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Dr. McCullough: Covid-19 Vaccine Shedding Is REAL

“degrade the spike to protein before it begins to populate within the body [and] within cells and tissues.”
Bannon & Navarro Roast Fauci For New Evidence Showing He Covered Up COVID’s CCP

War Room - 11-29-2023
Dr. Malone and Natalie Winters

RedpillUSAPatriots - 11-29-2023
Dr. Michael Nehls: mRNA Injections Erase Autobiographical Memory in Hippocampus

DailyClout - 11-29-2023

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Sunfellow On COVID-19 - 11-27-2023

Emerald Robinson - 11-27-2023
Mel K & Raven Ea | Stop Eating That: Glyphosate, MRNA, & GMO Junk

The Mel K Show - 11-26-2023
Dr. Naomi Wolf Reveals SHOCKING Findings in Recent Pfizer/Moderna Report - American SunriseDailyClout - 11-17-2023
Secret Chinese Research Lab in California Was Holding Ebola, COVID, Herpes, and E. Coli

The Gateway Pundit - 11-17-2023
Kris Newby: Lyme Disease and America's Secret Bioweapons Programs

The New American - 11-16-2023
Ed Dowd - "Cause Unknown": The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths
London Real - 11-15-2023
Dr. McCullough: How to Get Ready for the Next Pandemic

The Vigilant Fox - 11-15-2023
PANDEMIC OF FEAR: Dr's Stark Warning on the Impact of Extreme COVID Measures on Children

UngaTheGreat - 11-13-2023
Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene Holds Hearing On Covid-19 Vaccine Injuries
Sunfellow On COVID-19 - 11-14-2023
Mel K & Mike L | The “Post Covid” Deception & Dealing With The Truth 

The Mel K Show - 11-13-2023
Dr. Peter McCullough & Dr. Tess Lawrie On Daystar Television Network

Sunfellow On COVID-19 - 11-13-2023
Malone: "No Evidence That Current Boosters Are "Safe And Effective" Against Dominant HV.1 Variant"

War Room - 11-06-2023

Emerald Robinson - 11-06-2023
A Cancer CURE? The Hidden Truth of Apricot Seeds Exposes Big Pharma's Deadly LI

Man in America - 11-05-2023
Dr. Meryl Nass: THE WHO (World Health Organization) COUP!

Sunfellow On COVID-19 - 11-02-2023
The COVID Shots Won't Be Talked About for the Next 10 Years but for the Next 100, Says Data Analyst

The Vigilant Fox - 11-02-2023
SHOCKING: Here's Proof Pfizer Put Cancer-Causing Agents in Vaccines — Naomi Wolf Interview

Man in America - 10-31-2023

The HighWire with Del Bigtree - 10-27-2023
Dr. Robert Malone: Pfizer Vaccines May Be Contaminated- Here's What You Need to Know

The Charlie Kirk Show - 10-27-2023
Dr. Robert Malone: Everyone Needs to Be Aware That Pseudo-mRNA Vaccines May Be Contaminated

The Charlie Kirk Show - 10-27-2023
Health Freedom Summit co-founder Stephanie Lind joins Mike Adams with timely FREEDOM message for humanity.

 Health Ranger Report 10-25-2023
Naomi Wolf Joins WarRoom To Discuss Vaccines Which Are Now Shown To Contain SV40

War Room - 10-24-2023
REPLAY - The Summit For Truth & Wellness With Dr. Naomi Wolf, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Ryan Cole, Jeffrey Tucker & Bobbie Anne Cox!
The Shannon Joy Show - 10-21-2023
Pfizer Clinical Trial: Dr. Chris Flowers on the Hidden "Trial Within a Trial"

DailyClout - 10-20-2023
Arizona Legislators Hear Expert Covid Testimony From Aaron Siri, Peter McCullough, Pete Chambers

Sunfellow On COVID-19 - 10-21-2023
Del Bigtree & R. Clinton Ohlers Discuss "Safe Blood" From Unvaccinated People

Sunfellow On COVID-19 - 10-21-2023
Dr. Ryan Cole: COVID-19 Vaccines Cause Turbo Cancer!
Sunfellow On COVID-19 - 10-13-2023
The Wellness Company Announces Three New Ways to Protect Your Health

DailyClout- 10-12-2023
Emerald Robinson - 10-13-2023
Dr. Carrie Madej: They're Hiding Natural Ways to Cure Cancer and Detox from the Vax & Shedding
Man in America - 10-07-2023
Dr. Fauci CAUGHT Lying Over Knowledge Of COVID's Illegal Gain-Of-Function Origin.

