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Steve Robinson Describes Chinese Nationals Running Massive Marijuana Grow Operations In The US

War Room - 11-28-2023
"Explosive Political Reallignment": Jones Celebrates The World Waking Up To The Globalist Failure
War Room - 11-28-2023
John Mills Joins WarRoom To Discuss Where We Stand With The CCP’s Military Aggression In Taiwan 
War Room - 11-28-2023

Erik Prince - Israel Gaza Not Over, China Invading Taiwan, The World Is At A Tipping Point
X22 Report - 11-25-2023

"He Is A Man For This Time In History": Bannon Breaks Down Why America Needs A Man Of Action Such As President Trump To Save Us - War Room - 11-25-2023
"You're Being Called Too": Bannon Reminds You That The Republic Cannot Be Saved Without Your Help
War Room - 11-25-2023
Steve Bannon Slams General Milley For Enforcing The "Post-War International Rules Based Order Fetish" Set Up By The Globalist And CCP - War Room - 11-25-2023
President Donald J Trump full speech

RedpillUSAPatriots - 11-19-2023
Mike Davis On Colorado Judge Misconstruing 14th Amendment Meaning For President Trump Persecution
War Room - 11-18-2023
Bill Gertz Joins WarRoom To Discuss Xi’s Meeting With US Business Community And Biden Administration
War Room - 11-18-2023
Bradley Thayer Joins WarRoom To Discuss Biden’s Meeting With Xi In California

War Room - 11-15-2023
Nicole Tsai Reporting Live From San Francisco At Protest Against Xi Jinping And The CCP

War Room - 11-15-2023
Peter Navarro: It’s Up to President Trump to Save This Country

RealAmericasVoice - 11-15-2023
Former Military Major Breaks Down The Arab League Summit, Hezbollah’s Involvement, Destroying Hamas

War Room - 11-13-2023
Our Selfish Leaders Care More About Their Christmas Break Than Saving Our Country

The Charlie Kirk Show - 11-13-2023
Kash Patel: IRS whistleblowers have been vindicated

Just The News - 11-13-2023
Steve Bannon On The Muslim Brotherhood’s Surfacing: “The Kinetic Part Is Starting”
War Room - 11-10-2023
Alex Jones Reveals How We’re Being Sucked Into A Three-Front Kinetic War

War Room - 11-10-2023
Dave Brat: "The reason for that meeting is because China is cracking up right now"

War Room - 11-10-2023
Winters Blasts GOP’s Inaction On Biden’s Weaponization Paving The Way For Social Credit Scores.
War Room - 11-07-2023
Frank Gaffney Explains How The Muslim Brotherhood Infiltrated Our Government

War Room - 11-07-2023
Mel K & Tom Renz | The 404 Series & Reversing Lawfare for Good

The Mel K Show - 11-07-2023
The Regime is Using Douglass Mackey to Set the Precedent That Speech Can Land You in Prison
The Charlie Kirk Show - 11-06-2023
Jeff Clark: "This whole set of charges against him, it's like the taking of private property"

War Room - 11-06-2023
Harnwell: Zelensky Patronizes Donald Trump, Implying He Doesn’t “Understand” The Details In Ukraine
War Room - 11-06-2023
General Flynn Reveals How DC is Controlled: Pedophilia, Epstein, Bribes & Blackmail
Man in America - 11-01-2023
Mike Davis: The Biden Administration’s Enabling Antisemites Across The Globe

War Room - 11-01-2023
Harnwell: Lindsey Graham Says The US Should Place “No Limit” On Civilian Casualties In Gaza

War Room - 11-01-2023
The Absolute Truth With Emerald Robinson 

Emerald Robinson 10-30-2023
Frank Gaffney: "The Brotherhood has deeply penetrated the United States government"

War Room - 10-30-2023
Sam Faddis: You Don't Have To Go Home But You Can't Stay Here

War Room - 10-30-2023
Jeff Clark: SEC Prepares Finalizing “Climate Change Disclosure Rule”

