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05-17-2024 - General Flynn Discusses the Deep State with Sebastian Gorka
05-17-2024 - Meet Donell Harvin: Trump-Hating Deep State Official 'Predicted' J6 Pipe Bombs In Advance
05-17-2024 - IT'S HAPPENING! HUGE Push for Citizens to Arrest Deep State Criminals Has Begun w/ Ivan Raiklin
05-08-2024 - Harnwell: Every Value The West Sought To Defend In WW2 Has Since Been Undermined By Our Overlords
05-08-2024 - Meet Donell Harvin: Trump-Hating Deep State Official 'Predicted' J6 Pipe Bombs In Advance
05-04-2024 - America's Great Divide: Steve Bannon, 1st Interview | FRONTLINE
05-01-2024 - How The US Gov't Spies On You Without Probable Cause - Like They Did To Carter Page – The StoneZONE!
05-01-2024 - James Rickards On Fake News Media Claiming President Trump Is Starting A Currency War
05-01-2024 - Kash Patel - The House Is To Rotten It Must Be Cleaned, Trump Can Drain The Swamp
04-29-2024 - Jeremy Carl: America Isn't The First Empire Doomed By Open Borders
04-29-2024 - Students are Paying for Anti-Israel Protests at US Universities Through Their Student Dues
04-29-2024 - Coordinated efforts to take the peoples freedoms away
04-26-2024 - Clark On The Radicalization Of U.S. Law System: “They are Openly Saying They Want To Pack The Court”
04-26-2024 - General Flynn | 9 Updates for America: Who Is “Fake Faith” Speaker Johnson?
04-24-2024 - Rickards: “Trump Landmines And Trump Proof Of The World”
04-22-2024 - Bradley Thayer Discusses The Partnership Between The CCP And American Elites
04-22-2024 - Campus Riots Gone Wild From anti-war, to anti-America, to Pro-Terrorism
04-20-2024 - RFK Jr.: America’s Economic Collapse Will Bring a REVOLUTION The Glenn Beck Podcast Ep 217
04-18-2024 - Behind the Scenes On The FISA Bill....This is a BIG deal
04-18-2024 -It's Like Having a Bank Vault with the Combination on the Vault
04-18-2024 - Attorney Tom Renz and the Political Corruption in DC
04-13-2024 - 🚨 Jerome Corsi On The Deep State's Involvement In JFK Assassination
04-13-2024 - 🚨 Jerome Corsi: "This Whole Deep State Mentality Has Permeated The CIA And The State Department"
04-12-2024 - Is Trump Being Spied On By the FBI Right Now? This is Why the Battle Over FISA is So Consequential
04-10-2024 - "Fire Their Ass": Alex Jones On President Trump's First Action Against The Deep State As President
04-10-2024 -Steven Mosher Discusses His Book 'The Devil And Communist China'
04-10-2024 - Mat Staver Discusses Where We Stand In The United States When It Comes To Abortion
04-09-2024 -Jerome Corsi Latest Book On President Kennedy Breaks Down Clear Evidence Of Three headshots
04-09-2024 - Brian Costello: "We Have A Government Right Now That Works For The Billionaire Class"
04-09-2024 - Lt Col Tony Shaffer on AG Bill Barr Telling Him to Stop Investigation into Trailer Loads of Fraudulent Ballots in Pennsylvania
04-05-2024 - Fmr. Trump advisor exposes 'Democrat strategy' for 2024 Election | Eric Bolling The Balance
04-05-2024 - With The X509 Key Left On Dominion's Systems, Anyone Could Change Election Results
04-05-2024 - James Rickards: Ukraine’s Starting To Get Dangerous, Putin Doesn’t “Bluff”
04-01-2024 - Speaker Mike "William Wallace" Johnson: You Can Take Our Majority But You’ll Never Take Our Uniparty
04-01-2024 - John Eastman’s Daughter Christina Wheatland Reflects On Her Father’s Sacrifices For Justice
03-30-2024 - Restoring The Nation: Our Country Our Choice with Col. Douglas Macgregor on Sat. Night Livestream
03-27-2024 - EVERYONE Wants To Mislead You After Bridge Collapse Story - BE VIGILANT
03-27-2024 - Mike Davis Breaks Down Colangelo's Key Role In Resurrecting The Phony Case Against President Trump
03-26-2024 - Whatever The Cost - Gen. Michael Flynn joins Red Pill News Live
03-23-2024 - Tej Gill On Moscow Terror Attack: "They Don't Look Like Any Of The ISIS Fighters I've Ever Seen"
03-22-2024 - Mike Benz Explains How Hunter Biden's Work In Ukraine Touched On A CIA Operation
03-24-2024 -Did the U.S. Create, Fund, and Train ISIS and Are The Fingerprints of U.S. Intel Agencies on Moscow Theatre Terrorist Attack?
03-23-2024 - Tej Gill On Moscow Terror Attack: "They Don't Look Like Any Of The ISIS Fighters I've Ever Seen"
03-22-2024 - Mike Benz Explains How Hunter Biden's Work In Ukraine Touched On A CIA Operation
03-20-2024 - Erik Prince | Iran’s Next Target: The Panama Canal
03-18-2024 - Mary Holland And Mike Davis Detail The Censorship Case In The Supreme Court
03-18-2024 - We Fought Back And Won (Ep. 2209)
03-18-2024 -Gen. Michael Flynn says the ASSASSINATIONS MUST be revisited
03-13-2024 - Rhode Island - Judicial Watch Files Ethics Complaint Against Hypocritical Senator
03-13-2024 - Mike Benz - Weapons of Mass Deletion: How The US Government Funds Digital Censorship
03-13-2024 - Beattie: While The GOP Focuses On Tik Tok, Google Prepares To Devour Everyone Whole
03-12-2024 - Rhode Island - VITAL 2A HEARINGS THIS WEEK #InTheDugout
03-12-2024 - January 6th Committee Hid Evidence That Cleared Trump Of False Testimony By Cassidy Hutchinson
03-12-2024 - ⚡🔥MERCILESS: Wesley Hunt Drops the Hammer on Dems Opposed to Voter IDs
03-10-2024 - Massachusetts buying illegal aliens three squares a day. On taxpayers dollar.
03-10-2024 - The Law by Frederic Bastiat
03-08-2024 - Colonel Douglas Macgregor: Neil Oliver 3/8/2024 Democracy in the West
03-07-2024 - Mike Benz Discusses The Blueprint For How Democrats Plan To Rig The General Election

