Video Spot-Light

06/25/2024 - Herman: Primers For Understanding Institutions And Cultural Practices Needed To Sustain Freedom
06-25-2024 - Mel K & Scott Ritter | Confronting the Enemy Within: Demanding Peace & A Better Way Forward 
06-24-2024 - BREAKING: Kim Dotcom And Alex Jones Try To Stop Imminent Nuclear War
06-13-2024 -IMPAULSIVE: The Donald Trump Interview
06/12/2024 - The Sum of All Fears is Here - Steve Quayle and Mike Adams on the nuclear annihilation of the West
06-12-2024 - WW3 Imminent? These Warning Signs Paint a CHILLING Picture w/ Aaron Brickman
05/31/2024 -  Putin Warns West Wants Nuclear War as Jury Begins Deliberations In Trump’s NY Show Trial
05-15-2024 - Now It’s Bad Enough. Revenge. (Ep. 2261) 
05-29-2024 - GBN Documentary: America's Muslim City
05-16-2024 - Expert Vaccine Virologist: If people knew, they would be stoned in the streets
05/16/2024 -  Mel K & Dr. Meryl Nass, MD | Sovereignty, Sanctity, and Freedom: Say No to the WHO
05-15-2024 - REVEALED: The Key to Defeating the Cabal's Psychological Warfare w/ Leigh Dundas
05-14-2024 - Trump’s Most Important Decision (Ep. 2249) 
05-13-2024 - 💥Guatemala Child Trafficking Scandal ALERT 💥 | Robby Starbuck
05/10/2024 -  JFK Murder Re-Examined. Shot From Front And Back = Conspiracy! The StoneZONE w/ Roger Stone
04-26-2024 - Obama Can Bomb Civilians But Trump Can't Have Immunity?!
04-26-2024 - RUSSEL BRAND INTERVIEW W/STEVE BANNON (REPLAY) - Stay Free: “No One Is Coming To SAVE US!”
04/25/2024 -  Justice Has Been Weaponized... Are Gulags Next? w/ Rudy Giuliani
04-10-2024 - The Left Is Panicking Over Trump 2.0 (Ep. 2226)
04/10/2024 -  Dr. Judy Mikovitz reveals shocking truth about CORRUPTION and censorship in SCIENCE, medicine and research
04-10-2024 - Hannah Faulkner and General Flynn
03-28-2024 - WarRoom Battleground Ep. 503: Joe Allen - Communion And Crucifixion
03/28/2024 -  Documentary - The Fall of Minneapolis
03-27-2024 - Fingerprints of Fraud - The Movie - Chapter 2 - The Machines
03/23/2024 - The Diabolical Agenda Behind the J6 False Flag REVEALED w/ David Clements
03-21-2024 - Food abundance secrets UNLEASHED with Jim Gale (Food Forest Abundance) and Kevin Fretz (Patriot Green Products)
03-21-2024 - Climate The Movie (The Real Truth)
03-11-2024 - Bitcoin Ordinals Will Unlock The Future Of Digital Assets - Toby Lewis
03-11-2024 - Lara Logan | Flash Point | It's A Pivotal Moment!
03/10/2024 - Mel K & Kelly Galindo | Worldwide Sex Trafficking Explosion: The Horrific Consequences of Open Borders & Endless Wars
03-06-2024- Trump Destroys Haley Across The Country (Ep. 2202)
03/06/2024 - GRID DOWN, Power Up documentary reveals frightening reality of America’s astonishing power grid vulnerability – full interview with David Tice
03-06-2024 - Breaking History Ep. 35
03-01-2024 - Roger Stone joins Mike Adams with fresh analysis on Trump, Israel, Ukraine, Russia, elections and more
2/29/2024 - WOW! Dr. David Martin's Visionary Picture of a Post-Cabal World Will Blow Your Mind
02-29-2024 - Bix Weir - Before The Election The Country Will Be Hit With A Cyber Attack, Good Guys Are In Control