DailyClout- 10-07-2023

The HighWire with Del Bigtree - 10-07-2023
Cause Unknown? Sudden Deaths Explained with Ed Dowd on Fri. Night Livestream

Redpill78 - 10-06-2023
Doctors SUE Biden & Fauci For Censoring Speech on Social Media w/ Dr. Jay Bhattacharya – Ask Dr Drew

Dr. Drew - 10-05-2023
Medicinal Genomics Founder and CSO Kevin McKernan Shows Naomi Wolf DNA Fragments in COVID Injections
DailyClout - 10-4-2023
Defeating the Globalists and Launching the Next Great Renaissance — Kent Heckenlively Interview
Man in America - 9-30-2023
Emails Reveal Biden White House Knew Covid Shot Will Cause Death, Heart Damage and Blood Clots
Frank Clips - 9-30-2023
De-Spike Naturally: An Oncologist’s Guide to Recovery

The Vigilant Fox - 09-28-2023
Protect Yourself Against National Shortages With JASE Medical

War Room- 9-27-2023
Ed Dowd Drops Devastating Report on Cardiovascular Deaths in the UK

The Vigilant Fox - 9-27-2023
Natalie Winters Details Why Anthony Fauci Visited The CIA

War Room - 09-27-2023
Ed Dowd Reveals Astonishing Death Rates in the UK

DailyClout - 9-22-2023

The HighWire with Del Bigtree - 9-22-2023
Naomi Wolf Joins WarRoom To Drop Bombshell Report Over FOIA Request Findings

War Room - 09-21-2023
Ed Dowd: "We found a signal in cardiovascular deaths in the UK"

War Room - 9-19-2023
Dr. Peter McCullough Breaks Down How the COVID Vaccines Injure and Kill

The Vigilant Fox - 9-19-2023
🔥 Dr. Peter McCullough Urges Immediate Removal of All COVID Vaccines and to Cut Ties With the WHO
The Vigilant Fox - 09-19-2023

09-12-2023 - "Oncologist: Teachers Are Being DECIMATED by Aggressive Turbo Cancers — Dr. Makis Interview"  

Click on Image to Watch

Man in America 
Dr. Jim Thorpe BLASTS Anthony Fauci and Biden Administration over COVID Vaccine
RealAmericasVoice - 9-11-2023
Excess Deaths Remain High - Is the Jab to Blame? | TIPPING POINT 🟧

One America News Network- 9-11-2023
Happy ‘Do Not Comply’ Day

The Vigilant Fox - 09-10-2023
Naomi Wolf On Internal Vaccine Study “Pfizer Knew About The Safety Signal By March 2021 And Hid It”
War Room - 9-06-2023
Naomi Wolf On New Vaccine Rollout “The FDA Has Not Approved These New Vaccines”

War Room - 9-06-2023
Wolf On Forced Compliance “This Is Why They Always Target Children, Children Are Our Achilles Heel”
War Room - 09-06-2023

08-31-2023 - "Dr. McCullough: The Vax has Killed 500k-600k Americans, and It’ll Get Much Worse"  

Click on Image to Watch

Man in America 
Spike Detox Goes Mainstream: First-Ever Protocol Appears in U.S. Medical Journal - The Vigilant Fox - 8-31-2023
Excess Mortality Just Got Even Worse: Ed Dowd Drops Alarming New Data

The Vigilant Fox - 8-31-2023

Emerald Robinson - 08-31-2023
Dr. Robert Malone: The Biden Admin Has Failed in Their COVID Propaganda Efforts

The Charlie Kirk Show - 08-28-2023
Dr. Robert Malone: The Suspicious Timing of the Return of COVID

The Charlie Kirk Show - 08-28-2023
As Mask Mandates and Lockdowns Return, Dr. Robert Malone Shares His Advice on How to Resist
The Charlie Kirk Show - 08-28-2023
Dr. Wolf: The Establishment Hopes To Rid All Humans Who Disregard Lockdowns And Mandates
War Room - 08-26-2023
Del Bigtree - 'HELL NO'

The HighWire with Del Bigtree- 08-25-2023
The Power of Detoxification and How You Can Save Your Health

DailyClout -- 08-24-2023
Naomi Wolf Discusses Upcoming Authoritarian COVID Mandates

War Room - 08-24-2023
Naomi Wolf On FDAs Approval of New Booster Jab Prior to New Variant

War Room- 08-24-2023
Mel K & Amanda Bobbett | What Is In Our Water? Solutions for a Healthier Life 

The Mel K Show - 08-24-2023
Dr. Naomi Wolf Explains A New Variant Being Pushed And What That Means For The People

War Room - 08-18-2023
Dr. Joseph Mercola and the Health Ranger UNLOAD on the censorship regime...