War Room - 10-28-2023

Emerald Robinson - 10-27-2023
Andrei Martyanov talks with Mike Adams about Russian weapons technology, industrial asymmetry and Israel's wartime folly 
Health Ranger Report - 10-27-23
Peter Navarro Joins WarRoom To Discuss The Gaza Tunnels
War Room - 10-24-2023
Todd Bensman: FOIA Request Reveals U.S. Invited Citizens From 96 Countries To Cross The Border - War Room- 10-24-2023
Hamas Documented Atrocities - FOOTAGE RELEASED by Israel of Barbaric Attack on Innocent Civilians - Gateway Pundit 10-24-23
Derek Harvey On Israel: “This Is A War And We’re Treating It As If It’s Small Terrorist Incident” 
War Room - 10-23-2023
Darren Beattie Joins WarRoom To Discuss The Pitch For Palestinian Refugees
War Room- 10-23-2023
Dr. Gad Saad Explores How Americans Have Reached the Point Where Ideology Overrules Reality The Charlie Kirk Show - 10-23-2023
This is a must watch!

RedpillUSAPatriots - 10-22-2023
Marc Levin monologue

RedpillUSAPatriots - 10-21-2023
Alex Jones Explains The Strategy To Taking Down Hamas Militaristically, The Left’s Using Islam - War Room -10-21-2023
Jack Posobiec: Global Riding Tensions “Inextricably Linked” As Part Of Plan To Weaken - War Room - 10-21-2023
AG Ken Paxton Discusses Being The Adversary Of Bush Apparatus For Nine Years In Texas
War Room - 10-21-2023
Prince: The Biden Administration Caused A “Systemic Collapse Of Deterrence” For The U.S. Globally - War Room -10-21-2023
Kash Patel Warns Of Taking On Too Many Global Issues While Domestically Crumbling
War Room - 10-20-2023
Steve Bannon: Fox News Is “Cheerleading” Another Middle Eastern War That Your Children Will Fight In - War Room - 10-20-2023
Emerald Robinson -10-19-2023
“The Enemy Within The Gate”: Alex Jones Warns Of The Pro-Hamas Movements Within The U.S. - War Room - 10-18-2023
Bannon: "What's he pitching, he's pitching the 100 Billion dollars"
War Room - 10-18-2023
John Zadrozny Joins WarRoom To Discuss National Security Threat Of Illegal Alien Sleeper Cells - War Room 10-18-2023

Emerald Robinson - 10-17-2023
Steve Bannon Warns Of The U.S. "Sleepwalking" Into World War 3 Over A Regional Conflict
War Room - 10-17-2023
Carrie Sheffield Joins WarRoom To Discuss The Hospital Strike In Gaza

The Charlie Kirk Show - 10-17-2023
Frank Gaffney Joins WarRoom To Discuss IDF Intelligence Failure Leading Up To Invasion Of Israel
War Room - 10-16-2023
Natalie Winters Joins WarRoom To Discuss Mike Rogers And His Conflicts Of Interest
War Room - 10-16-2023 
Ret. Col. Derek Harvey: Russia And China Laid A Trap For The U.S. With Hamas
War Room - 10-16-2023
Steve Bannon Warns Of Israel-Like Crises Coming To U.S. If Globalist Path Is Continued
War Room - 10-14-2023
George Santos Joins WarRoom To Discuss Viral Video And Conflict In Israel
War Room - 10-13-2023 
Roseanne Barr's Epic takedown Everyone Needs to Hear
The Charlie Kirk Show - 10-13-2023
Will Sleeper Cells Be Activated in America Tomorrow? Dr. Gorka Shares His Expert Opinion
The Charlie Kirk Show - 10-12-2023
Jeff Rainforth Joins WarRoom To Give His Assessment Of The Southern Border Today
War Room - 10-12-2023 
Bannon: The Elites’ “Empire-Building” Must End, America First Is The “Opposite Of Isolationist” - War Room - 10-12-2023
“How Long Until Gaza Happens Here?”: Sam Faddis Speaks Truth To The U.S. Border-Terrorist Crisis
War Room - 10-10-2023
Steve Bannon On Ukraine, Debt, And Israel: “Has Anyone Asked YOUR Opinion On This?”
War Room - 10-10-2023
Frank Gaffney: "They have a common purpose and that is the triumph of Sharia"