03-07-2024 - Giuliani Reveals ALL: Trumps Character, The Russian Collusion Hoax, and Judas's ALL AROUND
03-07-2024 - Democrats In Court Today Fighting For Access To Your Bank Records
03-04-2024 - IN FOCUS: Public Servants with Perceived Power v. We The People with Michelle Klann - OAN
03-04-2024 - President Trump Full speech and Q&A
03-04-2024 - Brian Costello Joins WarRoom To Discuss Investigation Into Mitch McConnell Sister-In-Law's Death
03-01-2024 -  John Solomon: "I Don't Think The Republicans Scored Any Points” In Hunter Biden’s Deposition
03-01-2024 - Brian Costello On Oligarchs In America Being Compromised By The CCP
03-01-2024 - Harnwell: Meloni at the White House to see the Resident — Orbán at Mar-a-Lago to see the President
02-27-2024 - Col. MagGregor Explains Why Ukraine Is A Lost Cause
02-27-2024 -  Col. MacGregor: How the Democrats Became the Party of Warmongers
02-27-2024 - Steve Bannon: The Only Method The Democrats' Hope To Win By Is Lawfare
02-26-2024 -  US Supreme Court Unanimously Overturns Georgia Decision
02-26-2024 -  "This Is Embedded In U.S. Now": Todd Bensman On The Continued Escalation Of Democrats' Border Crisis
02-26-2024 - Hearts of Oak: Noor Bin Ladin - My Letter to America and Gateways to the New Digital Order
02-24-2024 - Steve Bannon Speaks Live From CPAC
02-24-2024 -  Kucinich: "In Order For America To Be Free We Need The Ability to Make Steel, Automotive, Aerospace”
02-22-2024 - What is actually going on today with the cell outage?
02-22-2024 - Democrats Unleash Russiagate Hoax 2.0 | TIPPING POINT 🟧
02-21-2024 - Jeff Clark Joins To Discuss His Many Ongoing Legal Battles
02-15-2024 - Mel K & Kash Patel | Fighting the Fifth Column: Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming
02-15-2024 - Mike Davis on Willis' Relationship: "Fani Willis And Nathan Wade Are Toast"
02-15-2024 - Dems Continue to Blindly Protect Biden, Even After Damning Hur Report
02-12-2024 - REAL AMERICA -- Dan Ball W/ Richard Jones, Sheriff Issues Terrorism Warning To Americans
02-12-2024 - Tucker's first discussion since the Vladimir Putin interview
02-12-2024 - Watters: Washington's Secret Is Out
02-09-2024 - “Putin’s Schooling Him”: James Rickards Breaks Down Putin-Carlson Interview
02-09-2024 - James Rickards Explains The Three Russia’s Of The Last 50 Years
02-09-2024 - Brannon Howse Assembles a Dream Team of Military Experts: General Michael Flynn, Col. Rob Maness, And Ivan Raiklin on Interview Between Tucker Carlson and Putin

Spot-Light Video - " How the US Gov. Is Using Digital MK ULTRA Against Us — Fmr. State Dept. Official Interview "  

Man In America - June  08,  2023

Spot-Light Video - "Exclusive Sit Down With 
President Donald J. Trump  "  
War Room -April  28,  2023 

Spot-Light Video - "Rep. Bob Quattrocchi Is Disgusted With Emails Showing Jesus Fornicating With A Sheep That Has His Image"  
Heroes And Zeros -March 24,  2023

Spot-Light Video - "Dr. Robert Malone Exposes Military Grade Weapons Being Used Against Us"  
February  28,  2023

Spot-Light Video - "Badlands Media Special Interview:
Lt Gen (Ret.) Steven L. Kwast"  
February  10,  2023

Tutorial "BillCam: Search and Share Bills, Engage with Lawmakers, and Spread the Word!" January 12, 2023

Tara Granahan   - Member of the House of Representatives Mike Chippendale - 01-09-23 
 "And make no mistake - Fentanyl is one of the main contributors to the suffering of our nation right now, and I am introducing legislation to repeal this deadly policy. Representatives Mike Chippendale"


Matt Allen - "Will Worthy Big Bear Hunting and Fishing - Federal Judge Upholding State's High Capacity Magazine Ban - 12-15-22


12-14-22 -  "Former Rhode Island Supreme Court Justice Bob Flanders Discusses the Homeless Issue"


Matt Allen - Will Worthy Big Bear Hunting and Fishing - Plaintiff in the Lawsuit Against the State for Banning High Capacity Magazines - 12-8-22


Matt Allen - Brenda Jacob RI Rifle and Revolver Association - Ban of High Capacity Magazines in Rhode Island - 12-6-22


The Matt Allen Show -Tim White WPRI - Investigation Linking RI Speaker's Aide to Mob Associate's Marijuana Operation - 10/28/22


Tara Granahan - John Marion Common Cause RI - Calling for Governor to Reject Nominees from Speaker Shekarchi for the Cannabis Commission 10-28-22


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