Health Ranger Report  - 08-18-2023
Dr. Robert Malone: The Original Inventor of MRNA Vaccination as a Technology

DailyClout - 08-17-2023
A Prescription for Freedom with We The People 50 - Recall The Shots 

Red Pill News - 08-11-2023

Emerald Robinson - 08-11-2023

The HighWire with Del Bigtree - 08-11-2023
Dr. Naomi Wolf: HHS Paid The Nation's OB-GYNs To "Stick To The HHS Script" On COVID Vax's Effect On Pregnant Women
War Room - 08-06-2023
Mel K & Dr. Steven Hatfill | Three Seconds Until Midnight: The Book that Predicted Covid
The Mel K Show - 08-06-2023

The HighWire with Del Bigtree - 08-05-2023
Shocking FOIA Results: $11 Million to Bribe OB-GYNs to Lie to Moms About Safety of MRNA-Vaccines
DailyClout- 08-04-2023
Pfizer Employees Were Given Special Batch Vaccine, Different from What Was Distributed to the Public
The Gateway Pundit - 08-04-2023
Ed Dowd: New Data Shows Vax Deaths & Disabilities Accelerating at ALARMING Rate

Main in America - 08-03-2023
David Pyne Shares Shocking Details On The Chinese Biolab Found In California

FrankClips - 08-01-2023
Dr. Fauci CAUGHT Lying Over Knowledge Of COVID's Illegal Gain-Of-Function Origin.

War Room - 07-31-2023
Natalie Winters: Fauci’s Boss Admits Vaccine Research In Wuhan Led To COVID-19.

War Room - 07-31-2023

The HighWire with Del Bigtree - 07-28-2023
Dr. Robert Malone: "He's acknowledging that Myocarditis is linked to genetic vaccines"

War Room - 07-28-2023
Sayer Ji joins Mike Adams to announce "Regenerate Yourself Masterclass" FREE video...

Health Ranger Report- 07-28-2023
🔥 RFK Jr. Was Just Given 5 Full Minutes to Unload the Truth About Vaccine Safety Before Congress
The Vigilant Fox - 07-20-2023
Naomi Wolf Explains The Legitimate Threat Of ‘Ethnically Targeted Bioweapons.’
War Room - 07-20-2023
Naomi Wolf Reveals Data Exposing mRNA Vaccines Affecting Healthy Reproduction

War Room - 07-20-2023
𝗔𝗡𝗗𝗥𝗘𝗪 𝗕𝗥𝗜𝗗𝗚𝗘𝗡: Democracy Is Under Threat Like Never Before, and It’s Coming from Our Own Institutions
The Vigilant Fox - 07-18-2023

Emerald Robinson- 07-18-2023
Ed Dowd Reveals New "Bombshell" Data That Looks Like A Cover Up w/ Dr. Kelly Victory  
Ask Dr. Drew -  07-18-2023
Degrade Deadly Spike Proteins: Here’s How in 96 Seconds, Per Dr. Peter McCullough

The Vigilant Fox - 07-15-2023
🚨 Avoiding Needles Isn’t Enough: They Can Now Vaccinate You Through the Air or In Your Food
The Vigilant Fox - 07-15-2023
Peggy Hall announces 'Know Your Rights' FREE online seminar to SAY NO to mask and vax mandates.

Health Ranger Report- 07-14-2023
Ed Dowd Explains Why Theres A Rise In Claims For Blood Disorders In The UK in 2020-2021

War Room - 07-14-2023
Natalie Winters Explains Fauci Email Detailing How They Would Quash A Lab Leak Theory
War Room - 07-14-2023

Emerald Robinson - 07-14-2023
Nicole Tsai joins John Fredericks to discuss the COVID-19 coverup

RedpillUSAPatriots - 07-12-2023
The House Oversight Select Subcommittee Presses Authors of the COVID-19 Proximal Origins Paper

RedpillUSAPatriots - 07-11-2023
𝗔𝗟𝗔𝗥𝗠𝗜𝗡𝗚: ‘Unusual Surge’ in Severe Myocarditis Cases Strikes Newborns and Infants in the UK

