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07-10-2024 - Rhode Island - Bob Chiaradio Continues His RI Statewide Efforts In Scituate To Inform Their School Committee NOT To Follow Rhode Island Dept. Of Education & Biden's Harmful & Unfair Transgender Guidance
07-08-2024 - Kirk Cameron Previews 'See You At The Library 2024' Event
07-08-2024 - Alex Newman on Public School Indoctrination
05-29-2024 - Rhode Island - Bob Chiaradio Educates Exeter-West Greenwich, RI School Committee That Biden's Transgender Title IX Rewrite And RIDE's Guidance Is Not Legally Binding
05-29-2024 - Justice: Moms For Liberty Targeted By FBI And DOJ "Hate" Unit Responsible For Tracking KKK
05-28-2024 - RI - Angel Studios Founders Tell the Incredible Story of Church That Adopted 77 Children From Foster Care
05-06-2024 - Targeting our kids! Wake up!
05-06-2024 - Another Reason to Homeschool Your Kids
05-02-2024 - RI - Amy Rodrigues Reads A Proxy Statement From Robert Chiaradio Emphasizing To Westerly, RI School Committee That 1972 Title IX Was The Protection Of All Based On Sex - Not Gender Identity
04-04-2024 - RI -Bob Chiaradio Strongly Supports S2518 Removing 2019 Law Giving RIDE Sole Authority Over Education Citing Angelica Infante-Green's Radical Policies
04-04-2024 - RI - Niyoka Powell Supports S2518 Negating 2019 Law That Removed Local Level Education Control Thus Creating The Totalitarianism Of RIDE
04-04-2024 - RI - Easter Or Transgender Awareness Day? #BoomerZoomers 
03-16-2024 - RI - Greg Piccirilli - Counsel In Southwell vs. McKee Lawsuit Recounts Years Long Journey Of Litigation Resulting In Fruitful Outcome For School Children
03-16-2024 - RI - Dr. Andy Bostom Schools Rhode Island Dept. of Health On Their COVID Pseudo-Science At Regulatory Public Forum
03-16-2024 - RI - Lead Plaintiff In Rich Southwell vs. McKee Lawsuit Addresses Rhode Island Dept. of Health And Massive Audience At Required Regulatory Meeting For Rules Changes
03-08-2024 - RI - Child Protector Bob Chiaradio Strongly Opposes RI S2262 Which Bestows A Legal Protective Shield For Medical Staff That Mutilate Children Under Gender Affirming Care
03-08-2024 - RI - The Face Of Evil Sen. Dawn Euer Sponsors S2262 To Provide A Legal Shield To Medical Personnel Who Practice Disforming Child Surgeries By Calling It - wait for it - Healthcare

03-08-2024 - RI - Ramona Bessinger Opposes S2262 Providing Legal Shield For Healthcare Doctors Performing Gender Surgeries - Sen. Frank Lombardi Fails To Contest Her Testimony
02-21-2024 - RI - Students are suffering! Hear the compelling case for Angelica Infante-Green to Resign! #InTheDugout – Ocean State Current
02-21-2024 - John Anamchukwu Was Kicked Out of A School Board Meeting for Protecting Kids From Trans Tyranny
02-18-2024 - Sharing Our History And Our Constitution With Our Children
02-10-2024 - Mel K & Dr. Karlyn Borysenko | If You Don’t Know the Enemy, You Cannot Win the War 
02-06-2024 - The New Bullies: What Parents Should Know
01-06-2024 - Bob Chiaradio Refutes Westerly's Boiler Plate Equity Audit Report From Public Consulting Group Which Cites Race Recommendation For New Teacher Hires
01-06-2024 - SPED Service Provider Judy Imperatore Exposes Westerly's School Attorney Carroll Directing IEP Forum Attendees To FOLLOW THE SCRIPT And Ignore A Concerned Parent
1-06-2024 - USA National Junior Hockey Team Shows Their American Pride

Emerald Robinson - 10-28-2023
Sheila Matthews: The Psychology Industrial Complex Trying To Take Your Kid From You

War Room - 10-27-2023
Gabrielle Clark Joins To Discuss The Fight Against CRT And Discrimination In The Classroom

Frank Clips  - 10-27-2023
RI - Bob Chiaradio and the Westerly Residents Against Indoctrination #InTheDugout

OceanStateCurrent - 10-26-2023
Are People Finally Waking Up to the Fact That College is a Scam?