02-15-2024 - Gregg and Catherine Respond to AJC Lies *LIVE*
2/15/2024 - Five EYES, Follow the Pen, UFOs?, Johnson, PAIN, Storms, Oh boy, Pray!
02-14-2024 - WikiLeaks · Inside the CIA plot to assassinate Julian Assange ⏲️
02-13-2024 - The J6 Bomber Video Is Out, And It’s Worse Than I Thought (Ep. 2186)
02-12-2024 - Michael Yon joins Mike Adams IN STUDIO with bombshell revelations about NGOs orchestrating the MASS INVASION of America
2/12/2024 - Mel K & Tom Renz | Awakening the Lions: Panic in DC
02-09-2024 - Enforcing the Constitution with Tactical Civics and Bill Ogden
02-08-2024 - Roger Stone - Michelle Obama Replaces Biden, Precedents Set, Barack Obama Fair Game
2/07/2024 - General Flynn and Clay Clark Discuss A.I, Immigration, Tucker Carlson and BRICS
02-06-2024 - Trump Broke Big News Yesterday (Ep. 2181)
2/05/2024 - Eagle Pass FALSE FLAG Could Trigger Civil War Warns Ex-Border Agent J.J. Carrell
02-06-2024 - Steve Quayle issues urgent WARNING: Invading migrant forces will DECIMATE blue cities as America falls
01-30-2024 - Alex Mitchell from Ark Seeds interviewed by Mike Adams on food and survival
01-30-2024 - Another Spark In The Cold Civil War (Ep. 2176)
1/29/2024 - Mel K w/ Ashton Forbes & Mike L | Malaysian Flight MH370 Revisited: The Mystery Continues
1/28/2024 - General Flynn: Texas Is Entitled To Use Military Force To Repel Border Invasion
01-27-2024 - Mel K & Seamus Bruner | Controligarchs: Defining Who “They” Are & How “They” Captured Our Nation
1/24/2024 - James O'Keefe - DC SWAMP EXPOSED. PART 1 - D.C. Blackmail
01-24-2024 - Here’s What Nikki Haley Should Do Now (Ep. 2172) 
01-22-2024 - Decentralize.TV - Episode 29, - Matt Roeske on Electroculture, atmospheric energy and off-grid food abundance
1/19/2024 - LIVE with Devin Nunes, Kash Patel, and special guest performer Aaron Lewis
01-19-2024 - Joe Allen Joins WarRoom To Discuss Where Artificial Intelligence Is Heading
01-16-2024 - The Department of Retribution with Ivan Raiklin on Tues. Night Livestream
01-17-2024 - What Will Happen If Trump Wins? (Ep. 2167)
01-16-2024 - Dr. Nehls Describes The Attacks On Our Mental Freedom | Check Out 'The Indoctrinated Brain' Today
1/13/2024 - Mark Levin interview President Trump
01-13-2024 - Fluoride On Trial: The Censored Science on Fluoride and Your Health
01-12-2024 - REVEALED: Cabal's Formula for Turning Intelligent People Into Zombies w/ Dr. Michael Nehls
1/10/2024 - Health Ranger Report with Mike Adams ft. Dane Wigington
01-10-2024 - Secret Societies of 1776 & the Cabal's Demise w/ Matthew Ehret

01-09-2024 - Dr David Martin | #RePost | #MustWatch
01-06-2024 - The Theft Of The Republic: J6 Third Anniversary Panel on Sat. Night Livestream
01-05-2024 - Pro-humanity champion Laura Aboli interviewed by Mike Adams on truth, courage and EMPOWERING human resistance against evil
01-04-2024 - Rugpull Radio Ep. 62: Devolution and Irregular Warfare COunterINsurgency Tactics w/ Jon Herold

Spot-Light Video - SITREP Ep. 57 -CannCon and Jason Nelson (CEO Prepper All-Naturals - (Ep. 2113)

Badlands Media - 12-28-2023

Spot-Light Video - Steve Quayle and Mike Adams  - RED SEA MASSACRE: Will America's aircraft carriers SINK along with the US economy?
Health Ranger Report - 12-27-2023