War Room - 10-10-2023
Kash Patel: How Did The Biden Administration Miss WORLD WAR III?
War Room - 10-09-2023
Jack Posobiec On Biden’s Failed Middle East Foreign Policy
War Room - 10-09-2023
Harnwell: Zionist-Neocon Warmongers Are All Bought And Paid For
War Room - 10-09-2023
Tim Pool: "Dark days are in front of us."

The Post Millennial Live - 9-30-2023
Kash Patel - The House Could Use A 150 Year Old Law To Arrest People,Will The Obama’s Take The Bait?
X22 - 09-30-2023

Emerald Robinson - 09-30-2023
America's Mayor Live Rudy Giuliani - Replay

War Room - 9-28-2023
Steve Bannon: The U.S. Is In a “Post-Constitutional Existence”
War Room - 09-28-2023
Natalie Winters Breaks Down GOP Impeachment Inquiry
War Room- 09-28-2023
Emerald Robinson - 9-27-2023
Bannon: “We’re Witnessing The Acceleration Of The Destruction Of Our Nation By Globalists"

War Room - 09-27-2023
Ken Paxton: The Federal Government is Aiding and Abetting the Cartels
The Charlie Kirk Show - 09-27-2023
Sunday Morning Futures - Maria Bartiromo w/ Matt Gaetz 💥💥💥
RedpillUSAPatriots - 9-24-2023
Bannon: “This Is Gonna Take Decades To Unwind”
War Room - 09-23-2023
Surviving The Information War with Boone Cutler on Sat. Night Livestream
Red Pill News - 09-23-2023
Darren Beattie:We Know the Truth About Our Sordid Regime, But How Do We Hold Them Accountable?- Charlie Kirk 09-22-2023
Col. John Mills: Immigration Crisis Would Stop if Biden Closed the Border, Invoked Monroe Doctrine RealAmericasVoice - 09-22-2023
Beatrix Von Storch Joins WarRoom To Discuss The Decline Of Germany
 - War Room - 09-22-2023
Garrett Ziegler Went Through Hunter Biden's Laptop and Dissects His Earth-Shattering Revelations - The Charlie Kirk Show - 9/18/2023
Garrett Ziegler: This is Where We Have Jurisdiction to Open Investigations Into the Biden Mafia

The Charlie Kirk Show - 9/18/2023
Russ Vought: The DC Cartels’ Current CR Deal Fails To Address The Weaponization Of Government
 - War Room - 09-18-2023
Dr. Meryl Nass On The Current Globalist Takeover - War Room - 9/11/2023
“You’re a disgrace”: Giuliani Calls Out Joe Biden For Lies About 9/11, Must Be Impeached For Bribery

War Room - 09-12-2023
Impeachment Inquiry Against Biden Announced- Here's Why This Isn't the Win You May Think It Is - War Room - 09-12-2023
Steve Friend Previews Report Revealing How FBI Chooses American Informants And Target Citizens - War Room - 09-07-2023
Bannon: Pence Failed His Constitutional Duty On January 6th And COVID-19 Task Force
War Room - 09-07-2023
Dr. Carol Swain Joins WarRoom To Discuss Sanctuary City Disaster In NYC
War Room - 09-07-2023
Melissa Katz: Call Every TX Senator Regardless Of Party To End Ken Paxton’s Witch Hunt

War Room - 09-2-2023
Bannon: “Where Are The Priorities Of The Bush Elite?”
War Room - 09-2-2023
McDonald: AG Ken Paxton Was Not Politically Targeted Until Investigating The FBI

War Room  - 09-2-2023
Jim Hoft On WAPO’s Misquote of President Trump Which May Have Been Used to Indict Him  - War Room - 08-26-2023
Harrison Floyd DENIED Bail In Fani Willis' Political Assault, Donate Today To Floyd's Legal Fund - War Room - 08-26-2023