The Charlie Kirk Show - 10-26-2023
Kirk Cameron Shares His New Children's Book 'The Fox, The Fair, and the Invention Scare

RealAmericasVoice - 10-26-2023
It's Time To Be A Disrupter, with Bridget Ziegler

Moms for Liberty - 10-23-2023
RI - Bob Chiaradio Lets Loose On Westerly, RI School Committee With A Hornets Nest Of Issues Facing The Schools Most Notably The Abysmal RICAS Scores Heroes And Zeros - 10-21-2023
RI - Jean Gagnier & Bob Chiaradio Expose DEM Compliance Issues With Backdealings To Install A Turf Field In Westerly, RI
Heroes And Zeros - 10-20-2023
Gov. DeSantis explains how Florida fought back against woke education
RealAmericasVoice - 10-18-2023
Daily Wire Launches Entertainment App for Kids, Giving Parents an Alternative to Woke Disney - The Charlie Kirk Show 10-18-2023
Terry Schilling: CPS To Take Children If The Parents Are SUSPECTED Of Not Supporting Gender Ideology
War Room- 10-16-2023
Groomer Encourages Teachers to read “banned books" That Will Make You Sick

The Charlie Kirk Show - 10-04-2023
Joe Biden Announces Additional Student Loan Forgiveness

One America News Network - 10-04-2023
Dr. Michelle Cretella Provides Fact Based Evidence On The Harms Of Porn In Schools And Homes To Stony Lane Church Crowd
Heroes And Zeros  - 10-04-2023
RI - Child Advocate Bob Chiaradio Addresses Porn Books In School Libraries To Engaged Crowd At Stony Lane Church

Heroes And Zeros - 10-02-2023
John Amanchukwu Explains How TPUSA Faith is Stepping Up and Protecting Kids

The Charlie Kirk Show - 10-02-2023
Justice On The Lawsuit Heritage Foundation Has Launch On Biden Administration: “We Are Pushing Back”
War Room - 10-02-2023
RI - Chariho Forgotten Taxpayers Fundraiser Event With Featured Guest Speaker Nicole Solas' Presentation Of The Hidden Agendum Regarding RI School Committees - Heroes And Zeros - 9-22-2023
RI - Chariho Forgotten Taxpayers Fundraiser Event -- Audience Q&A Followup With Featured Guest Speaker Nicole Solas On Obtaining School Curricula Information Heroes And Zeros - 9-22-2023
PARENTAL RIGHTS HERO! James Lindsay on #InTheDugout – September 20, 2023

OceanStateCurrent 9-20-2023
This Generation is Doomed

The Charlie Kirk Show- 08-12-2023
Border Sex Trafficking Cases Should Challenge "Sound of Freedom" Skeptics | TIPPING POINT 🟧
OAN- 08-11-2023
RI - Bob Chiaradio Addresses Audience At RIRCC Event Regarding Pornographic Literature For Minors In Public School Libraries - A Perverse Society In General
Heroes And Zeros - 08-11-2023
The Decline Of Culture, Rise Of Transgenderism, Medicalization Of Society Has Created Perfect Storm 
War Room - 08-10-2023
PSA To Parents About Transgenderism In School From Dr. Grossman | Buy 'Lost In Trans Nation'
WAr Room - 08-10-2023
Brandon Showalter: Trans-ing Kids: These Congress Members Need To Be Held Accountable
War Room - 08-09-2023
The Disturbing Truth about What Your Kids Are Being Taught in Schools
The Charlie Kirk Show - 08-04-2023
How You Can Help Moms for America Push Back Against the Grooming and Sexualization of Kids 
The Charlie Kirk Show - 08-04-2023
Sam Sorbo Makes The Case For Pulling Kids Out Of Woke Schools