Spot-Light Video - Devin Nunes - It Has Begun, The Message Was Sent, Obama Is Forcing Biden Out, Right On Schedule

X22 Report - 12-19-2023

Spot-Light Video - Pfizer Whistleblower:  Covid Vaccines Arrived in Suspicious CHINESE Bags

Man in America - 12-05-2023

Spot-Light Video - Apollo Live with Ivan Raiklin 6PM EST - Weaponization

ConservativeDaily - 11-30-2023

Spot-Light Video - Is the Next PLANDEMIC Starting in China? — Todd Callender Interview

Man in America-11-28-2023

Spot-Light Video - Steve Quayle and Mike Adams with urgent warning: America to be hit with JIHADI TERRORISM SPREE and risk of nuclear detonations 

Health Ranger Report - 11-20-2023

Spot-Light Video - Killing Gaza | Full Documentary | HS Documentary

Health Ranger Report - 11-20-2023

Spot-Light Video - Mary & Tara - Confirmed, Child Trafficking At The Border Is Bigger Than You Can Imagine

The X22 Report - 11-18-2023

Spot-Light Video - Bongino And Crowder Tear It Up (Ep. 2133) 

The Dan Bongino Show- 11-16-2023

Spot-Light Video - ANGER: MIT Professor Warns of AI Tech Firms Scary "Race To The Bottom"

London Real - 11-16-2023

Spot-Light Video - Harley Schlanger - Soros, Global Bankers Are Attempting To Destroy Nationalism, Patriots Are Rising

The X22 Report - 11-11-2023

Spot-Light Video - What REALLY Went Down In Last Night's Elections (Ep. 2127) 

The Dan Bongino Show- 11-08-2023

Spot-Light Video  - Decentralize.TV - Episode 21 - PRIVACY expert Rob Braxman reveals SECRETS for protecting yourself from Google, Apple surveillance

Health Ranger Report - 10-31-2023

Spot-Light Video - Must-See Video Sums It All Up (Ep. 2120) - 

The Dan Bongino Show - 10-30-2023

Spot-Light Video  - Mel K & Kash Patel| Government Gangsters Exposed

The Mel K Show - 10-24-2023

Spot-Light Video -Steve Quayle and Mike Adams: On the knife's edge of NUCLEAR WORLD WAR

Health Ranger Report - 10-23-2023

Spot-Light Video - Mike Smith - The [DS] Dark World Is Being Brought Out Of The Shadows & Into The Light

The X22 Report - 10-21-2023

Spot-Light Video - Mostly Peaceful with Brian O'Shea and JJ Carrell: Border, Israel, China, Peace vs Sword

DailyClout - 10-20-2023

Spot-Light Video - Is America a Corporation or Not
Rugpull Radio Ep 53

Badlands Media - 10-19-2023

Spot-Light Video - The Enemy Is Already Here - (Ep. 2113)

The Dan Bongino Show- 10-19-2023

Spot-Light Video - Dean Henderson reveals dark secrets of globalist BLOODLINES and how they manipulate and enslave all of humanity

Health Ranger Report - 10-18-2023

Spot-Light Video - Mel K & Matt Ehret | Understand the History of the Holy Land

The Mel K Show -10-15-2023

Spot-Light Video - Emerging From The Darkness with Brianna Ladapo on Sat. Night Livestream

Red Pill News -10-14-2023

Spot-Light Video - "Martin Armstrong warns: Terror attack on Israel..."

Man in America-10-11-2023

Spot-Light Video -  BLM Just Showed Everyone What They Really Are (Ep. 2107) 

The Dan Bongino Show  - 10-11-2023

Spot-Light Video - Mel K w/ Ivan Raiklin & Boone Cutler | Ghosts in the Machine, Cognitive Warfare & the Path Forward

The Mel K Show - 10-06-2023

Spot-Light Video - Lara Logan Reveals Why Innocent Children are Vital to the Elite's SICK Agenda

Man in America-10-05-2023

Spot-Light Video - "Could This Be The Biggest Sign Yet? (Ep. 2054)"