Dan Bongino Show Clips - 08-25-2023
Nolan Chang Reports From Maui as There are Still Over a Thousand Missing
War Room - 08-23-2023
Jonathan Strickland And Lauren Davis Explain The Political Witch Hunt Against Ken Paxton
War Room - 08-23-2023
Fedsurrection Confirmed: Noel Fritsch Unpacks the Explosive Story
The Charlie Kirk Show - 08-23-2023
KS AG Kris Kobach: Democratic Kansas Governor IGNORES State Legislature, AG Kobach Files Lawsuit - War Room - 08-21-2023
Michael Patrick Leahy Explains The Special Session Going On In Tennessee
War Room - 08-21-2023
Alex Jones: "They're waging war administratively against the right for people to buy firearms" - War Room - 08-21-2023
"Nobody Trusts The Leaders Anymore": Nick Sortor Reports On Maui's Current Situation

War Room - 08-19-2023
Harnwell: Russian Foreign Policy Mag — Russia Should Consider Launching Nuclear First Strike

War Room - 08-19-2023
General Michael Flynn: 'What's in the DNA of an American Citizen Is Something Called Freedom'
UngaTheGreat - 08-17-2023
Bongino's FULL BREAKDOWN Of Trump Indictment In Georgia

Dan Bongino Show Clips - 08-15-2023
Dershowitz: Democrats' Strategy Is To Fabricate Bad Convictions FAST To Kneecap Trump In 2024
War Room - 08-15-2023
Dr Bradley Thayer: PRC Aggression In South China's Needs To Be Defeated

War Room - 08-15-2023
Eye Witness Sheila Walker Reveals Maui's Wildfires Exhibit "Same Destruction" As Ground Zero
 War Room - 08-14-2023
Harnwell: BREAKING — 76.6% of Ukrainians Hold Zelensky “Directly Responsible” for Corruption in UKR
War Room - 08-14-2023
Mark Levin goes SCORCHED EARTH on Clintons, Regime for 15 minutes of STRAIGHT FIRE

The Charlie Kirk Show - 08-14-2023
The Migration Mindset Destroying The U.S. And Europe, Ben And Oscar Report On 
War Room - 08-07-2023
Mike Davis DIRECTLY Connects Joe Biden To President Trump's Indictment Using Years Of Reporting
War Room - 08-07-2023
Natalie Winters Exposes Hunter Biden Financial Link To White House Draining US Oil Reserves 

War Room - 08-07-2023
DoJ Refused To Prosecute James Comey On Election Interference, Yet Targets President Trump - War Room - 08-02-2023
Judge Presiding Over Jack Smith's Case Previously Recused Self Over Connections To Democratic Leader
War Room - 08-02-2023
Mike Davis: Trump Had "Right" To Object The Fraudulent '24 Election Yet Democrats Rage "Lawfare" - War Room - 08-02-2023
Col. (Ret) John Mills: The Complexity Of Combined Arms Warfare. 
War Room - 07-31-2023
Alberino: Implications Of Secret Reverse Engineering Programs Financed By Misappropriation Of Funds
War Room - 07-31-2023
Trump Legal Spokeswoman: The Sinister Reason for the Regime's Coordinates Attacks Against Trump  
The Charlie Kirk Show  07-31-2023
Kash Patel: Congress Needs To Hold Hearing With Garland, Monaco, And Wray On Hunter Biden Cover-Up. - War Room - 07-27-2023
Rep. Matt Rosendale: "The only thing we've seen come out of the DOJ is additional surveillance"War Room - 07-27-2023
Dr. Robert Malone: "We needed to protect the CCP, that was part of the logic in the cover up" - War Room 07-27-2023
Mayorkas Doing The Bidding Of The Cartels; US Complaisant In Largest Human Trafficking Operation - War Room - 07-26-2023
Is Hunter Biden's Plea Deal Falling Apart? Exploring What May Be Behind This Turn of Eevnts - The Charlie Kirk Show - 07-26-2023
Rep. Tom Tiffany Slams Government For Being Complicit In Human Trafficking'  
War Room 07-26-2023
Rep. Tim Burchett Gives Preview Of House Oversight Committee's UFO Hearing
War Room - 07-25-2023
Tony Shaffer explains the importance of the Suwalki Gap
RealAmericasVoice - 07-25-2023