The Vigilant Fox - 07-10-2023
👀 Nurse Whistleblower Nicole Sirotek Shares the 'Negligence & Malfeasance' She Saw in NYC in 2020 
Chief Nerd - 07-08-2023
🚩 Dr. Mobeen Syed on New Research Showing COVID Vaccines May Trigger an Unexpected Immune Response
Chief Nerd - 07-08-2023
Dr. Risch: Medical Journals Blindly Believe Government Findings While Ignore Independent Reports
War Room - 07-07-2023
Dr. McCullough: The Powers That Be Are Telegraphing the Next Pandemic

The Vigilant Fox - 07-03-2023
UFC Fighter Says He Develops Blood Clot After COVID Vax, Claims His Mother Died After Pfizer Booster
The Gateway Pundit - 07-03-2023
Ice Cube: I’d Rather Turn Down $20 Million Than Take the COVID Shot

The Vigilant Fox - 07-03-2023
Today, We Pause to Honor the Memory of the Great Dr. Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko

The Vigilant Fox - 06-30-2023
The Amish Died of COVID at a Rate 90 Times LOWER Than the Rest of America

The Vigilant Fox - 06-28-2023
Reggie Littlejohn Warns Of WHO’s Plan To Establish “Jurisdiction Over Every Aspect Of Life On Earth”
War Room - 06-29-2023
New Emails Reveal “The Experts” Knew the COVID Vaccines Would Fail All Along

The Vigilant Fox - 06-27-2023
John Beaudoin, Sr: Death Certificates "Fraudulently Omitted" mRNA Vaccine Reactions – Ask Dr. Drew

Dr. Drew - 06-27-2023
‘One of the Biggest Lies in Medicine’ Exposed: The Untold Path to Reversing Type 2 Diabetes & Losing Weight
The Vigilant Fox - 06-27-2023
Ep. 2038 I Want The Truth About The Vaccine

The Dan Bongino Show - 06-23-2023
🚩 Aaron Siri Deposes Dr. Stanley Plotkin, 'The Godfather of Vaccines', on the Hepatitis B Vaccine

Chief Nerd - 06-24-2023
Natalie Winters Explains Congress Being Weak On China, And Covid Patient Zero
War Room - 06-23-2023
Dr. Robert Malone Exposes the Real Reason Peter Hortez Refused to Debate RFJ Jr. on the Vaccine

The Charlie Kirk Show - 06-20-2023
Dr. Robert Malone Breaks Down Everything That Happened With RFK Jr.'s Vaccine Debate

The Charlie Kirk Show - 06-20-2023
RFK Jr. Reveals Why Ivermectin Had to Be Destroyed
The Vigilant Fox - 06-20-2023
RFK Jr: “For 18 Years, Nobody Will Debate Me”

The Vigilant Fox - 06-19-2023
Natalie Winters: Peter Hotez's Pro Vaccine Psyop of 'Scientists and The Power of Government'
War Room - 06-19-2023
Did the Pandemic Trigger Medical Distrust? Dr. Naomi Wolf and Dr. Harvey Risch

DailyClout - 06-16-2023
Dr. Peter McCullough: "We need a complete ban on Messenger RNA moving into livestock"

War Room - 06-16-2023
🚩 Kevin McKernan Presents Evidence of COVID Vaccine Contamination to the FDA VRBPAC Committee - Chief Nerd - 06-16-2023
🔥 Robert F. Kennedy Jr Recounts the Time He Caught Dr. Paul Offit in a Lie About Childhood Vaccines

Chief Nerd - 06-16-2023
Dr Naomi Wolf: Perjurious Testimony of Dr. Walensky’s 'Anomalous Science' of Failure of Efficacy 

War Room - 06-15-2023
.@JoeRogan Explains Why @RobertKennedyJr’s “The Real Anthony Fauci Must Be True 

The Vigilant Fox- 06-15 -2023
RHODE ISLAND _ "Young girls FORCED to get the Covid-19 Vaccine    

OceanStateCurrent 06-15-2023
Data Science Expert: The Numbers Don’t Lie… the Vaccine is Killing A LOT of People'

Man in America - 06-11-2023
"Attorney Tom Renz Exposes Ralph Baric's Bioweapons Crimes” 