The Dan Bongino Show - 10-01-2023

Spot-Light Video - "The Disturbing Connection Between the October 4th EBS & the CCP — Todd Callender Interview"
Man in America-9-25-2023

Spot-Light Video -  "This Is What They Planned All Along (Ep. 2094)"
The Dan Bongino Show   09-22-2023

Spot-Light Video -  "Pastor Dave Scarlett of HIS GLORY talks END TIMES with Mike Adams"

Health Ranger Report   09-09-2023

Spot-Light Video -  "Google Is Threatening Our Democracy And Threatening His Life For Exposing It | A Conversation With Dr. Robert Epstein"

Kim Iversen -  09-01-2023

Spot-Light Video -   "S2E4: Unveiling the Truth"

Patriot Games - 8-31-2023

Spot-Light Video - General Michael Flynn | PBD Podcast | Ep. 300 - 8-30-2023

Spot-Light Video -   Dr. David Martin: DON’T FEAR the Coming Lockdowns… the Cabal is Already DEAD

Man in America -  8-23-2023

Spot-Light Video -   The Lockdowns Are Coming (Ep. 2073) - 

The Dan Bongino Show  -  8-23-2023

Spot-Light Video -  "FAMINE 2024: David DuByne warns of devastating crop failures..."

Health Ranger Report  - 08-16-2023

Spot-Light Video - "Kash Patel - Right Wing Conspiracy Theories Are True, It’s All About To Boomerang On The [DS]"
X22 Report - 8-16-2023

Spot-Light Video -  This Is How They Cheat In Elections 
(Ep. 2068) 

The Dan Bongino Show  -  8-16-2023

Spot-Light Video -  G. Edward Griffin on the Rothschilds, CBDC & the New World Order (& How to Stop It)

Man in America -  8-08-2023

Spot-Light Video -   Mel K & Attorney Tom Renz | No More Illusions of Choice: Has the Uniparty Abandoned Us All? |

The Mel K Show- 08-05-2023

Spot-Light Video - "The “Break Glass” Moment Has Arrived (Ep. 2058)

The Dan Bongino Show - 8-02-2023

Spot-Light Video -  "Ann Vandersteel and Michael Yon use high-tech thermal imaging tech..."

Health Ranger Report   08-02-2023

Spot-Light Video - "Could This Be The Biggest Sign Yet? (Ep. 2054)"

The Dan Bongino Show - 7-26-2023

Spot-Light Video -  Mel K & Paul Serran | Geopolitical Stories You Aren’t Being Told That Matter 

The Mel K Show- 07-25-2023

Spot-Light Video -  "Kari Lake - [DS] Has Been Exposed, People Are Leading The Charge, It’s Time To Take Back This Country"

X22 Report  07-22-2023

Spot-Light Video -    The Revolver News Imran Khan Interview with Dr. Darren J. Beattie--INTERVIEW STARTS AT 53 MINUTE MARK
07-21-2023 - Revolver News

Spot-Light Video - "LIVESTREAM REPLAY:  Dr. Meryl Nass - Medical Tyranny"
CDM -   7/16/23


speropictures  - 7-13-2023

BREAKING: Dutch Gov’t Collapses, WEF & CCP Waging War on Europe — Michael Yon Interview

Man in America - 7-09-2023

Spot-Light Video -  "Bill Holter - We Are Going To Experience Two Resets, In The End, Gold Destroys The Fed "

X22 Report  07-08-2023

Spot-Light Video -  Gen. McInerney Issues URGENT Warning: France Riots are Blueprint for US

Man in America -  7-04-2023

Spot-Light Video -  It takes Judical Watch to SUE to get the damning evidence against The Biden Crime Family!

07-04-2023 - Ultra Maga Party 👑

Spot-Light Video -   3 July 2023 AM Show - Tim Ballard from Sound of Freedom: Children, Our Greatest Treasure -  Unrest in Europe, France - Incompetence

ConservativeDaily- 7-03-2023

Spot-Light Video - "Did Trump Leave Us Future Clues in GEORGE Magazine? 