War Room - 08-04-2023
Kirk Cameron: Family First Americans Plan To Takeover 300 Library Nationwide To Protect EducationWar Room - 08-03-2023
John Yep: Prayer Rally for Ohio's Children! - Aug 6th
War Room - 08-03-2023
Jack Posobiec and Chris Rufo lament the decline of American institutions.

The Post Millennial Live - 08-03-2023
Jared Hudson Breaks Down Fighting "Organized" Human Trafficking Domestically And InternationallyWar Room - 07-31-2023
Gays Against Groomers' founder says men in women's locker rooms is insane 
RealAmericasVoice - 07-31-2023
The porn industry is refusing to protect children?!
RealAmericasVoice - 07-31-2023
Schilling: LGBT Movement Pass Laws To Criminalize Parents Protecting Children From Gender Ideology
War Room - 07-14-2023
Liz Yore On Child Trafficking: "We should have screaming headlines everyday on a daily basis  War Room - 07-14-2023
Jacqueline Toboroff: Starting in Pre-K, NY State Edu Dept Focus On Gender Affirmation In All Schools 
War Room 07-14-2023
“They Fear You”: Bannon Rallies Populist, Anti-Child Trafficking Movement Against Establishment - War Room -  07-10-2023
How ‘Sound Of Freedom’ Broke Every Industry Rule And Crushed Hollywood MoviesWar Room  - 07-10-2023
“Most Important Film Of Our Life”: ‘Sound Of Freedom’ Puts The Fight Against Child Trafficking First - War Room  - 07-10-2023
The Children Are Under Attack | Check Out Film “Sound Of Freedom” At Angel.Com/WarRoom
War Room -  07-03-2023
Pride Comes Before The Fall | Brave Books Release New Children’s Book Countering LGBT Movement - War Room  - 07-03-2023
Faith J.H. McDonnell: 4 Million Kids Trafficked Globally, Actions Needed Now
War Room  - 07-01-2023
Jordan Harmon Describes How "Sound Of Freedom" Was Suppressed For Years  

War Room -  06-21-2023
Jordan Harmon Describes How Angel Studios Started And More "Sound Of Freedom" Movie
War Room  - 06-21-2023
Witness American Hero Tim Ballard In The Film “Sound Of Freedom” At
War Room  - 06-21-2023
Jim Caviezel Goes In Depth On Human Trafficking And New Movie "Sound Of Freedom"  

War Room -  06-20-2023
Jim Caviezel: "All of our children are in trouble, it's got to stop, we have the power to do it"
War Room  - 06-20-2023
Jordan Harmon Explains How "Sound Of Freedom" Could Be A Big Hit In Theaters
War Room  - 06-20-2023
Brandon Showalter: "This is how Gender Ideology functions, it pits parents against their children"

War Room - 06-19-2023
RI - Smithfield, RI School Superintendent Dawn Bartz Suggests Teachers Honor Student's Wishes To Hide Information On Transitioning At Parent Conferences - Principal Agrees  

Heroes And Zeros -  6-19-2023
Mel Gibson | Mel Gibson & Jim Caviezel Expose $34B Sex-Trafficking & Adrenochrome Industry | "God's Children Are Not for Sale." - Jim Caviezel
Thrivetime Show - 6-18-2023
The Ocean State Current - 06-13-2023
' Pride Month is Not About LGBT Liberation: It's About Grooming Your Children
 RealAmericasVoice - 6-14-2023
Emerald Robinson - 6-14-2023

