Sabina Matos' nomination forms under investigation'- 7-17-2023 Click Here: RI - Newport elections administrator Stephen Waluk to resign – what he's saying about the decision'- 7-16-2023 Click Here: Kari Lake files appeal to Arizona Supreme Court, alleging over 8,000 ballots were misconfigured'- 7-15-2023 Click Here: RI - The endorsement wars are heating up in the CD1 race. Here's a look at the drama.'- 7-14-2023 Click Here: RI - 'Ready, set, signatures: CD1 candidates turn in nomination forms to qualify for ballot'- 7-14-2023 Click Here: RI - 'Full interview: Rhode Island Secretary of State Gregg Amore'- 7-13-2023 Click Here: 'Election Watchdog Sues to Stop Acceptance of Ballots After Election Day'- 7-13-2023 Click Here: 'New York court orders congressional map redrawn, but appeal likely'- 7-13-2023 Click Here: 'Steve Bannon, Michael Flynn must answer questions in Smartmatic US defamation case'- 7-12-2023 Click Here: Democrats in Massachusetts Look to Give Voting Rights to Foreign Nationals'- 7-12-2023 Click Here: SHE’S RUNNING! Conservative Texas Republican Mayra Flores Announces New Campaign for 2024 – 'Watch Her Launch Video'- 7-12-2023 Click Here: RI - 'Elections board asks AG to investigate Charlestown Democrat for campaign finance violations'- 7-12-2023 Click Here: 'Congressman proposes bill to prevent non-citizens from voting in local elections'- 7-11-2023 Click Here: 'DeSantis’ Problem Isn’t Trump, It’s That Dems Rigged The Last Election'- 7-11-2023 Click Here: RI - 'Elections board approves pared-down list of polling places for CD1 race'- 7-11-2023 Click Here: 'Why Has Election Day Turned Into Election Month?'- 7-10-2023 Click Here: 'Hunter Biden prosecutor’s office briefed on bribery allegation before 2020 election, senator says'- 7-10-2023 Click Here: 'What's 300,000+ Fictitious Votes Between Friends?'- 7-09-2023 Click Here: 'Pennsylvania Republicans Seek To Ban Drop Boxes and Mail-In Voting'- 7-09-2023 Click Here: 'New NBC Poll is Devastating for Joe Biden – Majority of Democrat Voters Don’t Even Like Joe (VIDEO)'- 7-09-2023 Click Here: 'GOP targets 3 vulnerable Democrats in quest to win Senate, House control too early to predict'- 7-09-2023 Click Here: 'Start your engines: Iowa GOP schedules presidential caucuses for Jan. 15 That’s earlier than in both 2020 and 2016, when the caucuses were held on the first Monday in February.'- 7-08-2023 Click Here: RI - 'Not Worth Being “Micro-Targeted” — Congressional Candidate Just Walks On By'- 7-08-2023 Click Here: 'Kari Lake says her election lawsuit is the best hope at reforming elections in the US'- 7-08-2023 Click Here: 'Longtime California Democrat Grace Napolitano announces retirement'- 7-08-2023 Click Here: 'Eric Adams campaign donors indicted. We know you're shocked'- 7-08-2023 Click Here: 'House Republican Bill Would Keep Foreign Nationals From Voting In U.S. Federal Elections'- 7-07-2023 Click Here: GA - 'Paper Ballot / Hand Counting Demo In Spalding County - Monday July 10th'- 7-07-2023 Click Here: HERE WE GO AGAIN: Democrats and Activists Renew Push to Lower the Voting Age to 16- 7-07-2023 Click Here: As states hunt for new voters, Massachusetts adds thousands via Medicaid applications - 7-06-2023 Click Here: RI - Could 'conservative' voters influence the Democratic primary? This group is encouraging it - 7-05-2023 Click Here: NEWS Joe Rogan: They rigged the 2020 election… - 7-05-2023 Click Here: It’s the General Election, Stupid - 7-05-2023 Click Here: RI - 'Doc Skoly: Cross-Over Voting Can Ensure a Change in Congress for Rhode Islanders' - 7-05-2023 Click Here: 'A Line of Defense Against Mail-in Ballot Fraud' - 7-04-2023 Click Here: 'Federal health insurance website lags in voter registration assistance, Democrats charge' - 7-03-2023 Click Here: 'A Shocking Analysis of Election Night Reporting and the Companies that Manufacture Election Results' - 7-01-2023 Click Here: RI - '35 candidates declare intent to run in CD1 special election' - 6-30-2023 Click Here: 'EXCLUSIVE: “Screw You Guys” – Kari Lake Discusses Her New Book, SLAMS Maricopa County Swamp Officials Who Cheated Arizonans (VIDEO)' - 6-30-2023 Click Here: 'UPDATE: Fulton County GOP Files Mandamus Action To Force Fulton Commission To Appoint GOP Nominee To Board Of Elections' - 6-30-2023 Click Here: 'Court Bans Brazil’s Bolsonaro from Running for Office, For Questioning Election Integrity.' - 6-30-2023 Click Here: 'Donald Trump Wins Election in Oregon After Being Written In By Voters' - 6-30-2023 Click Here: 'As left pushes ranked-choice voting, concerns grow it will hurt minorities, seniors' - 6-29-2023 Click Here: 'RI, MA to start issuing driving cards for undocumented individuals' - 6-29-2023 Click Here: 'Veto-Proof North Carolina Republicans Are Advancing Half-Baked Election Integrity Measures' - 6-29-2023 Click Here: 'The Left's Dream of Nationalizing Elections' - 6-28-2023 Click Here: 'Election integrity advocates fight against 'confusing' ranked-choice voting pushed by left' - 6-27-2023 Click Here: 'Records: 1,400 Voters Flagged as Foreign Nationals in North Carolina' - 6-27-2023 Click Here: 'A POWERFUL OPEN LETTER To MI Lawmakers As They Vote This Week To Destroy Every Last Hope For Election Integrity: “The greatest threat to the survival of our children and grandchildren is systemic election corruption”' - 6-27-2023 Click Here: 'Three Democratic strongholds Republicans must win in 2024' - 6-27-2023 Click Here: 'New SCOTUS Ruling Limits State Court Interference