TheLibertyDaily- 06-10-2023

The HighWire with Del Bigtree- 06-09-2023
🔥 "Joe Rogan Defends The Gateway Pundit's Coverage of the New Cleveland Clinic Study

Chief Nerd -  6-09-2023
"A New Pandemic, A New Power Grab: “Don’t Sit in Lockdown and Wait for a Vaccine” 

The Vigilant Fox - 06-08-2023
"Genetically Engineered Salad Greens Are Entering the Food Supply — and They Won’t Be Labeled "  

The Vigilant Fox - 06-08-2023
06-05-2023 - REAL AMERICA - Dan Ball W/ Dr. Peter McCullough, What Happened To Jamie Foxx?
One America News Network
06-05-2023 - “🔥 Robert F. Kennedy Jr & Michael Smerconish Get Into a Tense Exchange on Fauci
Chief Nerd
06-05-2023 - Gina Florio: 'Big Pharma in Bed with Conventional Medical System', The Anti-Birth Control Revolution -War Room
06-05-2023 - HIV-Vaccine Injuries-Gain Of Function With Doctors Mikovitz-Stroup." 
Frank Clips
06-02-2023 - Dr. Clare Craig on How the Swine Flu Mirrored the COVID Response  
Chief Nerd
06-02-2023 - MRNA Vaccine Shedding Reportedly Disrupts Women's Menstrual Cycles -
06-01-2023 - Dr. Pierre Kory reveals treatment protocols for covid vaccine INJURIES and spike protein toxicity - Health Ranger Report
06-01-2023 - Dr. Naomi Wolf Uncovers Pfizer’s Depopulation Agenda, as Evidenced by Its Own Documents -  DailyClout
05-30-2023 - Ex-FDA Exec. & Current Head of the Natural Products Association on How the FDA Targeted NAC in 2020 - Chief Nerd
05-30-2023 - COVID Vaccine $ide Effects: Your Doctor Probably Never Told You This" 
The Vigilant Fox
05-30-2023 - Mel K & Mikki Willis | From Plandemic to the Great Awakening: Nothing Can Stop What is Coming - The Mel K Show
05-29-2023 - 🔥 Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan Rips the Government’s COVID Response -
Chief Nerd
05-28-2023 -   👀 Dr. Pierre Kory Explains the ‘Playbook’ That’s Used to Create Fraudulent Ivermectin Studies –  Chief Nerd    
05-26-2023 - “These Vaccines Saved No One!” - Dr. Pierre Kory Unloads the Truth on the Wisconsin State Legislature -  The Vigilant Fox
05-26-2023 -  STOP THE TREATY: Dr. Mike Yeadon Issues Grave Warning Against WHO’s Looming Health Dictatorship  -THE VIGILANT FOX
05-27-2023 - Jack Posobiec and Noor bin Laden break down the WHO's plan to create "global health passports." Post Millennial Live
05-25-2023 - “Warriors, Not Worriers”: Roguski Explains 3 Steps U.S. Can Take to Destroying WHO’s Medical State - War Room
05-25-2023 -  Dr. Robert Malone: "In terms of Congress absolutely nobody wants these things brought up" -War Room
05-25-2023 -   🚨 Dr. Mobeen Syed Reviews Two Cases of Multiple Sclerosis Forming After mRNA COVID Vaccination  - Chief Nerd
05-24-2023 - Wuhan Wednesday: Data Research Expert's Shocking Covid Findings #INTHEDUGOUT - OceanStateCurrent
05-23-2023 - Steve Hilton: Big Pharma is the only entity benefiting from this
05-22-2023 - CDC Removes COVID Vaccine from US Market | Facts Matter Clips
2023 - Making A Killing: Unmasking The Truth Behind Deadly Hospital Protocols
05-19-2023 -  Dr. Naomi Wolf: "The takeaway is, no one can claim they didn't know" War Room