About GEORGE with Gene Ho Ep. 176  - 6-30-2023

Spot-Light Video -  Mel K & Matt Osborne | Crushing the Evil of Child & Human Trafficking Now at OUR   

The Mel K Show- 06-25-2023

Spot-Light Video - Explosive Undercover Video Shows How The Swamp is For Sale (Ep. 2036)

06/21/2023 - The Dan Bongino Show  

Spot-Light Video - "Why Trump is STILL the Greatest Threat to the New World Order — Todd Callender Interview"

Man in America - 6-17-2023

Spot-Light Video -  "Devin Nunes - Plumbers Have Infiltrated The Country, Investigators Need To Be Investigating "
X22 Report  06-17-2023

Spot-Light Video -   REPORT: Excess Deaths Rise in Millenials Following Covid Shot Push  w/Ed Dowd

The Alex Jones Show - Host Maria Zeee - 6-13-2023

Spot-Light Video -  "Bitcoin Ben - The War Has Moved Into The Next Phase, Truth vs Propaganda, Good Guys Winning"

X22 Report  06-10-2023

Spot-Light Video - " How the US Gov. Is Using Digital MK ULTRA Against Us — Fmr. State Dept. Official Interview "  

Man In America - June  08,  2023

  “The Great Awakening is the third installment of the Plandemic series. This documentary experience assembles forbidden puzzle pieces to reveal the big picture of what's really happening in America and beyond. The Great Awakening is intended to be a lighthouse to guide us out of the storm and into a brighter future. Plandemic Series Website:

Spot-Light Video -  "Mel K & Michael Yon | Border Invasion: Hard Truth From the Southern Border | 

The Mel K Show- 6-04-2023

Spot-Light Video -   Is The Biden Crime Family Secret About To Be Exposed? (Ep. 2022) 

06/01/2023The Dan Bongino Show

Spot-Light Video -  "Patrick K. O’Donnell Walks Through The History of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier" 
War Room - 5-29-2023

Spot-Light Video - "Surviving the Great Reset with Archduke Eduard Habsburg"

Man in America - 5-28-2023

Spot-Light Video - "I NEVER Thought I’d Be Talking About This…

Man in America - 5-23-2023

Spot-Light Video -  "Pastor David Scarlett ft. Gregg Phillips & John Solomon   

HIS GloryBrighteonTV - 5-19-2023

Spot-Light Video -  Exposing Government Gangsters with Kash Patel and Praying Medic | MSOM Ep. 749  "

AMPNews  -  5-19-2023

Spot-Light Video -   Health Ranger Report with Mike Adams  911 truth architect Richard Gage unloads irrefutable evidence of Building 7 controlled demolition     

BrighteonTV - 5-16-2023

Spot-Light Video -  Badlands Media - Watch Party:
         Devolved Parts  1,  2,  &  3

Badlands Media  - 5-13-2023

Spot-Light Video - "Trump Destroys CNN (Ep. 2009) - 

05/11/2023 - The Dan Bongino Show  

Spot-Light Video -  " FULL TRUMP CNN TOWN HALL 

LFA TV- 5-11-2023

Spot-Light Video -  "Devolution - Part 24 - Live Reading  

Badlands Media- 5-10-2023

Spot-Light Video -  Douglas Murray: The War on the West

05-05-2023 - American Freedom Alliance

Spot-Light Video -  Shockwaves in the Swamp Over Biden and Epstein (Ep. 2004) 

05-04-2023 - The Dan Bongino Show

Spot-Light Video -  "Roger Stone - [DS] Removes President's, WWIII, Trump Will Negotiate Peace, Change Of Batter Coming "
X22 Report  05-04-2023

Spot-Light Video -  "Kash Patel - Hunter Will Be Indicted, [DS] Advocated An Overthrow, Rule Of Law Must Be Followed"
X22 Report  04-28-2023

Spot-Light Video - "Breaking the Illusion of Scarcity and Rebuilding a World of Abundance — Billy Bond Interview
Man in America  - 4-28-2023

Spot-Light Video - The New Media Era Has Begun (Ep. 2000)"
The Dan Bongino Show   - 4-27-2023