With Election Laws' - 6-27-2023 Click Here: 'Analysis Discovers 8,241-Vote Discrepancy Between Voters Listed as Voting and Number of Ballots Counted in Arizona – Nearly 30 TIMES Margin of Victory in Abe Hamadeh’s Race' - 6-27-2023 Click Here: 'Trump says U.S. has no 'real elections,' so he's pushing these fixes' - 6-26-2023 Click Here: 'Raffensperger: Tougher penalties for anyone who tampers' - 6-26-2023 Click Here: 'Game On In Georgia - Dominion Voting Machine Battle Continues' - 6-25-2023 Click Here: CT - 'Unrig Bridgeport Promotes Radical Progressive Agenda for 2023 Local Elections, Including Equity Study, Anti-Racism Training, Reparations Study And More' - 6-25-23 Click Here: 'Delaware city preparing to give corporations the right to vote in local elections' - 6-25-23 Click Here: RI - 'A town-by-town look at Census data on same-sex couple households in Rhode Island' - 6-24-23 Click Here: 'JASON SNEAD: Virginia Is No Place For Crazy Voting Experiments' - 6-24-23 Click Here: 'Biden in Danger of Losing New Hampshire: Hundreds Line Up to Watch RFK Jr. Speak in Lancaster, New Hampshire' - 6-24-23 Click Here: 'Utah to hold special House election convention this weekend in which China connections cast a shadow' - 6-23-23 Click Here: 'Chasing legal redress, Virginia state senator questions election results' - 6-23-23 Click Here: 'Time Is Running Out For Congress And States To Defuse Biden’s Election-Takeover Bomb' - 6-23-23 Click Here: RI - '17-Year-Olds Can Now Vote in Primaries in Rhode Island' - 6-22-23 Click Here: 'Senate gives blessing to changes in election law' - 6-21-23 Click Here: Georgia won't update Dominion voting machines before 2024, despite cybersecurity expert warnings' - 6-21-23 Click Here: Exclusive: New Report Alleges Ann Arbor Violated Michigan Election Laws During 2022 Midterms' - 6-21-23 Click Here: CAPT. SETH KESHEL - 'Halderman Ignores Georgia's Elephants in the Room' - 6-21-23 Click Here: 'Republicans fear 2022 repeat as challengers for Kari Lake remain slim' - 6-21-23 Click Here: 'Foreign national avoids prosecution after illegally voting in Washington 28 times' - 6-20-23 Click Here: WEC mails postcards to 116,000 inactive voters, Rep. Brandtjen criticizes' - 6-19-23 Click Here: CAPT. SETH KESHEL - 'Is Halderman's Report as Peachy as We Hope For?' - 6-19-23 Click Here: 'Stunning ‘Halderman Report’ Reveals ‘Critical Vulnerabilities’ in Dominion Machines' - 6-18-23 Click Here: 'EXCLUSIVE: Arizona Hack Reporters Call for Indictment of TGP Reporter Jordan Conradson Over Maricopa County’s Fraudlent Signatures – MORE REVELATIONS TO COME' - 6-18-23 Click Here: 'Majority of Registered Voters Believe Trump Indictment is Election Interference, According to Harvard Poll' - 6-17-23 Click Here: 'Georgia’s Brad Raffensperger Knowingly Ran Vulnerable Voting Machines During His 2022 Reelection – Hid Damning Report from the Public and Won’t Secure the Machines for 2024' - 6-17-23 Click Here: 'NY GOP abandons support for ‘flasher’ candidate Kevin Sabella Sr.' - 6-17-23 Click Here: 'Arizona voters will decide on a constitutional amendment to the governor’s emergency powers in 2024' - 6-16-23 Click Here: Hundreds of Absentee Ballots from 2020 Election Found In Michigan Storage Unit' - 6-15-23 Click Here: Election legislation steps closer toward chamber floor vote' - 6-15-23 Click Here: Republican Wins Special Election, Flipping District Democrats Won Just Months Ago' - 6-14-23 Click Here: TX - Election fraud a felony in Texas again after Gov. Abbott signs bill' - 6-14-23 Click Here: POLL: 54 Percent Expect Cheating and Voter Fraud in 2024 Eelection' - 6-14-23 Click Here: RI - Bills allowing certain 17-year-olds to vote in primary elections advances' - 6-13-23 Click Here: The 2024 Reality TV Show to Blow Up Leftist Election Fraud' - 6-14-23 Click Here: RI Rep. Patricia Morgan Tweeted: 'This bill violates Article 2 of Rhode Island's constitution. This is the 2nd bill that has been passed that is in complete conflict...unconstitutional. Democrats think the Constitution is superfluous to their actions. If they like it, they do it. #Lawless If they thought RIers liked their policies, they wouldn't work so hard to pervert our elections.' - 6-12-23 Click Here: 'In bid for young voters, GOP identifies economy, education as key issues, confronts TikTok dilemma' - 6-11-23 Click Here: 'Voting machine printer company says Maricopa Election Day report 'inaccurate,' seeks correction' - 6-11-23 Click Here: 'Police Investigating Discovery Of 2020 Absentee Ballots In Michigan Storage Locker' - 6-10-23 Click Here: 'GOP, election integrity advocates embrace early voting, legal ballot harvesting' - 6-09-23 Click Here: 'WATCH: Kari Lake Reacts to Maricopa County’s Sham Ballot Printer Investigation After Ballot Printer Supplier Debunks “Factual Errors in Maricopa County Elections Report” - 6-09-23 Click Here: RhodeIslandFairElections Tweeted - Press Release - "RIDMV Provided No Info on Non-Citizen Voting Prevention Only American Citizens are Legally Entitled to Vote RI Election Integrity Task Force Calls on RIDMV to Adopt Driver Privilege Card Voting Safeguards" -6-08-23 Click Here: 'Mike Pence announces 2024 campaign: 'Together, we can bring this country back' - 6-07-23 Click Here: 'NEW: MORE EVIDENCE Shows Voting Machines Were Secretly Reprogrammed and Fraudulently Certified in Maricopa County, AZ – Kari Lake Responds to This Latest Finding - 6-06-23 Click Here: 'The Razor-thin Margin' - 6-06-23 Click Here: Here’s The Single Most Important Question 2024 GOP Presidential Candidates Must Answer' - 6-06-23 Click Here: RI - Biah Quits Congressional Race, Will Take on Ruggerio’s Hand-Picked Candidate for Senate' - 6-05-23 Click Here: HUGE: Postal Service Releases Final Report – Contract Driver Jesse Morgan Vindicated – Report CONFIRMS He Hauled Trailer of Ballots from NY to PA in Late October 2020' - 6-05-23 Click Here: RI - 'How much do endorsements matter? In crowded CD1 race, more than you think.' - 6-05-23 Click Here: '‘Highly Credible’ Source Reveals Scandal Bigger Than Biden Bribery: FBI Election Interference' - 6-05-23 Click Here: 'Actor Isaiah Washington: “Don’t Vote at All Without a Paper Ballot”' - 6-04-23 Click Here: 'Maricopa County Supervisor will not run for reelection in 2024' - 6-02-23 Click Here: CAPT. SETH KESHEL - 'Are Our Fields Prepared to Receive the Rain of Victory?' 6-02-23 Click Here: 'Kari Lake files notice of appeal in election challenge' 6-02-23 Click Here: 'Leading GOP Election Officials: Feds’ ‘Treasonous’ Interference Is A ‘Direct Attack’ On U.S. Elections' 6-02-23 Click Here: 'Connecticut lawmakers approve early voting' - 6-01-23 Click Here: 'WATCH: Katie Hobbs Ducks Questions About Stolen 2022 Election, Signature Verification Fraud, and Ongoing Lawsuits From TGP Reporter During Press Conference” 6-01-23 Click Here: RI - "Top Democrats Flock to One of Whitest and Most Affluent RI Communities” 5-31-23 Click Here: "New Evidence Found in Maricopa: Tabulators Had Wrong Data Base and Machine Behavior Settings During 2022 Election” 5-31-23 Click Here: "Meet The ‘Nonpartisan’ Dark-Money Group Rigging Michigan Elections So Democrats Can’t Lose” 5-30-23 Click Here: "Homeland sees ‘heightened threat’ of attacks on churches, cops and feds ahead of 2024 election” 5-29-23 Click Here: Answering the Big Question: Ron or Don?” 5-29-23 Click Here: NEW VIDEO EVIDENCE: Maricopa County Elections Officials Illegally Break into Sealed Election Machines after they were Certified and Before the Election – Inserting Reprogrammed Memory Cards – MUST SEE!” 5-28-23 Click Here: RI - "Cranston Council Candidate Melillo Raises Concerns About Delay in Special Election Date” 5-27-23 Click Here: "Arizona judge denies sanctions against Kari Lake and her legal team” 5-27-23 Click Here: "Catastrophic “Loss of Control” Data Breach in NY Elections" - By Wendi Strauch Mahoney” 5-25-23 Click Here: "Why Kari Lake Couldn't Close the Deal" 5-25-23 Click Here: Maricopa County accepted over 4,000 federal-only race ballots in 2020 without US citizenship proof 5-25-23 Click Here: RI Rep. Patricia Morgan Tweeted: 'RI begins issuing Driver Privilege Cards in July. APRA request indicates they have done nothing to ensure they will not be used for voting. 5-25-23 Click Here: 'The first discovery Altered certified vote counts' 5-24-23 Click Here: 'WATCH: Kari Lake SLAMS Ron DeSantis Over Disney Fight Ahead of Campaign Launch: “If You Can’t Beat Donald Duck, How Are You Going to Beat Donald Trump?” 5-24-23 Click Here: 'AG Ken Paxton Calls On Texas House Speaker To Resign Over Slurring Episode, Stymying Election Integrity Bills' 5-24-23 Click Here: 'Kari Lake discusses plan to make Arizona elections honest again with ballot chasing operation' 5-24-23 Click Here: 'Texas House passes election reform legislation' 5-23-23 Click Here: 'Why Shouldn’t the Election be called into question?' 5-23-23 Click Here: 'JUST-IN: Kari Lake Announces She Will Continue Fighting Stolen Election Case “to The US SUPREME COURT” – Will Launch “The Largest, Most Extensive Ballot Chasing Operation in Our State’s History” (VIDEO)' 5-23-23 Click Here: CAPT. SETH KESHEL - 'Five Key Takeaways from Arizona's Legislature Using Plenary Power to Reform Elections' 5-22-23 Click Here: '‘She’s A Loser’: Charlie Kirk Blasts RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel Over Election Losses' 5-22-23 Click Here: '2020 Georgia Election Case Lives On After Appeals Court Returns Case to Lower Court' 5-22-23 Click Here: 'In Washington state there is a 'presumptive right' to vote' 5-21-23 Click Here: 'Georgia Democrat Torches Her Own Party for Prioritizing Migrants over American Kids' 5-21-23 Click Here: 'EPIC – What Are The Chances? AZGOP Chairman Jeff DeWit Walks Into a Restaurant, Gets Destroyed By Kari Lake For Not Supporting Her Election Fraud Lawsuit' 5-20-23 Click Here: 'Louisiana House Approves Constitutional Amendment To Keep ‘Zuckbucks’ Out Of Elections' 5-19-23 Click Here: 'Kingmaker Rupert Murdoch Hosted Ron DeSantis At His California Ranch And Told Him: ‘Fox News Will Support Your Bid For President In 2024’' 5-19-23 Click Here: 'Tennessee to warn voters at polls about voting across party lines in primary' 5-19-23 Click Here: WATCH LIVE: Kari Lake’s Attorneys to Cross Examine Maricopa County Elections Director and Give Closing Arguments in Signature Verification Trial – DAY THREE' 5-19-23 Click Here: CAPT. SETH KESHEL - 'A Captain's Life on the Road: Washington County, Utah' 5-19-23 Click Here: Republicans Should Not Bet On Ballot Harvesting' 5-19-23 Click Here: Printer Error Turns Almost a Million Registered Voters in Nassau County, New York Democrat' 5-19-23 Click Here: New Indiana law adds identity requirements for mail-in voting' 5-18-23 Click Here: Maricopa County Election Director Accidentally Drops 2020 Bombshell During Kari Lake Trial' 5-18-23 Click Here: 2024 is Evolving into a Trump vs. Not-Trump Election' 5-17-23 Click Here: Lake witness: Signature reviewers, ballot curers told to leave early, despite ballots left over' 5-17-23 Click Here: '‘The Answer Is Nuanced’: Musk Says Biden Won In 2020 But Trump’s Election Fraud Claims Are Not Entirely False' 5-16-23 Click Here: 'Hamadeh's team argues reviewing ballots will show he won Ariz. AG race in hearing for new trial' 5-16-23 Click Here: 'Tracy Beanz and Emerald Robinson: The Latest on Kari Lake’s Election Legal Battle' 5-15-23 Click Here: 'Trump-Kennedy: The Only Solution to Voter Fraud' 5-15-23 Click Here: 'The Left’s 2020 ‘Fake Electors’ Narrative Is Fake News' 5-15-23 Click Here: 'Is DeSantis' 'culture war' a distraction from economic issues? 