05-19-2023 -  Naomi Wolf: "Everyone in the lipid nanoparticle space has known since 2017 they destroy fertility"  War Room
05-19-2023 - 'Killing Floor: Firsthand Witness Attests Hospital Deliberately Hastened the Deaths of COVID Patients - The Vigilant Fox
05-19-2023 - Recipients of Bill Gates’ Favorite Vaccine Were Found to Die at 10x the Rate as Unvaccinated Children - THE VIGILANT FOX
05-17-2023 -   Attorney Tom Renz Alleges A COVID-19 "Murder For Money Scheme" w/Dr. Kelly Victory – Ask Dr. Drew  
05-17-2023 -  Dr. Wolf: Evidence Reveals Women’s Reproductive Cycle TARGETED By Big Pharma with COVID Jab - War Room
05-17-2023 - "NEW – CDC Warns of New Mpox Cluster w/ Most Cases in the Fully Vaccinated" - Chief Nerd
05-12-2023 -  Dr. Deborah Mash from explains the IBOGAINE molecule for addiction treatment - Health Ranger Report
05-16-2023 - Hospitals Made Bank off COVID-19 - It's Time They Pay It Back | TIPPING POINT 🟧 - oANN
05-16-2023 -  NEW – CDC Officials Say the J&J COVID-19 Vaccine Is No Longer Available in U.S. -  Chief Nerd
05-16-2023 -  Chris Cuomo on Why Fauci Should Not Have Been the Face of the Pandemic & Why Forgiveness Is Needed - Chief Nerd
05-13-2023 - Dr. Andrew Bostom Hosts Forum On Evidence Based Re-Examination of Rhode Island's Covid-19 Response - Warwick RI Library 5-13-23!" 
Heroes And Zeros
05-09-2023 - FLUORIDE - Poison on Tap documentary filmmaker Paul Wittenberger interviewed by Mike Adams
Health Ranger Report
05-09-2023 -  The ALARMING Truth About Vaxxed Pilots — Josh Yoder Interview -Man in America
05-09-2023 - 'Excess Mortality | Dr. Robert Malone & Ed Dowd (TPC #1,219)  
TOmmy's Podcast
05-08-2023 -  Persecuted Dr. Jeyanthi Kunadhasan: "If Twenty Percent of the Medical Profession Stood Up, This Would End!" 
05-08-2023 - Dr Naomi Wolf: Pfizer & FDA Knew That Pfizer mRNA COVID “Vaccine” Caused Dire Fetal and Infant Risks
War Room
05-08-2023 - Dr. David Martin Reveals the Truth About the Origin of SARS - THE VIGILANT FOX
05-08-2023 - "Is Your Cell Phone Causing Cancer? Dr. Pri Bandara Breaks Down the Potential Link" - The Vigilant Fox
05-07-2023 - 👀 Robert F. Kennedy Jr on What the CDC Doesn’t Tell You About the Flu Shot - Chief Nerd
05-05-2023 - "Justice For Grace: Murder By Medical Industrial Complex w/ Scott Schara on Fri. Night Livestream"
Red Pill News
05-05-2023 - Dr. Meryl Nass: "I DO NOT Intend to Ever Be Injected With a Vaccine Again" - The Vigilant Fox
05-05-2023 - "Dr. Naomi Wolf: "Pfizer knew by April 20th 2021 that babies had died or been severely injured." -War Room
05-05-2023 - Dr. Naomi Wolf Explains Document Showing Pfizer Vaccine Harmed Moms and Babies - War Room
05-04-2023 -  Patriot Doctors with Dr. Judy Mikovitz | MSOM Ep. 738
05-04-2023 -  🔥 Peter Navarro Says Fauci & Pfizer Lied to Trump About the COVID Vaccines  -Chief Nerd
05-04-2023 - 'Robert Kennedy Jr: Vaccines 'Did Almost Nothing to Reduce Mortalities' from Infectious Disease'  
The Vigilant Fox
05-04-2023 - ‘Edward Dowd Presents Irrefutable Evidence Vaccine Mandates Killed & Disabled Countless Americans -THE VIGILANT FOX