Spot-Light Video - " WWIII Explained: Cultural Decay - 5th Generation Warfare & the Supervillain Scholars (DOCUMENTARY) "
Man in America - 4-25-2023

Spot-Light Video - "22 Easy Ways YOU Can Reject the Great Reset — Dr. Simon Goddek Interview"
Man in America - 4-25-2023

Spot-Light Video - " The 2020 Election Plot Exposed 
(Ep. 1996) - 04/21/2023  

Spot-Light Video - "General Flynn, Peter Navarro & Kash Patel | UPDATES: Did the International Monetary Fund Unveil the 'Unicoin' at the IMF Spring Meeting? Who Is Leaking Classified Military Intelligence? Why Did FOX Settle with DOMINION? - 04-20-2023 - Thrivetime Show 

Spot-Light Video -   HOW DOES IT be an illegitimate President destroying America
04-17-2023 - Ultra Maga Party 👑

Spot-Light Video -   Harley Schlanger - The CIA/[DS] Grip On The World Is Coming To An End, The World Is About To Change
04-13-2023 - X22 Report

Spot-Light Video -  " Mel K & Author Gary Kah | Standing on the Precipice of Geopolitical Uncertainty |  

The Mel K Show- 4-06-2023

Spot-Light Video - "Are Liberals Preparing For A Civil War Here? The Dan Bongino Show  Ep. 1979 - 03/29/2023

Spot-Light Video -    Flynn/Clark - The People Are Waking Up, They See The Evil, Now Is The Time To Take Back The Country   | 

X22 Report -  3-28-2023

Spot-Light Video - " Dark to Light: Live with Julie Kelly "
UncoverDC - 3-27-2023

Spot-Light Video -   Kash Patel-Hunters Have Become The Prey, Timing Is Everything, In The End The [DS] Will Cease To Exist
03-23-2023 - X22 Report

Spot-Light Video -   "5GW with General Mike Flynn" - 
Episode 20: Patriot Games - 3-15-2023

Spot-Light Video - " It’s Time To Prepare, Do Not Wait (Ep. 1968) - The Dan Bongino Show  -3- 14-2023

Spot-Light Video - "Gen. McInerney: Banking Collapse, Train Derailments, Vaxx Deaths… It’s ALL Coordinated"
Man in America - 3-14-2023

Spot-Light Video -  Peter Navarro - Fauci Used Backchannels To Go Around The Boss, Treason At The Highest Level
03-11-2023 - X22 Report

Spot-Light Video -   "SITREP Ep.  20 - Interview with Gen. Michael Flynn & Boone Cutler"
Badlands Media    3-02-2023

Spot-Light Video -   "Chris - [DS] Has Lost Control, They Will Try To Regain Power, Prep & Be Prepared"
X22 Report  3-01-2023

Spot-Light Video - " It’s a Trap, Again! (Ep. 1957) - 
The Dan Bongino Show -2- 27-2023

Spot-Light Video -   "The Rise of the Fourth Reich": Dr. Naomi Wolf, Steve Deace and Daniel Horowitz Discuss The Return of the Fascist Mindset"
DailyClout  2-23-2023

Spot-Light Video -  "STOLEN ELECTION = WWIII - FULL LENGTH WIDESCREEN VERSION" - February 22, 2023  

Ultra Maga Party

Spot-Light Video -   Atty. Peter Ticktin - The US Was Attacked,We Are At War, There Is Only One Person That Can End The Endless.
X22- 2-22-2023

Spot-Light Video - "Emergency Manager: "It’s Much WORSE Than They Say, and China May Be Behind It"
Man in America - 2-21-2023

Spot-Light Video - "Is the Dam Breaking On The 
COVID Vax? (Ep. 1952) 
The Dan Bongino Show -2- 16-2023

Spot-Light Video - "Etana Hecht Interviews 
Michael Khoury" -  'The Ericsson Report: A Matter of National Security'
DailyClout -  2- 14-2023