5-14-23 Click Here: 'Wisconsin Elections Commission told to rehear 2020 election complaint' 5-13-2023 Click Here: 'Vote with Your Eyes, Ears, Mouths, and Wallets' 5-13-2023 Click Here: O’Keefe Media Group Tweeted - 'Citizen Journalist Describes Experience with Maricopa Election Official Who Reportedly Advised Her on Voting Twice' 5-12-2023 Click Here: RI - 'House passes bill that allows independent voters to disaffiliate after primary' 5-11-2023 Click Here: 'The Voter Registration Machine Flipping the States Blue' 5-11-2023 Click Here: 'Georgia Court of Appeals Returns 2020 Counterfeit Ballot Case Back to Lower Court' 5-11-2023 Click Here: 'New NC Supreme Court Majority Overturns Prior Majority’s Unconstitutional Interference in Redistricting' 5-11-2023 Click Here: 'EXPOSING "THE PINELLAS COUNTY ELECTION FRAUD MAFIA"' 5-10-2023 Click Here: 'New Filing in Kari Lake Election Integrity Case' 5-10-2023 Click Here: 'Do Federal Election Commission Policies & Website Facilitate Money Laundering?' 5-10-2023 Click Here: 'Did Kari Lake just find the smoking gun? Cyber-security expert drops bombshell clue in new lawsuit' 5-10-2023 Click Here: 'What You Need To Know About Next Week’s Court Hearing On Arizona’s 2022 AG Race' 5-10-2023 Click Here: 'Washington elections bill ‘more likely to cause insurrection’' 5-09-2023 Click Here: 'Trump world to donors: A dollar to DeSantis may as well be a donation to Biden' 5-09-2023 Click Here: 'Melania Trump: It Would be a ‘Privilege’ to Serve as First Lady Again, Fully Behind 2024 Campaign (Video)' 5-09-2023 Click Here: 'Conservatives, Get Busy Ballot Harvesting Or Get Busy Losing' 5-09-2023 Click Here: 'RI Secretary of State Amore to Address Partisan Org Embroiled in Vote Cheating Scandal' 5-08-2023 Click Here: 'Senate GOP sees Trump as looking increasingly dominant' 5-08-2023 Click Here: '1 in 5 Who Want Trump Charged Would Still Vote for Him Over Joe Biden.' 5-07-2023 Click Here: 'Broken Promises and Neglect: Why Black Voters Are Losing Faith in Biden' 5-07-2023 Click Here: 'California county faces high costs, Dem resistance in replacing voting machines with hand counts' 5-07-2023 Click Here: '‘Former US Attorney General Bill Barr Warns “Chaos” and “Horror Show” if Trump Wins in 2024 (VIDEO)' 5-06-2023 Click Here: '‘We’re Not Getting A Free And Fair Election’: Watters Blasts DNC For Not Holding Primary Debates' 5-05-2023 Click Here: 'Scott Presler Rallies Nevada Republicans to Engage in Elections at NRC Event' 5-04-2023 Click Here: 'The Countdown of Good vs. Evil: The 2024 Presidential Election' 5-04-2023 Click Here: 'Washington elections bill ‘generates more distrust in the system’' 5-03-2023 Click Here: ''Lawsuit Shows Government’s Hands All Over The Election Integrity Partnership’s Censorship Campaign' 5-03-2023 Click Here: ''BREAKING: Miami-Dade Elections Refuses To Provide Reports Required By FL Constitution As Awareness Of Massive Election Fraud Spreads Across State'' 5-03-2023 Click Here: ''EXCLUSIVE: Psychologist Dr. Robert Epstein Joins Forces With Maricopa County Republicans to Fight Big Tech Election Interference – Says Google is Shifting MILLIONS of Votes To Democrats in EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW'' 5-02-2023 Click Here: ''EXCLUSIVE: Runbeck Election Services Refuses to Comply with Legal Public Records Request, Maricopa County Served With Letter Threatening Lawsuit – REQUESTS INCLUDED'' 5-02-2023 Click Here: ''Oregon Secretary Of State Resigns Amid Ethics Scandal'' 5-02-2023 Click Here: ''Hispanic voters have soured on Biden. Now he needs to win them back.'' 5-01-2023 Click Here: ''Ronna McDaniel dismisses Trump threat of skipping debates: 'That's his choice'' 4-30-2023 Click Here: ''State Supreme Court reinstates voter ID'' 4-28-2023 Click Here: ''Florida Legislature passes bill allowing DeSantis to run for president as governor'' 4-28-2023 Click Here: ''REPORT: DeSantis Jumping in 2024 Presidential Race Mid-May'' 4-26-2023 Click Here: ''Restrictions on guns has nothing to do with voting rights'' 4-26-2023 Click Here: ''JUST IN: We The People AZ Alliance Files Lawsuit Against Maricopa County to Force Compliance With Public Records Request for Fraudulent 2022 Ballot Signatures – FILING INCLUDED'' 4-26-2023 Click Here: ''Michigan Democrat Sentenced to House Arrest for 2020 Ballot Sabotage'' 4-25-2023 Click Here: ''Massive in scale': State officials admit 2020 election contaminated with ineligible voters'' 4-23-2023 Click Here: 'Kari Lake says she'll win 2024 Arizona GOP Senate nomination if she runs: 'No one can beat me'' 4-23-2023 Click Here: 'Pinkerton: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Takes on the Uniparty with a Pledge to Put Americans First' 4-22-2023 Click Here: Maine - 'Committee reviews potential election reform bills' 4-21-2023 Click Here: 