Spot-Light Video - "Todd Callender: Our Entire Government are ACTORS"  -   "Important discussion" -  U.S. Code § 3331 - Oath of office &  U.S. Code § 3332 - Officer affidavit; no consideration paid for appointment

Man in America - July  15,  2023

Spot-Light Video - "New California - 51st State VERY SOON with Paul Preston"  

Red Pill News  - July  07,  2023

Spot-Light Video - " How the US Gov. Is Using Digital MK ULTRA Against Us — Fmr. State Dept. Official Interview "  

Man In America - June  08,  2023

Spot-Light Video - "Exclusive Sit Down With 
President Donald J. Trump  "  
War Room -April  28,  2023 

Spot-Light Video - "Rep. Bob Quattrocchi Is Disgusted With Emails Showing Jesus Fornicating With A Sheep That Has His Image"  
Heroes And Zeros -March 24,  2023

Spot-Light Video - "Dr. Robert Malone Exposes Military Grade Weapons Being Used Against Us"  
February  28,  2023

In Explosive New Interview, Sy Hersh Details His Allegations of the Nord Stream 2 Sabotage (VIDEO) 

by:  By Joe Hoft  - Gateway Pundit  - 2-26-2023 

Spot-Light Video - "Badlands Media Special Interview:
Lt Gen (Ret.) Steven L. Kwast"  
February  10,  2023

Gene Valicenti: Retired State Supreme Court Justice Bob Flanders - 01-26-23 


Matt Allen:  Attorney Joe Larisa - Chariho School Committee Vacancy - 1-25-23


Dan Yorke - Jeff Levy, Attorney for Jess Purcell in Chariho School Committee Vacancy Matter - 1-24-23


Tutorial "BillCam: Search and Share Bills, Engage with Lawmakers, and Spread the Word!" January 12, 2023

John Loughlin - Todd Bensman of the Center for Immigration Studies  - 1-21-23


Tara Granahan - Sen. Jessica de la Cruz - Rebuttal to Governor's State of the State -  1-18-23


Dan Yorke - Attorney General Peter Neronha Talks Charges Against 6/10 Connector Project Contractor - 1-18-23


01-11-23  - Tara Granahan Interviews - Senator Lou DiPalma
1-10-2023 - RI General Assembly Press Release - "STATE HOUSE – Sen. Louis P. DiPalma will serve as chairman of the Senate Committee on Finance for the 2023-2024 legislative session, Senate President Dominick J. Ruggerio has announced."


Tara Granahan   - Member of the House of Representatives Mike Chippendale - 01-09-23 
 "And make no mistake - Fentanyl is one of the main contributors to the suffering of our nation right now, and I am introducing legislation to repeal this deadly policy. Representatives Mike Chippendale"


Matt Allen - "Will Worthy Big Bear Hunting and Fishing - Federal Judge Upholding State's High Capacity Magazine Ban - 12-15-22


12-14-22 -  "Former Rhode Island Supreme Court Justice Bob Flanders Discusses the Homeless Issue"


Matt Allen - Will Worthy Big Bear Hunting and Fishing - Plaintiff in the Lawsuit Against the State for Banning High Capacity Magazines - 12-8-22


Matt Allen - Brenda Jacob RI Rifle and Revolver Association - Ban of High Capacity Magazines in Rhode Island - 12-6-22


The Matt Allen Show -Tim White WPRI - Investigation Linking RI Speaker's Aide to Mob Associate's Marijuana Operation - 10/28/22


Tara Granahan - John Marion Common Cause RI - Calling for Governor to Reject Nominees from Speaker Shekarchi for the Cannabis Commission 10-28-22


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