Spot-Light Video -   "Robert Kennedy, Jr. Live! "Important Conversations Never Had"   

04-26-2023 -DailyClout

Spot-Light Video -  Dr. McCullough - The Pandemic, Crime Of All Crimes, It Never Had To Be This Way, [Knowingly] - 04-22-2023
X22  Report

03-30-2023 -"Ed Dowd On The Vaccine Damage Report"

war Room

03-30-2023 - Naomi Wolf: The Risk Of Heart Issues In Women As Result Of The AstraZeneca Shot

War Room
03-30-2023 - "New Hope for Vaccine-Injured Comes from a Treatment Protocol With Nattokinase"
03-28-2023 - ‘These Numbers Look Horrific’: Work Absence Rates Are Off the Charts — And It’s Only Gotten Worse"
The Vigilant Fox

Spot-Light Video -   Mel K & Charlene Bollinger | The Truth About Cancer Will Not Be Silenced | 
3-23-23 -  The Mel K Show

03-21-2023 - "Dr Naomi Wolf: Weaponization Of Gain of Function"
war Room

03-21-2023 - Ed Dowd: Healthcare Data Exposes Widespread VAIDS From COVID Jab, Awareness Of Crisis Needed Now
War Room
Emerald Robinson

03-20-2023 -America Had the Most COVID Deaths in the World: "It's Hard to Understand Why Anthony Fauci Is a Hero"
The Vigilant Fox
03-20-2023 - "EPIC! DC Resident Tells Tony Fauci What to Do with Their Booster Shot!"
The Gateway Pundit
03-20-2023 -Naomi Wolf: Connection Between Banks And Healthcare 
War Room

03-20-2023 - BARDA’s Dr. Rick Bright on How He Blocked Early Treatment w/HCQ
Chief Nerd

03-20-2023 - Edward Dowd Presents Irrefutable Evidence Vaccine Mandates Killed & Disabled Countless Americans
The Vigilant Fox

Spot-Light Video -   This in-depth interview with Sasha Latypova is one that viewers won’t want to miss! -  03-16-2023

The Defender Show -  Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.


03-16-2023 - Dr. Robert Malone on Fauci: "He is a practice, skilled, disinformation specialist."

War Room
03-16-2023 -🚨 Natalie Winters: "There are a bunch of studies and papers that show COVID came from the Wuhan lab."
War Room
03-16-2023 -🤯 Winters Dares Fauci To File Defamation Lawsuits Instead Of Attacking His Critics On Mainstream Media
War Room

Spot-Light Video -   Is Covid-19 a Bioweapon with Dr. Richard Fleming on Fri. Night Livestream
03-10-2023 - Red Pill News

03-07-2023 - PBD Podcast Episode 244
03-08-2023- Russell Brand tells Tucker about the harmful effects of COVID lockdowns
03-08-2023 - Ex-CDC director speaks out on COVID lab leak theory

Spot-Light Video -    Mel K & Dr. John Littell, MD | Do No Harm is Not a Suggestion 
03-3-2023 - The Mel K Show

"Dr. Robert Malone on New Data Showing a Link Between Vaccination Waves & Excess Deaths"  
Chief Nerd - 02-23-23
"Dr. Robert Malone Says He is Personally Testing a Promising New Recovery Protocol from the FLCCC" 
Chief Nerd  - 02-23-23
"Dr. Robert Malone Says New Data on COVID Vaccine mRNA May Uncover More Adverse Events"  
Chief Nerd 02-23-23

Spot-Light Video -  SHOCKING! 625,000% Increase in Myocarditis Since Vaxx Roll-outDr. Peter McCullough Interview-  
02-23-2023 - Man in America

02-22-2023 - 'Something Flipped' in 2021: Epidemic of Sudden Death Amongst the Employed'
The Vigilant Fox
02-22-2023 - "Funeral Company's Stock Reaches All-Time Highs as Death Rates Fail to Return to Baseline"
The Vigilant Fox
02-22-2023 -  "The People With the Best Health Outcomes Over the Past Two Years Are Those NOT in the Labor Force"
The Vigilant Fox
02-22-2023 -🤯 SHOCKING: Edward Dowd: "This Is the Greatest Crime Scene I've Ever Seen in My Life"
The Vigilant Fox

Spot-Light Video -  Rhode Island - "Alexandra (Alex) & James Roguski talk W.H.O.  and Medical Freedom"   
Renegade Minds - Events To Shape Tomorrow 

Renegade Minds Broadcast

Spot-Light Video -    Dr.  Paul Alexander, former Covid taskforce advisor during President Trump's admin  -  02-9-2023

Diamond and Silk

Spot-Light Video -   It's ALL Starting to Crumble. Here's How Vaxx Tyrants Could Face Military Tribunals. -  02-07-2023
Man in America

Spot-Light Video -  "Never Again Is Now Global — A Five-Part Series by Vera SharavWatch the GLOBAL PREMIERE on CHD.TV 
January 30th 7pm EST | 4pm PST | 6pm CST

Spot-Light Video -  Radiologist: Cancer Rates SKYROCKETING Among the Vaxxed   -  1-24-23
Man in America

Spot-Light Video -  "Anecdotals - An Honest Look at Vaccine Injury w/ Jennifer Sharp on Sat. Night Livestream"
Red Pill News- 01/14/2023