'Gov. Youngkin’s Election Officials to Remove 19K Dead People from Virginia Voter Rolls' 4-21-2023 Click Here: 'Why Is A GOP-Controlled Florida Committee Working To Gut An Election Integrity Bill?' 4-20-2023 Click Here: Kari Lake Issues Challenge to MSNBC’s Morning Mika and Morning Joe After Run-in at Airport – Mika Records Kari, Allegedly Calls her “Delusional” and a “Liar' 4-20-2023 Click Here: Capt. Seth Keshel - 'Can Rep. Toth Save Texas Elections? Inside the Election Accuracy, Transparency, and Accountability Act' 4-18-2023 Click Here: 'MAJOR DISCOVERY! Soros-Funded MI SOS Jocelyn Benson’s Voter Rolls Contain “Over 48,000 NON-LEGAL Voter Registrations at Trailer Parks and Apartment Housing Addresses” 4-17-2023 Click Here: 'How Incompetent Election Administration Suppressed Midterm Voters In Harris County, Texas' 4-17-2023 Click Here: 'Connecticut seeks to replace 'unstable' voting machines' 4-17-2023 Click Here: Democrat Rep. Kate Porter Makes Admission About Her Voter Base in Major Self-Own (VIDEO)' 4-16-2023 Click Here: 'DOJ-Media-Intel Election Interference Predates Trump' 4-14-2023 Click Here: 'Legal argument by Dem election superlawyer will aid GOP challenge, 'upend' Arizona AG race: Hamadeh' 4-13-2023 Click Here: 'Dramatic realignment swings working-class districts toward GOP' Click Here: 'How Was ERIC Used to Steal Elections?' Click Here: 'A Return to Camelot?' - 4-9-23 Click Here: 'Pennsylvania voters spurn 'Scranton Joe' in favor of Trump, DeSantis, poll shows' - 4-9-23 Click Here: 'North Dakota Republicans Must Override Gov. Burgum’s Veto Of Ranked-Choice Voting Ban, Election Integrity Group Says' - 4-8-23 Click Here: 'Ballot bounties? Wisconsin lawmaker flags payments used to mobilize voters for liberal judge' - 4-8-23 Click Here: 'Kari Lake Files New Motion, Claims Runbeck ‘Inserted’ Ballots' - 4-8-23 Click Here: 'Tennessee for the Win Red States: follow the example of the Volunteer State' - 4-7-23 Click Here: 'Massive Democrat Fundraising Org Lays Off Nearly 20% of Staff Just Before 2024 Election Cycle' - 4-7-23 Click Here: 'Gov. Katie Hobbs Vetoes Bipartisan Ballot Signature Verification Bill Containing Her Own Policies' - 4-6-23 Click Here: 'Election Integrity: Courage Needed in Arizona in Fight for Election Reform' - 4-6-23 Click Here: 'Exclusive: DeKalb County Officials Skirted Georgia Law To Acquire Funds From Left-Wing Dark Money Elections Group' - 4-6-23 Click Here: 'Ballot fraud case against Perry County Commission chairman dismissed' - 4-6-23 Click Here: 'Big News! Mike Lindell Reveals Missouri County Goes Completely Machine-Free with Paper Ballots Only – Massive Win for Election Integrity (VIDEO)' - 4-5-23 Click Here: ''Unrecognizable': Fed-up Dem flees party, gives GOP supermajority' - 4-5-23 Click Here: 'Illinois Freedom Caucus wants ethics investigation over voting ‘shenanigans’' - 4-4-23 Click Here: 'Election Machines STOPPED Working In Green Bay, Wisconsin, Officials Had to Borrow from Another County' - 4-4-23 Click Here: 'Wisconsin Supreme Court Race: Radical Democrat Beats GOP Justice Daniel Kelly by 14 Points – Giving Democrats Majority in Court' - 4-4-23 Click Here: 'UPDATE: AZ LD3 Republicans Vote in New Executive Board Amid Pushback From AZGOP and Lawsuit By Former LD Chair – LD3 Treasurer Thanks The Gateway Pundit for Covering Controversial Story (VIDEO)' - 4-3-23 Click Here: 'Fla. Senate president disputes notion that new election bill is intended to help Gov. DeSantis' - 4-2-23 Click Here: 'Washington State Analysts the Latest Group to Discover THOUSANDS of Illegal Election Donation Mules Donating MILLIONS to Democrat PAC Act Blue' - 4-2-23 Click Here: 'SHOCKER: Judge in FOX News – Dominion Case Says All Statements About Dominion Were False' - 4-2-23 Click Here: 'Program Analyzing Signatures in Kari Lake Case Ranks 10 Percent Match as ‘High-Confidence,’ County Denies – Report' - 4-1-23 Click Here: 'Texas House to take up measure clarifying that only U.S. citizens can vote in elections' - 4-1-23 Click Here: How Wisconsin Democrats learned to play hardball in the country's biggest judicial election' - 3-31-23 Click Here: Arizona Democrats Take Legal Action to Protect Biden's Re-Election' - 3-31-23 Click Here: Douglass Mackey found guilty of election interference in 2016 for anti-Clinton memes' - 3-31-23 Click Here: A Bill Banning ‘Zuckbucks 2.0’ In Georgia Elections Is Headed To Gov. Brian Kemp’s Desk' - 3-30-23 Click Here: Maricopa County GOP Censures Legislative District 3 Chair, Calls for New Election TODAY After Investigation Shows Election Violations – District Chair Desperately Tries To Stop Revote With Lawsuit' - 3-30-23 Click Here: DESANTIS HAS BEEN DESERTED' - 3-29-23 Click Here:Federal Court Rules Maine Cannot Restrict Use Of Voter Roll Data By Government Watchdog' - 3-29-23 Click Here:Voter Suppression Is Real And It’s Not What You Were Told' - 3-29-23 Click Here: Social media companies could see $250,000/day fine for banning Arizona candidates' - 3-28-23 Click Here: Dates for Special Election in First Congressional District Announced' - 3-28-23 Click Here: Conservative Daily – Live with David and Erin Clements and Joe Hoft: SOROS-BACKED SOS CAUGHT LYING TO LEGISLATURE 27 March 2023' - 3-28-23 Click Here: RI - 'Press Releases Secretary Amore Announces Results of Recent Voter List Maintenance Efforts' Click Here: Capt. Seth Keshel -The Sizzle: What You Must Know About President Trump's Visit to Texas - 3-27-23 Click Here : 'JAMES O’KEEFE