Emerald Robinson -  06-08-2023
Rhode Island -Bob Chiaradio At Westerly School Meeting Showing Continued Support Adding Sexually Explicit Cartoon And Animation To Current RI Obscenity Laws - Heroes And Zeros - 6-08-2023
Rhode Island - Seth Logan Reads Passages From Westerly RI Public School Library Books Featuring Perverse Sex - Hiding Alcohol Use And Guide For Successful Suicide

Heroes And Zeros - 6-08-2023
The Ocean State Current - 05-25-2023

 RealAmericasVoice - 5-25-2023
REAL AMERICA -- Dan Ball W/ Dr. Mark McDonald, Limits On Social Media For Kids 
One America News Network - 5-24-2023
'Tina Descovich: Attack On The Moms For Liberty, Exposing the Failure of Public Education'   

War Room  - 05-09-2023
Hands Off Our Children | TIPPING POINT 🟧

One America News Network 5-9-2023
RI - Ramona Bessinger Speaks On The Extreme Marxist Push In Education To Wrestle Authority From A Child's Parents'  - Heroes And Zeros-  - 05-07-2023
'Bob Chiaradio Speaks On the Assault Of American Values To Separate Children From Their Parents Using Marxism Principles' 
Heroes And Zeros- 05-07-2023
Mary Beth: Standing In The Way To Protect Our Children Against Satanic Temple After School Clubs' - War Room - 05-05-2023
Emerald Robinson - 05-03-2023

05-02-2023 - "Mel K & Liz Crokin | Exposing Evil: Child Trafficking & the Epstein Connection "

Click on Image to Watch

The Mel K Show
'Satanic Temple Found Sponsoring Clubs In American Schools, Implementing Seven Tenets Of Satanism'  War Room - 04-15-2023
Robby Starbuck: The Assault on Parental Rights

War Room  - 4-14-2023
EXPOSED ON VIDEO: Schools Hide CRT Lessons From Parents

 The Charlie Kirk Show -  4-15-2023

03-27-2023 - "Time to stop the LEFT's War on Children #InTheDugout 
March 28, 2023

Click on Image to Watch

The Ocean State Current 

03-27-2023 - " THE ONLY WAY TO WIN A CULTURE WAR with #InTheDugout  

Click on Image to Watch

The Ocean State Current 
Matt Allen - Maribeth Calabro Providence Teacher's Union - Email From Mount Pleasant Assistant Principal Asking for Donations to Help a Student with "Coyote"-  1-27-23


Matt Allen - Jessica Purcell Chariho School Committee Candidate - Chariho School Committee Vacancy - 1-24-23


Matt Allen-  Mark Trimmer Richmond Town Council President - Chariho School Committee Vacancy - 1-24-23


Matt Allen - RI Association of School Committees Executive Director, Tim Duffy -  1-9-23 


Matt Allen - CEO for the RI Center for Freedom and Prosperity, Mike Stenhouse - 01-09-23 


Spot-Light Video -  Ocean State Current  - "What the heck is going on in North Kingstown? #InTheDugout - January 10, 2023  

01-04-2023 - The Dom Giordano Program -  Mom's for Liberty Hopes to Empower Parents  - Listen Now


Tara Granahan - 12-16-22  - Rhode Island House of Representatives Member Mike Chippendale - To Discuss Providence School Conflict


Federalist Radio Hour - "How Parents Are Confronting Ideologically Captured Institutions"


Matt Allen - Rep. Patricia Serpa - House Oversight Committee Hearing on Providence Schools - 12-14-22


Tara Granahan - "Maribeth Calabro Providence Teacher's Union President - Rumored Closure of Two Providence Schools"


Matt Allen - WPRO - "Maribeth Calabro Providence Teacher's Union President - Suggestions Mayor-Elect Brett Smiley Received from Former Mayors on how to Deal with the Providence Schools - 11/29/2022 "


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