Spot-Light Video - "PROOF They're Deliberately Destroying Our Food Supply — Dr. Andrew Huff Interview  
Man in America - 2-09-2023

Spot-Light Video -   "Episode 19: Standing Up to Tyranny"  'Wide-ranging conversation that covers the wild ride that was Truth Social, the state of the movement, and a long-awaited explanation of why I believe Telegram is a danger to privacy'
Patriot Games - 2-7-2023

Spot-Light Video -  Criminalizing Gun Owners | Austin Broer Joins Doug Hagmann -  Ep.4385 

The Hagmann Report   Feb, 3, 2023

Spot-Light Video -    Dr. Robert Malone and Former FBI Agent Chris Gonzales (Ep. 1943) 

The Dan Bongino Show  - 2-3-2023

Spot-Light Video -   Gen. Michael Flynn:  "US Will Be Forced To Put Boots On Ground In Ukraine If We Continue To Give Away Our Best Equipment  | 

War Room- 1-27-2023

Spot-Light Video -  "Mel K & Investigative Journalist Maryam Henein | The George Floyd Story You Don't Know | 

The Mel K Show- 1-26-2023

Spot-Light Video -  "Lara Logan - Watch Ukraine & China, The Patriots Are Winning The 5th Generation War:   
X22- 1-14-2023


Spot-Light Video -   "Episode 18: Condemned USA"
Patriot Games - 1-6-2023

Spot-Light Video -   "Hard Truths About Devolution & "The Plan" — General Flynn Interview "
Man in America - 1-5-2023

Spot-Light Video -  "Mel K & Dr. Robert Malone MD | Resisting the Mind Wars |
The Mel K Show - 1-5-2023

Spot-Light Video -  "Ivan Raiklin - The Battle For The Speaker Of The House Has Begun, Will There Be A Trump Card?"
X22 Report - 1-3-2023

Spot-Light Video -  "Writer of The Terminator & Matrix Movies Explains How They Are Connected
 - 12-29-22

Spot-Light Video -  "EPISODE 354: THE CHINA FILES - RISE OF THE RED EMPEROR - 12-29-22


Human Events Daily - 12-27-22

Human Events Daily - 12-26-22

Spot-Light Video - "Tom Renz - Fauci’s Time Is Up, Election Rigging, Covid, It’s All The Same Players"
 X22 Report - 12-20-22

Spot-Light Video - "Gen Flynn-We Are In The Midst Of  5th Generation Warfare, Time To Educate The Children In Leadership"

Spot-Light Video - "Mark Finchem - The Elections Were Rigged, AZ Counties Push Back, Time To Expose It All"
X22 Report - 11-22-22

Spot-Light Video - "A Major Election Scandal In Maricopa County (Ep. 1900)"
 The Dan Bongino Show - 11-22-22

Spot-Light Video - "Interview with Gen. Michael Flynn & Boone Cutler - Authors of Introduction to 5GW"
Patel Patriot- 11-21-22

Spot-Light Video - "What is Phantom? The FBI Knows. (Ep. 1899) The Dan Bongino Show - 11-21-22

Spot-Light Video - "Mike Adams Discusses The Need For Americans To Be Prepared As Commodity Shortages Approach"
War Room - 11-17-22

Spot-Light Video - "Tucker on Kanye West’s “Trainer” Having Experience w/ the Canadian Military & Mind Control Drugs" - Tucker Carlson
November 11, 2022 - Chief Nerd Posted 11-12-22

Spot-Light Video -  "Capt. Keshel - 2020 Election Must Be Decertified To Mark The Record To Reflect The Truth, Red Wave"  - The X22 Report
November 7, 2022

Spot-Light Video -  "Patriot Games -Episode 13: The Brain - “Welcome to the Brain, a data collection tool used by our analyst in the Fusion center to analyze and connect pieces of information often missed in standard research. November 8, 2022"

Spot-Light Video - “How to cook a frog” a documentary by Don Thompson"

Video Spot-Light Series

Oct 21, 2022  - WRITESIDE BLONDE

EP 37: The Farewell Issue and a *Correction* (George Magazine, May 2001)