STRIKES AGAIN – BIGGEST DROP SINCE ACORN! O’Keefe Media Group Exposes VAST NETWORK of Democrat Donation Harvesters – CAUGHT IN CRIMINAL ACTS! – BREAKING TOMORROW!' - 3-27-23 Click Here : 'Maine Republicans Introduce Bill To Stop Ranked-Choice Voting From Rigging State’s Elections' - 3-27-23 Click Here : 'Arizona Supreme Court keeps Kari Lake election challenge alive' - 3-23-23 Click Here : 'Dominion’s Weak Case Against Fox' - 3-23-23 Click Here : 'Connecticut weighs bipartisan plan to move presidential primary' - 3-21-23 Click Here : 'POLL: Kari Lake Could Win in Arizona Senate Race' - 3-21-23 Click Here : 'WATCH: “I Need to Take This All The Way for The People” – Kari Lake Discusses Today’s Arizona Supreme Court Conference on Her Historic Election Lawsuit in Exclusive Interview' - 3-21-23 Click Here : 'Fulton County, Georgia, is also contemplating lawfare to derail Trump’s presidential run' - 3-21-23 Click Here : 'Kari Lake To Hold Prayer Rally At Mesa Church Tomorrow as Arizona Supreme Court Considers Her Stolen Election Lawsuit, Tells Steve Bannon of Potential Fines and ARRESTS for Praying in Public Parks – Supreme Court Conference TOMORROW' - 3-20-23 Click Here : 'Election Integrity Heats Up - Ohio Resigns From Electronic Registration Information Center' - 3-18-23 Click Here : 'Minnesota Could Be Third State To Adopt Ranked-Choice Voting, Following Alaska And Maine' - 3-17-23 Click Here : 'State Sen. Wendy Rogers Tops Arizona Republican Assembly Scorecard Rating Legislators' - 3-17-23 Click Here : 'Republicans gain supermajority in Louisiana House after the state’s longest-serving legislator switched parties' - 3-17-23 Click Here : 'Republicans Can’t Beat Democrats’ Election-Industrial Complex By Adopting Its Strategies' - 3-16-23 Click Here : 'Noncitizens allowed to vote in some local elections, spurring backlash from GOP' - 3-15-23 Click Here : 'Arrests Underway In Gov. DeSantis' Voting Fraud Clampdown' - 3-15-23 Click Here : 'Beyond amusing Twitter thread proves exactly why we need conservatives running elections and programs like ‘school vouchers’' - 3-14-23 Click Here : 'Electing Placeholders' - 3-13-23 Click Here : 'Lawmakers try to keep 'unaffiliateds,' state's largest bloc, off election boards' - 3-13-23 Click Here : CT ALERT - John Flynn 4 US Senate Tweeted -'There is a hearing Tomorrow 3/13/23 at 3;00 Pm with the Commission of Human Rights against the Secretary of State of CT for falsifying an election. The Certification of the Blumenthal race was falsified; he is not a US Senator. There is an injunction and the Hatch Act.' - 3-12-23 Click Here : 'Judicial redistricting added to campaign contributions as concerns ahead of high-profile Illinois cases' - 3-11-23 Click Here : 'America First Sweeps Fulton County GOP Convention Elections' - 3-11-23 Click Here : 'RNC, Vermont GOP Sue City Of Winooski For Letting Noncitizens Vote On Spending State Funds' - 3-10-23 Click Here : 'Sam Ackerman helps reactivate Young Democrats of R.I.' - 3-9-23 Click Here : 'Rhode Island's 2024 presidential primary will fall on Passover. Will it be moved?' - 3-9-23 Click Here : 'Is “ERIC” Further Diminishing RI’s Election Integrity?' - 3-9-23 Click Here : '2024 election: 29 House lawmakers Democrats fear could lose their seats next year' - 3-8-23 Click Here : 'SECRETARY OF STATE MAGGIE TOULOUSE-OLIVER CAUGHT USING ILLEGAL SOFTWARE TO COMBINE RESULTS IN NEW MEXICO ELECTIONS, BREAKING MULITPLE STATE AND FEDERAL LAWS IN THE PROCESS' - 3-8-23 Click Here : 'Bernie Sanders says GOP has more working-class supporters than Democratic Party' - 3-5-23 Click Here : 'Donald Trump: 'We will become masters of ballot harvesting'' - 3-5-23 Click Here : 'Trump Outlines His 'Big Plans' For White House Return' - 3-4-23 Click Here : 'RFK Jr. says 'thinking about' challenging Biden in 2024 Democrat presidential primary' - 3-4-23 Click Here : 'Utah Considers Ranked-Choice Voting In Primaries Despite Disasters In Alaska And Maine' - 3-3-23 Click Here : 'Georgia Senate passes bill to close 'Zuckbucks' loophole' - 3-4-23 Click Here : 'JUST IN: Arizona Supreme Court Agrees To Expedite Kari Lake’s Election Fraud Lawsuit, Internal Conference Scheduled for MARCH 21 – ORDER INCLUDED' - 3-3-23 Click Here : 'New Database Launched To Help Pressure States To Clean Up Voter Rolls' - Feb. 28, 2023 Click Here : 'Election Day: Will Chicago voters give Lightfoot the heavy boot? Live results: Vallas scores runoff spot; Lightfoot in 3rd' Feb. 28, 2023 Click Here : 'Trump: Zuckerberg “Cheated on the Election…Why Isn’t He Being Prosecuted?” Feb. 28, 2023 Click Here : 'Stacey Abrams Is in Nigeria to Oversee Their Elections’ Feb. 28, 2023 Click Here : 'Squad' Member Married in Secret Wedding, 1 Detail About New Husband Raises Eyebrows’ Feb. 28, 2023 Click Here : 'Democrat California Rep. Judy Chu Denies Ties to CCP Related Organizations – Votes Against House Select Committee on China’ Feb. 28, 2023 Click Here : 'Why Are Red State Republicans So Soft?’ Feb. 27, 2023 Click Here : 'EXCLUSIVE: Chicago inmates claim jail guards are pressuring them to illegally vote in the mayoral election’ Feb. 27, 2023 Click Here : 'We Need to Talk About Mark Levin's Interview With Ron DeSantis Last Night’ Feb. 27, 2023 Click Here : 'How Bad Is Your State At Managing Voter Rolls? Find Out With This New Database’ Feb. 27, 2023 Click Here : 'DCCC is fundraising off of Post Office woes’ Feb. 27, 2023 Click Here : 'New Voter Roll Maintenance Competitor Reveals ERIC System Obsolete, Inefficient, Primitive and Untrustworthy’ Feb. 27, 2023 Click Here : 'Chicago's Mayoral Election on Tuesday May Be a Harbinger of the Future for Other Big Cities’ Feb. 26, 2023 Click Here : 'Georgia election chief blasts county for taking $2M in Zuckerbucks, suggests legislative remedy’ Feb. 26, 2023 Click Here : 'Potential fight brewing over who will lead beleaguered RI GOP. Who are they?’ Feb. 26, 2023 Click Here : 'LACAG: New Orleans Election Officials Fail to Secure Recall Signatures to Get Rid of Corrupt Mayor’ Feb. 26, 2023 Click Here : 'GOP primary candidates must agree to loyalty pledge in order to debate, RNC chair says’ Feb. 26, 2023 Click Here : 'Zuckerbucks redux: Social media mogul funds recruitment of progressives to administer elections’ Feb. 25, 2023 Click Here : 'Election-Rigging from Abroad? I Am Shocked, Shocked!’ Feb. 25, 2023 Click Here : 'Election legislation roundup: Wisconsin State Assembly ’ Feb. 25, 2023 Click Here : 'Oklahoma Senate Moves To Ensure Only U.S. Citizens Are Voting In State Elections’ Feb. 23, 2023 Click Here : 'Timing for special election to succeed Cicilline comes into view’ Feb. 22, 2023 Click Here : 'GOP Can’t Be Successful Until Mitch McConnell Is Gone’ Feb. 17, 2023 Click Here : Seth Keshel - 'Trump's "Embrace" of Mail-In Voting and Ballot Harvesting is No "Endorsement"’ Feb. 17, 2023 Click Here : 'The Kiss of Death – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Endorsed by George Soros (VIDEO)’ Feb. 16, 2023 Click Here : 'Judge: Court Blew It When It Killed Ballot Recounts in Chester County’ Feb. 14, 2023 Click Here : 'After Ranked-Choice Voting Rigged Their Elections, Alaska Conservatives Fight To Reclaim Democracy’ Feb. 14, 2023 Click Here : 'Why Mandatory Voting Would Make Democracy Worse, Not Better’ Feb. 12, 2023 Click Here : 'Review of 2020 election continues as Texas, Pennsylvania counties find ballot total discrepancies’ Feb. 11, 2023 Click Here : 'Kari Lake Endorses Trump for President: ‘I Truly Love the Man Because He Gave Up So Much’ Feb. 11, 2023 Click Here : 'North Carolina considers requiring all absentee ballots to arrive by Election Day’ Feb. 10, 2023 Click Here : 'CPAC chairman: GOP needs to adapt to voting changes, start ballot harvesting where legal’ Feb. 10, 2023 Click Here : 'Entire Leadership Of New Jersey Town Switches From Democrat To Republican' Feb. 09, 2023 Click Here : 'House passes resolution with bipartisan support in opposition to DC allowing non-citizens to vote' Feb. 09, 2023 Click Here : 'Should RI scrap separate Republican, Democratic primaries? This group says yes' Feb. 08, 2023 Click Here : 'Kari Lake headed to Iowa for political events, raising national profile' Feb. 07, 2023 Click Here : 'BREAKING: Abe Hamadeh Files Reply in Motion for New Trial In Arizona Attorney General Election Lawsuit – FILING INCLUDED' Feb. 06, 2023 Click Here : 'Democratic Socialists rescind endorsement of Providence legislator who voted for House speaker' Feb. 06, 2023 Click Here : 'Cruz, Manchin propose bill blocking Biden admin from banning gas stoves Feb. 05, 2023 Click Here : 'A Captain's 2024 Electoral College Primer' Feb. 04, 2023 Click Here : 'Exclusive — Vice Chair of FL GOP Christian Ziegler: Only 17,000 of the Net 1 Million Moving to the State Registered Democrat' Feb. 04, 2023 Click Here : 'The 2024 Presidential Election is Already About Abortion' Feb. 04, 2023 Click Here : 'JUST IN: “Our Expectation Is The Panel Will Move This Case Quickly” – Kari Lake Gives Update On Private Conference Yesterday In Arizona Court Of Appeals' Feb. 02, 2023 Click Here : 'Maryland lawmakers debating bill to require curbside voting Feb. 01, 2023 Click Here : 'Big Philanthropy Advances as a Big Player in the Private Funding of Public Elections' Jan. 30, 2023 Click Here : 'State Lawmakers Should Follow The RNC’s Lead And Reject Ranked-Choice Voting' Jan. 31, 2023 Click Here : 'CBS News' Margaret Brennan Showcases Stunning Hypocrisy on Election Denialism' Jan. 31, 2023 Click Here : 'Ariz. secretary of state refers Kari Lake for criminal prosecution over tweeting voter signatures.' Jan. 31, 2023 Click Here : KanekoaTheGreat Tweeted: VOTING MACHINES🚨 NBC News casually mentioned 10 months before the 2020 election that ES&S is using 14,000 modems to connect voting machines to the internet. But don't worry, they put them behind a firewall, and they are "turned on for just seconds.' Jan. 30, 2023 Click Here : ‘BREAKING: HORRIBLE – Arizona Regime Is Investigating Kari Lake And Trying To JAIL Her On Felony Charges For Exercising First Amendment And Exposing Election Fraud' Jan. 30, 2023 Click Here : ‘Democrats Inadvertently Reveal How The GOP Can Win Big' Jan. 30, 2023 Click Here : ‘Tracking a Fraudulent Ballot in Real Time' Jan. 30, 2023 Click Here : ‘Top Trump Advisor Conway to Serve as Keynote Speaker at RIGOP Dinner' Jan. 30, 2023 Click Here : ‘BREAKING VIDEO: President Trump Calls Into Kari Lake’s HUGE Save Arizona Rally – THOUSANDS Erupt In Cheers' Jan. 29, 2023 Click Here : ‘Speaker McCarthy Schools CBS's Brennan Over Dem Election Denial Hypocrisy' Jan. 29, 2023 Click Here : ‘Hawaii grapples with how to handle mail-in ballot from voter who dies before Election Day' Jan. 28, 2023 Click Here : ‘Trump congratulates McDaniel on RNC win, urges renewed election integrity push' Jan. 27, 2023 Click Here : ‘Ronna McDaniel wins re-election to an unprecedented fourth term chairing the Republican National Committee' Jan. 27, 2023 Click Here : ‘States