Matt Allen -Dr. Andrew Bostom - Mentioned in the Twitter Files - 1-5-23


Spot-Light Video - "Why Are Healthy People Dying Suddenly Since 2021? w/ Ed Dowd"
Aubrey Marcus- 01/04/2023

Spot-Light Video - "Liberation from Big Pharma with Dr. Jennifer VanDeWater of The Wellness Company 
discussing the state of modern healthcare and what some are doing to ensure they can maintain sovereignty over their own bodies. "
Red Pill News 12-30-22

Spot-Light Video - "Criminal Malfeasance: Pfizer Knew 275 People Suffered Serious Strokes in the First 90 Days After Vaccine Rollout "
The Vigilant Fox  - 12-29-22

Spot-Light Video - "Mel K & Edward Dowd | Inconvenient Truths - Sudden Deaths Exposed"
The Mel K Show  - 12-28-22

FLCCC Alliance
"Founded by a group of leading critical care specialists in March 2020, the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) is dedicated to helping prevent and treat COVID. "

Spot-Light Video - "John Potash exposes the wealthy anti-ethnic forces that have long monopolized medicine, controlled our pharmaceutical industry and more.   This documentary puts an amusing spin on US oligarchs' genocidal activities, from eugenics to perpetual war, to the deadliest vaccines in 100 years "

December 21, 2022 -  "Shocking VAERS Data Reveals 4070% INCREASE in Miscarriages — Naomi Wolf Interview"  
Seth Holehouse - Man in America
December 10, 2022 -  "Landmark Remdesivir Death Lawsuit with Michael Hamilton & Dan Watkins"  
"Attorney’s Michael Hamilton & Dan Watkins, the force behind a new lawsuit against a number of health systems regarding Remdesivir deaths, join us tonight to discuss the case and much more. " Red Pill News
December 6, 2022 - Seth Holehouse - Man in America -  Wait, hospitals are STILL doing THIS? These people need to be locked up!"  
"Scott Schlara, a father who lost his precious daughter to Fauci's fatal Covid protocols, and who is now fighting back against the murderous system that continues to this day."
November 30, 2022 - Alix Mayer - Ed Dowd - “URGENT  What's Behind the Shocking Rise in Millennial Sudden Deaths?"  
Financial Analyst Edward Dowd 
Alix Mayer, Co-Founder Children's Health Defense - CA Chapter
Must Watch - Seth Holehouse - Interviews Dr. David Martin 
November 23, 2022 “Vaccine Disaster, Best Case Scenario: "We're Talking About 600 Million People Incapacitated" 
Man in America
 DIED SUDDENLY -  Full Movie 
November 21, 2022 “Why do we never believe them? For centuries, the global elite have broadcast their intentions to depopulate the world - even to the point of carving them into stone. And yet…we never seem to believe them. In this Stew Peters Network EXCLUSIVE, the award winning filmmakers behind WATCH THE WATER and THESE LITTLE ONES present the truth about the greatest ongoing mass genocide in human history."

The RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity 

Center Calls on State Officials and Candidates to Vow to Protect Parental Rights and Reject CV19 School Vaccine Mandates

Connect With Health Choice Rhode Island

Get Informed - Make a Difference 

Medical Freedom Links and Information

Zelenko Freedom Foundation

"The Zelenko Freedom Foundation is organized exclusively to provide funding to social entities and social activities surrounding education, leadership development, health literacy, advocacy, public policy, social, health and community development. These activities will include, but are not limited to, events, workshops, grants, research funding and limited scholarships."

Children's Health Defense

“Every time we turn our heads the other way when we see the law flouted, when we tolerate what we know to be wrong, when we close our eyes and ears to the corrupt because we are too busy or too frightened, when we fail to speak up and speak out, we strike a blow against freedom and decency and justice.” – Robert Kennedy

Tom Renz Law - Files Bombshell Lawsuit

"A case has been filed in New York. It alleges that the Defendants were responsible for the injury and/or death of the Plaintiffs due to their creation and subsequent release of SARS-CoV-2 from the Wuhan Laboratories in China." 10-6-2022

The Reason: Redux -   "When did we stop asking what people died of? The curiosity, or at least the information about a death just seemed to go away. Is it because people don’t want to know or are they afraid to find out?  by:  bookofours Published November 1, 2022 

Spot-Light Movie -   The Real Anthony Fauci  
  “ Within the first 5 minutes, you know why Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s blockbuster bestselling book "The Real Anthony Fauci - The Movie"  is now a full-length feature documentary exposing Big Pharma, Big Tech and Big Government."