still wrangling for leadoff spots in 2024 primary schedule' Jan. 26, 2023 Click Here : ‘Trump 2020 Election Lawyer Previously Ambushed by FBI Now Faces Disbarment in California' Jan. 26, 2023 Click Here : ‘Schiff launches campaign for Feinstein's California Senate seat, setting up epic Democrat primary' Jan. 26, 2023 Click Here : ‘We Failed. We Whiffed’: Harmeet Dhillon Unloads On Ronna McDaniel’s Party Leadership' Jan. 24, 2023 Click Here : Maricopa’s 2022 Election: Evidence of Continuing Egregious Signature Verification Practices' Jan. 24, 2023 Click Here : “ACLU files amicus brief in gerrymandering lawsuit' Jan. 23, 2023 Click Here : “Missouri GOP Senator Wanting to Implement Ranked Choice Voting in Missouri’s County Central Committees Jan. 23, 2023 Click Here : '“Zuck Bucks” 2.0 Rolls into North Carolina' Jan. 20, 2023 Click Here : 'Whistleblower says East Lansing company stored poll worker data on Chinese server?' Jan. 20, 2023 Click Here : 'Was R.I. part of the Left’s Dark Money Scheme to Influence Elections?' Jan. 20, 2023 Click Here : 'Just say no: 'Zuckerbucks' for elections declined by two in Old North State' Jan. 19, 2023 Click Here : 'California: 10.8 Million Mail-In Ballots ‘Unaccounted For’ in 2022 Elections' Jan. 18, 2023 Click Here : 'JUST IN: Former Assistant Arizona Attorney General Jennifer Wright Joins Abe Hamadeh’s Election Lawsuit Against Questionably Elected AG Kris Mayes' Jan. 18, 2023 Click Here : 'Local Race Flips After Investigation Finds Voting Machine Irregularities' Jan. 18, 2023 Click Here : 'Dirty RINO Speaker Robin Vos Pulls Resolution to Prohibit Private Resources to Run Elections in Wisconsin Jan. 17, 2023 Click Here : 'MSNBC Guest Claims White Voters Accept ‘Inconveniences’ To Suppress Black Voters' Jan. 16, 2023 Click Here : 'Runbeck: Election firm involved in Maricopa County's alleged chain-of-custody violations' Jan. 15, 2023 Click Here : "JUST IN: Attorney From Anti Woke Civil Liberty Group Sues Judge Who Dismissed Kari Lake’s Election Contest' Jan. 15, 2023 Click Here : "Democrat County Commissioner Indicted On Voter Fraud Charges In Alabama'' Jan. 13, 2023 Click Here : "Transgender minister seeks to lead RI Democratic Women's Caucus. Here's why she wants the job'' Jan. 13, 2023 Click Here : "Swansea town election slated for April 10'' Jan. 13, 2023 Click Here : "Court of Appeals Gives Kari Lake Great News on Her Election Case'- Jan. 13, 2023 Click Here : "Kari Lake-Endorsed #TEAMTRUTH Election Integrity Slate Running For Maricopa County GOP Executive Leadership – Vote Saturday At 9AM"- Jan. 13, 2023 Click Here : "BREAKING: Meeting Tonight in Mercer County, NJ to Address Election Day “Glitch” That Shut Down All of the Voting Machines on Nov 8th"- Jan. 12, 2023 Click Here : "VoterGA Vindicated: Fulton County Counterfeit Ballot Case Reinstated"- Jan. 12, 2023 Click Here : "Ranked-Choice Voting Keeps Rigging Elections"- Jan. 11, 2023 Click Here : "Vote early, or get used to losing: RNC chair hopeful seeks to reinvent GOP election strategy"- Jan. 11, 2023 Click Here : "Major conservative donor Bernie Marcus ditches McDaniel, endorses Harmeet Dhillon for RNC boss"- Jan. 11, 2023 Click Here : John Marion Tweeted: "I am at the @RI_BOE meeting. Here’s the agenda."- Jan. 10, 2023 Click Here : "JUST IN: “Defamation Attorneys Are Being Consulted” – Former Arizona AG Election Unit Head Jennifer Wright Starts Defamation Claim After Fake News Smears Her, Claims She Was Fired"- Jan. 10, 2023 Click Here : "Federal Judge Orders Stacey Abrams Group To Reimburse Georgia $230K for Spurious Election Lawsuit - Jan. 10, 2023 Click Here : "Kari Lake Eyes New Way of Getting Katie Hobbs Removed From Office" - Jan. 09, 2023 Click Here : "Grand Jury in Georgia ends probe of 2020 election interference, Trump's involvement Since it was seated in May 2022, the special grand jury has heard testimony from former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani and Sen. Lindsey Graham." - Jan. 09, 2023 Click Here : "SCOTUS denies hearing on 2020 election lawsuit against Biden, petitioner seeks reconsideration The lawsuit names 388 federal government officials as respondents." - Jan. 09, 2023 Click Here : "Democrat Activist Groups Are Attempting To Bar Trump From Colorado’s Ballot" - Jan. 08, 2023 Click Here : "More than 30,700 mail-in ballots in Illinois for November election were rejected" - Jan. 08, 2023 Click Here : "Maricopa County announces investigation into Election Day printer issues" - Jan. 07, 2023 Click Here : "Colorado Won’t Name 31,000 Foreign Citizens It Sent Voter Registration Info, So Counties Have No Idea If They Voted" - Jan. 07, 2023 Click Here : John Marion Tweeted about this article - "It should go without saying, but it shouldn't have taken two years and an inquiry from a journalist to get this information. The Board of Elections should return to the past practice of publishing the countbook. Here's the Article - "The results are finally in: Bernie Sanders remained RI's write-in favorite in 2020" - Jan. 06, 2023

*NEW* 3-16-23 -  EPIC! Project Omega Sends Letter to Georgia’s Secretary of State and Announces the “Raffensperger Challenge” in Honor of His Defense of the ERIC Voter Roll System'
By  By Jim HofT  - March 16, 2023
Republicans on Course to Get Blown Out by Phantoms -  By Jay Valentine  January 19, 2023
 FRAUD IN THE WISCONSIN 2020 ELECTION - "It is important to read all tweets as they tell a story. More to come another day." By: Peter Bernegger